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March 25, 20

Soo Wednesday - Jeff & Greg Barber
1-ASpirit-3-24-10-GB.jpg (61394 bytes)
American Spirit leaving the locks upbound
2-GLTrader-3-24-10-GB.jpg (95864 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader Upbound from the Locks
3-Calumet-3-24-10-GB.jpg (101245 bytes)
Calumet approaching the locks
4-Calumet-3-24-10-GB.jpg (116301 bytes)
Calumet leaving the locks in the ice
5-EHGott-3-24-10-GB.jpg (76483 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott making his way down to the locks.
6-Trains-3-24-10-GB.jpg (87590 bytes)
 A Canadian National train waits for the Gott to clear the lift bridge.

Atlantic Huron arrives to open Seaway Wednesday - Rene Beauchamp
Voie-Maritime-2010_03_24RBMTL.jpg (123958 bytes) Atlantic-Huron-2010_03_24RBMTL.jpg (63564 bytes)      

Ice escort Monday - Joe cioletti
ice3-023.jpg (34211 bytes)
Griffon coming out of the lake
ice3-048-(2).jpg (58108 bytes)
Griffon being followed by the mackinaw
ice3-054-(2).jpg (64966 bytes)
Saginaw following the mackinaw
ice3-055.jpg (60110 bytes)
At the bridge
ice3-068-(2).jpg (53763 bytes)
Saginaw with the spotlight
ice3-079-(2).jpg (64473 bytes)
At the bridge
ice3-087.jpg (47473 bytes)
Stern view

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_mich_3_24_10_rb.jpg (139157 bytes)
Loading view from the lakeshore
2_mich_3_24_10_rb.jpg (85092 bytes)
Departing after loading ore

St. Clair River ice Wednesday - Frank Frisk
IceOpps-03242010-032.jpg (46471 bytes) IceOpps-03242010-047.jpg (47333 bytes) IceOpps-03242010-054.jpg (48269 bytes) IceOpps-03242010-065.jpg (42298 bytes) IceOpps-03242010-068.jpg (48673 bytes)
IceOpps-03242010-138.jpg (75248 bytes) IceOpps-03242010-178.jpg (84098 bytes) IceOpps-03242010-212.jpg (76196 bytes) IceOpps-03242010-223.jpg (58881 bytes) IceOpps-03242010-224.jpg (72663 bytes)
IceOpps-03242010-226.jpg (78786 bytes) IceOpps-03242010-245.jpg (77552 bytes) IceOpps-03242010-265.jpg (84797 bytes)    

Atlantic Huron waiting at St-Lambert Lock - Michel Rodrigue
1-Atlantic-Huron-03-24-2010.jpg (90833 bytes)
Atlantic Huron arrived at st-Lambert lock on march 24, waiting the opening season.
2-Atlantic-Huron-03-24-2010.jpg (81232 bytes) 3-victorious-03-24-2010.jpg (78281 bytes)
Victorious and John J. Carrick behind the Huron departed from port of Montreal (just fit out March 24).
4-victorious-03-24-2010.jpg (101137 bytes)  

Vessel traffic in Duluth/ Superior on Wednesday evening - Travis Chadwick
1-mariner-3-24-10-tc.jpg (71868 bytes)
American Mariner departing Superior entry.
2-mariner-3-24-10-tc.jpg (70395 bytes)
Close up of superstructure
3-munson-3-24-10-tc.jpg (75240 bytes)
John G. Munson following the American Mariner out the Superior entry. Munson is bound for Two Harbors and taconite.

Goderich Ontario - Bruce Douglas
1-CdnProgress-3-24-10-bd.jpg (117081 bytes)
Canadian Progress second load of salt.

Charles M. Beeghly mirage anchored above Sarnia - Scott Williams
LakeHuronMirrorImage.jpg (70122 bytes)
Beeghly and lake surface seen inverted over the lake

From the Coast Pilot: A mirage is caused by refraction of light rays in a layer of air having rapidly increasing or decreasing density near the surface. A marked decrease in the density of the air with increasing altitude is the causes of such phenomena known as looming, towering, and superior mirages. A superior mirage is so named because of the appearance of image above the actual object. Ships have been seen with an inverted image above.

Satellite ice slide show
March 17        

Historical Perspectives - D. Mackie Collection
400-tanker-windsolite-boat-nerd.jpg (38951 bytes)
 Two early images of the Windsolite. The first picture was taken on April 1, 1938 in The Welland Canal.
400-tanker-2-boat-nerd.jpg (37348 bytes)
Windsolite in the canal in 1936.
scott-3-christening-boat.jpg (60723 bytes)
 The christening of the Scott Misener May 26, 1954 at Port Weller Dry Docks

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