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March 23, 20

Soo Opener March 21 - Galen Witham
1.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (153325 bytes)
Morning coffee, with a view.  This was sunrise looking downbound on the bridge of the USCGC Mackinaw, dock on the West Pier approach to the locks.
2.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (50195 bytes)
The sun is up, and the Lee A. Tregurtha eases out of the Poe Lock, upbound
3.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (80509 bytes)
Lee A., approaching the International Bridge.
4.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (98539 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha, approaching our position on the West Pier, break light plate ice in the early light.
5.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (154655 bytes)
A wide angle view of the Lee A. from the bridge of the Mackinaw.
6.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (76753 bytes)
A close up of the Lee Tregurtha's Pilothouse as it passes abeam.
7.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (70744 bytes)
And onward towards Whitefish Point and Lake Superior.
8.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (145376 bytes)
A view of the U. S. Coast Guard's cutter force over the stern of the Mackinaw.
9.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (99508 bytes)
Penobscot Bay, underway shortly after the passing of the Lee A. Tregurtha, for track maintenance.
10.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (102469 bytes)
The USCGC Mackinaw, docked at the West Pier.
11.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (82645 bytes)
Later, the Roger Blough, in the Poe Lock upbound.
12.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (121450 bytes)
Roger Blough, upbound under the International Bridge, bound for Lake Superior.
13.-soo-opener-3-21-10-grw.jpg (116626 bytes)
The Blough, past the Mackinaw now, upbound.

USCGC Mackinaw transit of the Poe Lock March 21
- Galen Witham
1.-mack-3-21-10-grw.jpg (249623 bytes)
Underway from the West Pier, heading towards the International Bridge.
2.-mack-3-21-10-grw.jpg (335597 bytes)
Approaching the International Bridge.
3.-mack-3-21-10-grw.jpg (197445 bytes)
"Boatnerds" on ladders at the West Pier...working on that "Perfect Shot".
4.-mack-3-21-10-grw.jpg (86054 bytes)
The Roger Blough falls astern as we head downbound.
5.-mack-3-21-10-grw.jpg (211913 bytes)
A look astern, as we proceed towards the Poe.
6.-mack--3-21-10-grw.jpg (282504 bytes)
Making our approach to the Poe Lock.
7.-mack-3-21-10-grw.jpg (211850 bytes)
The Attentive Officers, Crew, and my son Hunter, watch the approach into the lock.
8.-mack-3-21-10-grw.jpg (265203 bytes)
The Mackinaw, now in the lock, begins to handle lines to make fast.
9.-mack-3-21-10-grw.jpg (128314 bytes)
Now lower to the level of Lake Huron, gates open, the Mackinaw proceeds forward to meet the Edwin H. Gott.
10.-mack-3-21-10-grw.jpg (185337 bytes)
Meeting the Gott, while exiting the Edwin H. Gott.
11.-mack-gott-3-21-10-grw.jpg (102403 bytes)
A close up of the Edwin H. Gott, as we meet.
12.-mack-3-21-10-grw.jpg (251572 bytes)
Approaching Sector Soo's pier face.
13.-mack-pnob-3-21-10-grw.jpg (106561 bytes)
The USCGC Penobscot Bay, underway from Sector Soo, enroute to the lower lakes.
14.-mack-3-21-10-grw.jpg (94795 bytes)
The USCGC Mackinaw, underway for the Lake Huron Cut.  A fine crew and a fine ship!

Manitowoc preparing to depart Sarnia Monday - Galen Witham
1.--manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (135638 bytes)
Looking Aft on the Forecastle of the M/V Manitowoc during inspection for break out of the new season.
2.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (139608 bytes)
Close up of the Pilot House and unloading boom
3.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (120985 bytes)
Looking forward on main deck from the after house.
4.-man-algosea-3-22-10-grw.jpg (87863 bytes)
The Algosea, moored across the berth
5.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (247530 bytes)
Looking forward from the bridgewing of the Manitowoc.
6.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (79582 bytes)
A view forward from inside the pilot house.
7.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (256745 bytes)
The USCGC Mackinaw works the river, as the Manitowoc conducts inspections.
8.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (104866 bytes)
A view looking aft, dead centerline.
9.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (99794 bytes)
As the crew of the Manitowoc tests fire fighting gear, the Griffon works in the ice upbound.
10.--manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (137949 bytes)
A close up of the Mississagi moored forward of the Manitowoc.
11.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (119462 bytes)
Letting go the Starboard Anchor for the windlass and brake test.
12.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (135747 bytes)
The stern's of the Mississagi and the Calumet.
13.-manitowoc-manesha-3-22-10-grw.jpg (170383 bytes)
The tug Menasha moored aft.
14.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (307260 bytes)
The crew of the Manitowoc lowering the life boat.
15.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (154555 bytes)
 A view of the Manitowoc's main engines, Model 251C Alco's
16.-manitowoc-3-22-10-grw.jpg (100235 bytes)
Another view of the main engines.

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