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March 19 - 20, 20

Sarnia Layup March 16 and 17 - John McCreery 
1-Cuyahoga-Sag-3-16-10-jm.jpg (93531 bytes)
Cuyahoga and Saginaw
2-Algoeast-3-16-10-jm.jpg (104797 bytes)
3-Frontenac-3-16-10-jm.jpg (85509 bytes)
4-Manitowoc-Calumet-3-17-10-jm.jpg (90031 bytes)
Manitowoc and Calumet
5-Algolake-3-17-10-jm.jpg (126306 bytes)
6-Algosea-3-17-10-jm.jpg (74480 bytes)
7-Menasha-3-17-10-jm.jpg (83034 bytes)
8-Manitowoc-Calumet-3-17-10-jm.jpg (105292 bytes)
Bow and Stern
9-Algosea-3-17-10-jm.jpg (85077 bytes)
10-Frontenac-3-17-10-jm.jpg (101992 bytes)
11-Risley-3-17-10-jm.jpg (106366 bytes)
Risley with buoys
12-Algorail-3-17-10-jm.jpg (122352 bytes)
13-Algolake-3-17-10-jm.jpg (128952 bytes)
Algolake and a hint of smoke
14-Sag-Cuyahoga-3-17-10-jm.jpg (117110 bytes)
Stern view of Saginaw and Cuyahoga
15-Manitowoc-3-17-10-jm.jpg (159380 bytes)
Fences - photographer's dilemma

St. Clair River - March 16
- John McCreery 
1-River-Ice-3-16-10-jm.jpg (116024 bytes)
Ice condition above the Bluewater bridges March 16.
2-River-Ice-3-16-10-jm.jpg (98979 bytes)
Ice bridge no longer a concern.
3-Daldean-Jackson-3-16-10-jm.jpg (104922 bytes)
Jackson upbound at Sombra with Daldean in foreground.
4-Jackson-3-16-10-jm.jpg (131990 bytes)
Encountering some loose ice in the river.
5-Jackson-3-16-10-jm.jpg (90553 bytes)
Stern view on the return trip to Escanaba for another load of ore.
6-Risley-3-16-10-jm.jpg (117313 bytes)
Risley passing the lightship Huron
7-Risley-3-16-10-jm.jpg (69936 bytes)
Upbound into Lake Huron to escort the Jackson through the area of the ice bridge.
8-Risley-3-16-10-jm.jpg (61236 bytes)
Passing shore ice.
9-Jackson-3-16-10-jm.jpg (121107 bytes)
Jackson at the bridges.
10-Jackson-3-16-10-jm.jpg (78062 bytes)
Passing the Fort Gratiot light.
11-Jackson-3-16-10-jm.jpg (67937 bytes)
Catching up to the waiting Risley.
12-Risley-Jackson-3-16-10-jm.jpg (76550 bytes)
Risley leading the way out - to return in a few hours to the Sarnia dock.

Canadian Progress Opens the 2010 Shipping Season in Goderich, Ontario - Philip Nash
1-CdnProgress-19-03-10-pn.jpg (86129 bytes)
Canadian Progress loading salt in Goderich.
2-CdnProgress-19-03-10-pn.jpg (67698 bytes)
Loading spout.
3-CdnProgress-19-03-10-pn.jpg (103150 bytes)
Company Name Board
4-CdnProgress-19-03-10-pn.jpg (77879 bytes)
Stern view
5-CdnProgress-19-03-10-pn.jpg (76565 bytes)
Still loading late in the day

Canadian Progress in Goderich - Dale Baechler
progressgoderich3-10.jpg (80740 bytes)
First ship of the 2010 season, Canadian Progress, Friday at Sifto Salt

Herbert C. Jackson passing Port Huron - John van der Doe
P1120494.jpg (81696 bytes) P1120496.jpg (86946 bytes)      

Great Lakes Shipyard undocked the Miller Boat Line Put-in-Bay on Friday in Cleveland - Ed Hertz
Put-In-Bay_Undocking_3.19.10-051.jpg (69914 bytes)
Great Lakes Shipyard fabricated and installed a new 40 foot mid-body extension in the passenger/vehicle ferry Put-in-Bay. 
Put-In-Bay_Undocking_3.19.10-060.jpg (85469 bytes) Put-In-Bay_Undocking_3.19.10-070.jpg (68355 bytes) Put-In-Bay_Undocking_3.19.10-084.jpg (92026 bytes)  

Tug Manitou and barges - Eric Cameron
P1011427.jpg (85306 bytes)
Malcolm Marine tug Manitou towing and two barges and small tug Huron Lady though light Ice off St. Clair on Friday.

Arthur M. Anderson Lorain, Ohio Friday -  Paul Magyar
1-ARTHUR-M.-ANDERSON-3-19-10-PM.jpg (80842 bytes)
Anderson passes beneath the NS drawbridge in Lorain as it heads to the Jonick Dock for another load of taconite.

USCG Bristol Bay
1.-bristol-3-15-10-grw.jpg (48886 bytes)
At 10 pm at night, the Bristol Bay rests in the notch of her barge at Sector Detroit.  - Galen Witham
2.-bristol-3-16-10-grw.jpg (129555 bytes)
The Bristol, out of her notch, conducting maintenance for the up coming Aids to Navigation season. - Galen Witham
3.-bristol-3-16-10-grw.jpg (73963 bytes)
A view of the Bristol Bay, laying along side her Aids to Navigation Barge, at Sector Detroit. - Galen Witham
1.-bristol-3-16-08-john-b.jpg (96501 bytes)
Bristol Bay, meeting the Herbert C. Jackson, near Harsens Island.  The Jackson was enroute to Escanaba, MI, in ballast for a load of ore. - John Burchfield
2.-bristol-3-16-10-john-b.jpg (106161 bytes)
Looking over the bow of the Bristol Bay, in the North Channel, flushing ice which had drifted in from the main section of the river. - John Burchfield

Satellite view of Whitefish Bay and the St. Marys River
soo318.jpg (49385 bytes)        

Mystery photos

Attached are three pictures  of  a "Coat of Arms" that I am told was flotsam from a vessel that sank near the mouth of the St . Lawrence river in  the late 1800 or early 1900s. According to my informant, the vessel was carrying dried beans from Argentina bound for Quebec when it sprung a leak in its hull, which resulted in the beans swelling and the ship sinking. It may have  hung over (or next to) the entrance to  the vessel's deck-house.
I'm looking to confirm the likelihood of this story, the identity of the ship, the name of its master, the transport company involved and/or any other information.

IMG_0386.jpg (207317 bytes)
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