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March 26, 20

St. Clair River Thursday - Galen Witham
1.-lee-a-3-25-10-grw.jpg (70523 bytes)
Shortly after sunrise, the Lee A. Tregurtha noses under the Bluewater Bridge downbound.
2.-lee-a-3-25-10-grw.jpg (67586 bytes)
Wide view of the "Lee A." passing under the Bluewater Bridge.
3.-lee-a-3-25-10-grw.jpg (99277 bytes)
Making her turn and proceeding to the Black River, the Lee A. Tregurtha proceeds downbound.
4.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (59820 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly near the Bluewater Bridge.
5.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (130103 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly, underneath the Bluewater Bridge.
6.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (84245 bytes)
Close up of the Charles M. Beeghly's pilothouse, complete with Michigan State flag.
7.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (79363 bytes)
Charles  M. Beeghly, downbound for the Black River.
8.-mack-lee-3-25-10-grw.jpg (77186 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw, with the Lee A. Tregurtha following, near St. Clair.
9.-mack-3-25-10-grw.jpg (90227 bytes)
Mackinaw, leading the small convoy, off St. Clair, MI.
10.-mack-3-25-10-grw.jpg (84023 bytes)
 Close up of the Mack's bow cutting the brash ice off St. Clair.
11.-mack-3-25-10-grw.jpg (86071 bytes)
Stern view of the Mackinaw, as she heads for Recors Point.
12.-lee-3-25-10-grw.jpg (69253 bytes)
 Lee A. with the tug Manitou following, passing St. Clair.
13.-lee-a-3-25-10-grw.jpg (63137 bytes)
Wide angle view of the Lee A. Tregurtha, as she passes St. Clair.
14.-lee-a-3-25-10-grw.jpg (65305 bytes)
Close up of the Lee A. Pilothouse, as the bow cuts the brash ice.
15.-manitou-3-25-10-grw.jpg (75723 bytes)
The assist Tug Manitou, passing St. Clair, astern of the Lee A.
16.-lee-a-3-25-10.jpg (72252 bytes)
Lee A. Tregutha, heading towards Recors Point.
17.-lee-a-3-25-10-grw.jpg (68833 bytes)
A view of the Lee A. following the Mack
18.-lee-a-convoy-3-25-10-grw.jpg (73061 bytes)
A view of all three heading towards Recors Point.
19.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (63542 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly, at St. Clair, MI.
20.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (69675 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly, at St. Clair, MI. View 2
21.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (81081 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly, at St. Clair, MI. View 3
22.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (76591 bytes)
Close up view of the Charles M. Beeghly Pilothouse, passing St. Clair.
23.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (85534 bytes)
Close up view of the Charles M. Beeghly Pilothouse, passing St. Clair  View 2
24.-mack-3-25-10-grw.jpg (87145 bytes)
Mackinaw, passing Marine City, MI.
25.-mack-3-25-10-grw.jpg (82243 bytes)
Stern view of the mackinaw, passing Marine City.
26.-lee-a-3-25-10-grw.jpg (97241 bytes)
The Lee A. and the Manitou, working in the ice off Marine City.
27.-lee-a-3-25-10-grw.jpg (66435 bytes)
Mackinaw, the Lee A. Tregurtha, and the Manitou, downbound off Marine City.
28.-mack-lee-3-25-10-grw.jpg (69396 bytes)
Mackinaw, and the Lee A. Tregurtha, off Willow Point.
29.-mack-3-25-10-grw.jpg (90156 bytes)
Large pieces of brash ice drift as the Mackinaw passes off of Willow Point.
30.-mack-3-25-10-grw.jpg (121831 bytes)
Mackinaw, passes Willow Point, enroute towards downtown Algonac.
31.-mack-3-25-10-grw.jpg (65908 bytes)
Mackinaw, off of Russell Island, heading towards South East Bend and the Cut Off.
32.-lee-a-3-25-10-grw.jpg (58613 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha, off of Russell Island. 
33.-neah-3-25-10-grw.jpg (179630 bytes)
USCGC Neah Bay, taking on fuel in Algonac, MI.
34.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (65222 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly, approaching Willow Point.
35.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (69587 bytes)
Beeghly, past Willow Point, downbound to Lake St. Clair.
36.-cmb-3-25-10-grw.jpg (61574 bytes)
Beeghly, being met by the Manitou, off of Algonac.

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