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March 23, 20

James R. Barker downbound Monday - Peter Wwhitfield
barker3-22-10-5pw.jpg (53794 bytes) barker3-22-10-4pw.jpg (49258 bytes) barker3-22-10-3pw.jpg (51499 bytes) barker3-22-10-2pw.jpg (68116 bytes) barker3-22-10-1pw.jpg (59870 bytes)
barker3-22-10-.jpg (60027 bytes)        

James R. Barker escorted downbound at Port Huron Mich. - Ed Schuyler
1.-USCGC-Mackinaw-3-22-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (59630 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw downbound in the St. Clair River after escorting  the James R. Barker on Lake Huron.
2.-CCG-Griffon-3-22-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (57517 bytes)
CCGS Griffon downbound behind the USCGC Mackinaw.
3.-J.R.Barker-3-22-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (91085 bytes)
James R. Barker downbound with the Tug Manitou.
4.J.R.Barker-3-22-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (41046 bytes)
bow profile
5.-Tug-Manitou-3-22-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (55819 bytes)
Tug Manitou
6.J.R.Barker-3-22-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (58157 bytes)
Cabins and Pilothouse
7.J.R.Barker-3-22-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (65574 bytes)
Barker loaded with a spilt load of coal for Recor in St. Clair and Monroe MI. (note: her stern anchor ready incase of emergency)

St. Clair River Monday -  Frank Frisk
IceOpps-03222010-003.jpg (76736 bytes) IceOpps-03222010-010.jpg (70412 bytes) IceOpps-03222010-018.jpg (72855 bytes) IceOpps-03222010-060.jpg (63999 bytes) IceOpps-03222010-064.jpg (79467 bytes)
IceOpps-03222010-089.jpg (66839 bytes) IceOpps-03222010-139.jpg (56316 bytes) IceOpps-03222010-145.jpg (63169 bytes) IceOpps-03222010-210.jpg (73461 bytes) IceOpps-03222010-216.jpg (11375 bytes)
IceOpps-03222010-226.jpg (63838 bytes) IceOpps-03222010-233.jpg (51722 bytes) IceOpps-03222010-260.jpg (56741 bytes)    

Lake Huron Ice Sunday - Bill Hoad
DSC05109.jpg (73349 bytes)
Presque Isle upbound on Sunday
DSC05110.jpg (85661 bytes) DSC05111.jpg (86328 bytes) DSC05112.jpg (67465 bytes) DSC05113.jpg (67357 bytes)
DSC05114.jpg (74987 bytes) DSC05118.jpg (69008 bytes) DSC05119.jpg (79106 bytes) DSC05120.jpg (73099 bytes) DSC05121.jpg (53064 bytes)
DSC05122.jpg (76539 bytes) DSC05123.jpg (50528 bytes) DSC05124.jpg (59475 bytes)    

Beeghly stuck in ice Sunday - Marilyn Waelchli
beeghly32110-mw.jpg (110692 bytes)
Beeghly at the Blue Water Bridge
beeghly32110-mw8.jpg (93862 bytes)
Beeghly getting stuck in ice, with tugs on the way to help
beeghly32110-mw7.jpg (51733 bytes)
Tugs Manitou and Salvor turning and holding the Beeghly while she had to shut down the engines to clean the raw water intake strainers clogged with ice
beeghly32110-mw6.jpg (59976 bytes)
beeghly32110-mw5.jpg (56615 bytes)
beeghly32110-mw3.jpg (60974 bytes)
Tugs cutting ice to send downriver, so Beeghly could have a good start
beeghly32110-mw4.jpg (55314 bytes) beeghly32110-mw1.jpg (70632 bytes) beeghly32110-mw2.jpg (71331 bytes)
Off we go

Sunday on  Lake Huron and the St. Clair River - Jeff Mast
1-Biscayne-Bay-3-21-10-jtm.jpg (66446 bytes)
Biscayne Bay noses up to the Beeghly to break an ice bridge
2-Biscayne-Bay-3-21-10-jtm.jpg (83275 bytes)
Biscayne Bay after turning below the Beeghly makes another run at 
the ice
3-Beeghley-Gang-3-21-10-jtm.jpg (49425 bytes)
Griffon leads the Salvor and Bristol Bay
4-Frontenac-3-21-10-jtm.jpg (88432 bytes)
Stern of Frontenac with rafted Algoeast
5-Mississagi-3-21-10-jtm.jpg (93993 bytes)
Mississagi and Manitowoc at the Sarnia Elevator
6-Saginaw-3-21-10-jtm.jpg (81039 bytes)
Saginaw up at Stag Island heading into large unbroken ice
7-Saginaw-3-21-10-jtm.jpg (96424 bytes)
Saginaw Bow heading into large unbroken ice
8-Bristol-Bay-Sag-3-21-10-j.jpg (110697 bytes)
Saginaw passing Bristol Bay returning to Detroit
9-Bristol-Bay-3-21-10-jtm.jpg (105449 bytes)
Bristol Bay heading home - head on at St. Clair

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