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March 26, 20

Welland Canal-opening day - Bill Bird
1-Leaneytopper-3-25-10-bb.jpg (77003 bytes)
Captain Mark Leaney after receiving top hat as master of first ship through the canal.
2-MarinelinkExplorer-3-25-10-bb.jpg (53000 bytes)
Barge Marinelink Explorer with tug Commodore Straits approaching Homer Bridge. On maiden voyage, cargo is 5,000 tons of wheat for Trois Rivieres Quebec.
3-CommodoreStraits-3-25-10-bb.jpg (79446 bytes)
Commodore Straits close up
4-MarinelinkExplorer&CommodoreStraits-3-25-10-bb.jpg (54312 bytes)
Stern view.  After unloading wheat, next cargo will be two locomotives.
5-RobertSPierson-3-25-10-a-bb.jpg (72293 bytes)
Robert S Pierson heading to lock 3. 
6-RobertSPierson-b-bb.jpg.jpg (71991 bytes)
Stern View
7-Algocape-3-25-10-a-bb.jpg (53737 bytes)
Algocape leaving Lock 2
8-Algocape-3-25-10-b-bb.jpg (57746 bytes)
Stern shot-Heavy equipment on lock wall being used to remove aging timbers with new material
9-RtHonPaulJMartin-3-25-10-a-bb.jpg (69360 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin clear of flight locks
10-RtHonPaulJMartin-3-25-10-b-bb.jpg (65896 bytes)
Stern view heading to Lock 3

CSL Atlantic Erie arrived at St-Lambert Lock for her first access in St. Lawrence Seaway  this season 2010 - Michel Rodrigue 
1-AtlanticErie-3-25-10-mr.jpg (71779 bytes) 2-AtlanticErie-3-25-10-mr.jpg (90018 bytes)
Atlantic Erie bow view with the Casino of Montreal in background
3-AtlanticErie3-25-10-mr.jpg (80025 bytes)
upbound in St-Lambert Lock

Duluth/ Superior and Two Harbors - Lee Rowe
AmCenturyLR032510_04.jpg (84753 bytes)
American Century in layup in Duluth
AmIntegrityLR032510_02.jpg (98388 bytes)
American Integrity in layup in Duluth
IndHarborLR032510_07.jpg (74469 bytes)
Indiana Harbor passing Walter J McCarthy while approaching Superior entry.
IndHarborLR032510_30.jpg (88231 bytes)
AmSpiritLR032510_02.jpg (117370 bytes)
American Spirit loading in Two Harbors

J.W. Shelley Downbound Thursday
1-J-W-Shelley-03-25-10-mb-.jpg (89186 bytes)
Downbound at Crossover Island. Murray Blancher
4-J-W-Shelley-03-25-10-mb-.jpg (90473 bytes)
Downbound at Iroquois Lock. Shelley was the first boat of the season in our area. Murray Blancher
5-J-W-Shelley-03-25-10-mb-.jpg (92600 bytes) 6-J-W-Shelley-03-25-10-mb-.jpg (87056 bytes) 1-jwshelley-25-03-10-rb.jpg (58559 bytes)
J.W. Shelley is the first freighter down bound at Mariatown. Ron Beaupre
JWShelley-25-03-10-vk.jpg (70924 bytes)
JW Shelley downbound at Brockville at 10:35 Thursday morning. Viktor Kaczkowski
JW-Shelley-2010.jpg (40896 bytes)
 JW Shelley downbound passing Singer Castle (web cam photo). Michael Folsom

Soo Thursday - Greg Barber
7-JLBlock-3-25-10-GB.jpg (76619 bytes)
Joseph L. Block leaving locks heading for a windy Lake Superior
8-JDLeitch-3-25-10-GB.jpg (70748 bytes)
John D. Leitch approaching the locks
9-JDLeitch-3-25-10-GB.jpg (65726 bytes)
John D. Leitch tied up on Mac wall waiting for water levels to come up
10-HCJackson-3-25-10-GB.jpg (81222 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson making the Poe wall on a sunny and windy day.
11-HCJackson-3-25-10-GB.jpg (102535 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson passing the Leitch
12-HCJackson-3-25-10-GB.jpg (67240 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson heading for the lake
13-JRBarker-3-25-10-GB.jpg (76216 bytes)
James R. Barker making the lower wall.
14-JRBarker-3-25-10-GB.jpg (118275 bytes)
James R. Barker heading for Superior
15-JRBarker-3-25-10-GB.jpg (145531 bytes)
 James R. Barker passing the Leitch
16-JDLeitch-3-25-10-GB.jpg (49923 bytes)
John D. Leitch spending the night on the Mac wall.

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