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March 22, 20

Soo opener - Graham Grattan
1-roger-3-21-10-gg.jpg.jpg (105948 bytes)
Roger Blough above Point Louise
2-roger-3-21-10-gg.jpg.jpg (99015 bytes)
Blough meets the James R. Barker
3-james-3-21-10-gg.jpg.jpg (95624 bytes)
James R. Barker, 1st downbound of the season.
1-mobile-3-18-10-gg.jpg.jpg (40031 bytes)
Mobile Bay leads Penobscot Bay up past Old Lookout Six on Thursday
2-mobile-3-18-10-gg.jpg.jpg (37895 bytes)
Mobile Bay approaching Pointe Louise on Thursday
3-penobs-3-18-10-gg.jpg.jpg (62722 bytes)
Penobscot Bay passing Pointe Louise on Thursday
4-samris-3-18-10-gg.jpg.jpg (65624 bytes)
Samuel Risley passing Pointe Louise on Thursday
5-mackin-3-19-10-gg.jpg.jpg (89971 bytes)
Mackinaw downbound at Pointe Louise on Friday
6-mackin-3-20-10-gg.jpg.jpg (78832 bytes)
Mackinaw upbound above Pointe Louise on Saturday
7-penobs-3-20-10-gg.jpg.jpg (108377 bytes)
Penobscot Bay at speed downbound above Pointe Louise on Saturday

Edwin H. Gott passing through the Soo Locks on opening day March 21 - Dianne Donati
Edwin-Gott-3-21-10-dd.jpg (85463 bytes) Edwin-Gott-2-3-21-10-dd.jpg (102857 bytes) Edwin-Gott-3-3-21-10-dd.jpg (110417 bytes)    

Opening Day at the Soo - Herm Klein
1-PBay-3-21-10-HK.jpg (97391 bytes)
Penobscot Bay down bound at Mission Point
2-Mak-3-21-10-HK.jpg (95321 bytes)
Mackinaw down bound at Mission Point
3-JRB-3-21-10-HK.jpg (118328 bytes)
James R Barker gets the first lift of the year from the Ojibway

Port Huron Ice Jam - Capt. John Rigney
1-Alpena-3-20-10-jr.jpg-(2).jpg (79311 bytes)
Alpena stopped in ice in Lake Huron Saturday
2-Alpena-3-20-10-jr.jpg-(2).jpg (58387 bytes)
Tug Manitou to assist
3-Alpena-3-20-10-jr.jpg.jpg (64034 bytes)
Tug Salvor arrives
4-Alpena-3-20-10-jr.jpg.jpg (62642 bytes)
Salvor and Manitou escorting
5-Alpena-3-20-10-jr.jpg.jpg (65262 bytes)
Under the Bluewater Bridges
6-Alpena-3-20-10-jr.jpg.jpg (104686 bytes)
Reaching open water
7-Alpena-3-20-10-kh.jpg.jpg (99921 bytes)
Alpena on her way
1-PresqueIsle-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (93493 bytes)
Presque Isle Upbound under Blue Water Bridge Sunday
2-PresqueIsle-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (70437 bytes)
Presque Isle Approaching Lake Huron
4-PresqueIsle-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (97335 bytes)
Presque Isle stuck in ice off Lighthouse Park
5-PresqueIsle-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (83277 bytes)
Salvor to the rescue
6-PresqueIsle-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (119568 bytes)
Salvor pushing on port quarter
7-PresqueIsle-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (98742 bytes)
Salvor pushing on port quarter
8-PresqueIsle-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (70442 bytes)
Presque Isle drifting down towards bridge
9-PresqueIsle-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (103549 bytes)
Presque Isle out of channel at Dunn Paper just above Blue Water Bridge
10-PresqueIsle-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (94337 bytes)
Presque Isle out of channel at Dunn Paper just above Blue Water Bridge
11-PresqueIsle-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (73702 bytes)
Captain on the wing
12-PresqueIsle-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (217609 bytes)
Presque Isle under way in Lake Huron
1-Griffon-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (80785 bytes)
Griffon upbound to break ice
1-Griffon-3-21-10-jr.jpg-(2).jpg (110095 bytes)
Griffon and Bristol Bay under Blue Water Bridge
2-BristolBay-3-21-10-jr.jpg.jpg (91126 bytes)
Bristol Bay Upbound

Beeghly stuck above the Blue Water Bridges - Ian Cryer
March-21-10-a.jpg (66795 bytes) March-21-10-c.jpg (93192 bytes) March-21-10-h.jpg (84343 bytes)    

St. Clair River Traffic Sunday - Jacob and Sean Northup
1-PIsle-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (82321 bytes)
Presque Isle stopped by ice in Lower Lake Huron.
2-Pisle-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (72958 bytes)
CCGS Griffon works to free the ship.
3-Pisle-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (83740 bytes)
With help from the Tug Salvor, The Presque Isle slowly starts back down the river.
4-Pisle-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (79829 bytes)
Approaching the Bluewater Bridges.
5-Pisle-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (113966 bytes)
The ship comes to a complete stop.
6-Manitou-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (83447 bytes)
Ice-Breaking Tug Manitou arrives on the scene.
7-Salvor-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (90154 bytes)
Tug Salvor makes and turn and heads back to help break ice.
8-Pisle-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (77556 bytes)
Finally free, the Presque Isle continues it's trip to Duluth.
9-Char-Bee-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (90716 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly passes the Black River along with the Bristol Bay.
10-Char-Bee-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (63401 bytes)
Approaching the Bridges.
11-Char-Bee-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (57834 bytes)
Bow view
12-Char-Bee-3-21-10-jn.jpg.jpg (70268 bytes)
Stern view as the ship starts slowing down due to the ice.

Lee A Tregurtha passing Pointe Louise upbound Sunday morning -  Georgina Naccarato
Lee-A-Tregurtha-3-21-10-gn-001.jpg (146831 bytes) Lee-A-Tregurtha-3-21-10-gn-002.jpg (76951 bytes)      

Port Huron Ice - Michael Hurd.
100_9557.jpg (64238 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer stuck north of the bridge on 3/20
100_9573.jpg (58193 bytes)
Presque Isle stuck off of Dunn Paper on 3/21
100_9588.jpg (47375 bytes)
Presque Isle moving in Lake Huron after being freed from the ice by Dunn Paper.

First Laker at Port of Toledo - Paul C. LaMarre III
alpenatoledo3-21-10b.jpg (190773 bytes)
alpenatoledo3-21-10.jpg (124214 bytes)      

Historical perspectives - Dick Sheehy - E.M.Ford at Manitowoc where it was stopped on its way to Bay Ship for rebuilding following it's Christmas 1979 damage and sinking at Milwaukee.
80Mar,-E.M.Ford-at-MTWC-after-sinking-in-MILW1.jpg (83835 bytes)
 In early March 1980
80Mar,-E.M.Ford-at-MTWC-after-sinking-in-MILW2.jpg (95391 bytes)      

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