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March 24, 20

First vessel traffic for Duluth/ Superior arrived Tuesday - Travis Chadwick
1-mariner-3-23-10-tc.jpg (81743 bytes)
American Mariner warming up.
2-jdleitch-3-23-10-tc.jpg (54815 bytes)
John D. Leitch backing her way toward the DMIR/CN ore docks in Duluth. She is the first arrival of the season for Duluth/ Superior.
3-blough-3-23-10-tc.jpg (95179 bytes)
Roger Blough loading taconite in Two Harbors. She is the first arrival for Two Harbors this season.
4-mobilebay-2-23-10-tc.jpg (123691 bytes)
Mobile Bay docked at the DECC.

John D. Leitch loading at CN/DMIR in Duluth Tuesday - Glenn Blaszkiewicz
JDLeitch-3-23-10-GHB.jpg (151985 bytes)        

Marquette season opener -  Rod Burdick and Lee Rowe
1_cmb_3_23_10_rb.jpg (127547 bytes)
View with ore dock sign at sunrise. Rod Burdick
2_cmb_3_23_10_rb.jpg (116337 bytes)
Loading ore. Rod Burdick
CMBeeghlyLR032310_002.jpg (54950 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly departing Marquette after loading ore. Lee Rowe

St. Clair River Ice Breaking - Dawn & Andrew Severson
Mack032310ANS.jpg (69257 bytes)
Mackinaw upbound Algonac
NB032310ANS.jpg (70228 bytes)
Biscayne Bay downbound Algonac
BB032310ANS.jpg (63006 bytes)
Neah Bay upbound Algonac.

Seaway buoy work at Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-robbie-23-03-10-rb.jpg (68775 bytes)
Robinson Bay with barge BPL 6704 lift a winter spar near Mariatown.
2-robbie-23-03-10-rb.jpg (73055 bytes)
Robinson Bay heads up the river to continue replacing buoys.
3-robbie-23-03-10-rb.jpg (85299 bytes)
Robinson Bay closeup.
4-performance-23-03-10-rb.jpg (110780 bytes)
Performance checks the position of each buoy.

Calumet prepares to depart Sarnia - Galen Witham
1.-calumet-3-23-10-grw.jpg (106569 bytes)
Forward near the forecastle, looking aft on the Calumet in Sarnia, ON.
2.-calumet-3-23-10-grw.jpg (171625 bytes)
Underneath the bridge wing of the Calumet, looking forward.
3.-calumet-3-23-10-grw.jpg (125466 bytes)
A view looking forward from the pilothouse.
4.-calumet-3-23-10-grw.jpg (156489 bytes)
Portside amidships, looking aft.
5.-calumet-3-23-10-grw.jpg (260030 bytes)
Looking forward on the Calumet, as the crew tests firemains.
6.-cal-mississagi-3023-10.jpg (207863 bytes)
Looking over the stern at the Mississagi.
7.-calumet-3-23-10-grw.jpg (157586 bytes)
The crew of the Calumet, conducting lifeboat drills.
8.-calumet-3-23-10-grw.jpg (121961 bytes)
The lifeboat, clear of the davit.
9.-cl-salvor-3-23-10-grw.jpg (142921 bytes)
Tug Salvor, underway from Sarnia.
10.-cl-salvor-3-23-10-grw.jpg (108738 bytes)
The Salvor, now in the river, heads downbound, as the Algorail looks on.

USCGC Hollyhock breaking ice in the South Channel in Cheboygan Monday - Dianne Donati
USCGC-Hollyhock-3-22-10-dd.jpg (76263 bytes) USCGC-Hollyhock-2-3-22-10-dd.jpg (65136 bytes)      

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