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March 27, 20

Duluth - Superior Friday - Travis Chadwick
1-kbarker-3-26-10-tc.jpg (62868 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker in drydock at Fraser Shipyard.
2-gltrader-3-26-10-tc.jpg (86919 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader loading taconite at DMIR/CN.
3-jbarker-3-26-10-tc.jpg (105003 bytes)
James R. Barker coming down the channel from the Superior entry, passing J. B. Ford.
4-jbarker-3-26-10-tc.jpg (63192 bytes)
Close up of stern.
5-jbarker-3-26-10-tc.jpg (62409 bytes)
Backing her way toward Superior Midwest Energy Terminal.
6-jbarker-3-26-10-tc.jpg (75481 bytes)
Close up of wheelhouse and stacks.

Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher
1-Atlantic-Erie-03-26-10mb-.jpg (99785 bytes)
Atlantic Erie the first upbound boat of the season at Iroquois Lock
2-Atlantic-Erie-03-26-10-mb-.jpg (109856 bytes) 3-Maria-Desgagnes-03-26-10-mb-.jpg (101817 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes upbound at Iroquois Lock
4-Maria-Desgagnes-03-26-10-mb-.jpg (104753 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes upbound at Iroquois Lock
5-Maritime-Trader-03-26-10-mb-.jpg (118439 bytes)
On the wall
6-Maritime-Trader-03-26-10-mb-.jpg (99212 bytes) 7-Maritime-Trader-03-26-10-mb-.jpg (102378 bytes)
Maritime Trader upbound exiting Iroquois Lock
8-Algoeast-03-26-10-mb-.jpg (85316 bytes)
Algoeast downbound at Maitland On.
9-Algoeast-03-26-10-mb-.jpg (83157 bytes)  

Soo Friday -  Jeff & Greg Barber
1-Manitowoc-3-26-10-GB.jpg (117965 bytes)
Manitowoc sliding down to the Poe Lock early in the morning
2-JDLeitch-3-26-10-GB.jpg (128019 bytes)
John D. Leitch finally gets going in the morning.
3-PIsle-3-26-10-GB.jpg (76290 bytes)
Presque Isle plowing through the ice.
4-PIsle-3-26-10-GB.jpg (80545 bytes)
Showing evidence of a cold windy trip across Lake Superior.
5-Saginaw-3-26-10-GB.jpg (76085 bytes)
Saginaw making her way through the ice.
6-Saginaw-3-26-10-GB.jpg (83732 bytes)
Saginaw exiting the locks.
7-CProgress-3-26-10-GB.jpg (97678 bytes)
Canadian Progress up out of the locks.
8-JGMunson-3-26-10-GB.jpg (75598 bytes)
John G. Munson above the locks.
9-JGMunson-3-26-10-GB.jpg (88873 bytes)
John G. Munson getting supplies from the Ojibway.
10-JGMunson-3-26-10-GB.jpg (66808 bytes)
At Mission Point.
11-JGMunson-3-26-10-GB.jpg (92375 bytes)
 John G Munson in the Rockcut
12-AMariner-3-26-10-GB.jpg (39970 bytes)
American Mariner down at Mission Point
13-AMariner-3-26-10-GB.jpg (59161 bytes)
American Mariner on a calm evening at the Soo
14-IHarbor-3-26-10-GB.jpg (68312 bytes)
Indiana Harbor late evening at Mission Point
15-IHarbor-3-26-10-GB.jpg (53648 bytes)
Heading down river

St. Lawrence Seaway - Kent Malo
JohnJCarrick23-03-10-b-km.jpg (84630 bytes)
Upbound for Detroit, tug Victorius and her barge John J Carrick, was the second to enter the St Lawrence Seaway at St Lambert March 25.
Victorius23-03-10-km.jpg (71585 bytes)
Seen at Kahnawake 2 p.m. The first vessel down was the J W Shelley, cleared St Lambert at 0430hrs March 26, Ironically, the Shelley was the last up bound for 2009 season.

Herbert C. Jackson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_hcj_3_26_10_rb.jpg (110329 bytes)
At the ore dock
2_hcj_3_26_10_rb.jpg (102983 bytes)
Stern view, loading ore

Satellite ice slide show
March 17        

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