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March 21, 20

Alpena Stuck in Huron Cut above 1 & 2 - Jeff Mast
1-ALPENA-3-20-10-jtm.jpg (41535 bytes)
Alpena downbound making good speed just above Buoys 1 & 2 in Lake Huron Cut, about to be stopped by heavy ice in about two boat lengths
2-ALPENA-3-20-10-jtm.jpg (58831 bytes)
Alpena stuck fast in ice just above Buoys 1 & 2 in Lake Huron Cut
3-ALPENA-3-20-10-jtm.jpg (90186 bytes)
Alpena stuck as this flag shows the steady strong wind blowing the  ice southward to jam the mouth of Lake Huron
4-MANITOU-3-20-10-jtm.jpg (49648 bytes)
Tug Manitou up at Buoys 1 & 2
5-ALPENA-3-20-10-jtm.jpg (57452 bytes)
Alpena reached by the Tug Manitou
6-Salvor-3-20-10-jtm.jpg (76549 bytes)
Tug Salvor en route to help with Algosar and Algorail in background
7-ALPENA-3-20-10-jtm.jpg (55270 bytes)
Tugs circle the Alpena to help with the turn
8-ALPENA-3-20-10-jtm.jpg (63820 bytes)
 Now on course the Alpena heads downbound into the St. Clair River
9-ALPENA-3-20-10-jtm.jpg (70749 bytes)
Alpena and tugs pass beneath the Blue Water Bridges
10-ALPENA-3-20-10-jtm.jpg (78980 bytes)
Alpena downbound above Marine City below Recor Pt.

Lee A. Tregurtha arrives to open locks - Herm Klein
1-LeeA-3-20-10-HK.jpg (75438 bytes)
Saturday evening about two dozen Boatnerds assembled at Mission Point to view the upbound Lee A Tregurtha. They were not disappointed as she blew a great salute, and the captain gave the crowd a wave.
2-Leeb-3-20-10-HK.jpg (82902 bytes)
She proceeded to the locks to tie-up for the night, awaiting the 7 a.m. opening of the locks.

Edgar B. Speer stuck in lower Lake Huron - Scott Tomlinson
presqueisle3-20-10-sbt.jpg (60499 bytes)
Presque Isle backing down river.
speer-3-20-10-sbt.jpg (84614 bytes)
Speer stuck as the USCG Bristol Bay arrives.
speer-3-20-10-sbt-(4).jpg (53231 bytes)
Stuck just above Buoys 1 & 2
speer-3-20-10-sbt-(3).jpg (51643 bytes)
Bristol Bay breaking a relief track in the ice
speer-3-20-10-sbt-(2).jpg (67107 bytes)
bristolbay3-20-10-sbt.jpg (67030 bytes)
Heading below the bridge to turn
bristolbay3-20-10-sbt-(1).jpg (63634 bytes)
Back upbound
speers3-20-10-sbt.jpg (82119 bytes)
Boatwatchers take shelter from the wind at Lighthouse Point beach in Port Huron.

Speer stuck in ice at the mouth of the St. Clair River from Point Edward, Ontario. - David Williams
1-EdgarBSpeer-20-3-10-dw.jpg (59626 bytes)        

St. Clair River Friday and Saturday - Dawn Roberts
1-Hjacks-3-19-10-dcr.jpg (64270 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson downbound at Marine City
2-Daldean-3-20-10-dcr.jpg (54182 bytes)
Daldean navigating yet another ice field
3-Espeer-3-20-10-dcr.jpg (68620 bytes)
Edgar Speer bow view (overnight, ice jammed against the pilings)
4-Espeer-3-20-10-dcr.jpg (85905 bytes)
Edgar Speer upbound to the Soo
5-Pisle-3-20-10-dcr.jpg (62828 bytes)
Presque Isle follows her fleetmate  to the Soo.
6-PIsle-3-20-10-dcr.jpg (55725 bytes)
Presque Isle bow moving against the ice floes

Edgar B Speer stuck in Lower Lake Huron - Edward Schuyler
1.-Edgar-B-Speer-3-20-10-ECS-.jpg (46982 bytes)
Upbound at Buoys 1 & 2 as she got stuck
2.Edgar-B-Speer-3-20-10-ECS-.jpg (55461 bytes)
On the move again above buoys 1 & 2.
3.Edgar-B-Speer-3-20-10-ECS-.jpg (80246 bytes)
Stuck again, at the same spot the Alpena got stuck that morning.

Edgar B Speer pulling into Shell Oil Canada to fuel up Saturday - Eric Cameron
P1011428.jpg (74738 bytes) P1011429.jpg (64163 bytes) P1011430.jpg (73349 bytes)    

Halifax - Mac Mackay
1-Atlantic-Huron-03-20-10-mm.jpg (74997 bytes)
Atlantic Huron sailing through the Narrows of Halifax Harbour with Atlantic Spruce, and passing Oakglen at pier 9A.
2-Birchglen-03-20-10-mm.jpg (68103 bytes)
Birchglen, sporting her new red paint job, emerges from the Novadock and is turned in the stream by the tugs Atlantic Larch and Atlantic Oak. She was then cold moved to pier 25-26 for further fit out.
3-Oakglen-03-20-10-mm.jpg (48482 bytes)
Oakglen is turned in the stream off pier 9A before backing into the Novadock floating drydock at Halifax Shipyard, assisted by the tugs Atlantic Spruce and Svitzer Bedford.


Satellite image taken Saturday of White Fish Bay, St. Marys River and Straits of Mackinac
lakesup3-20.jpg (64216 bytes)
Very little ice left for the flotilla of cutters on station at the Soo.

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