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March 28, 20

St. Clair River, downbound Convoy Saturday morning from Point Edward - Terry McCullough
1--Mackinaw-Mar-27-2010-TM.jpg (86093 bytes)
  Mackinaw in the St Clair River.
2-Edwin-H-Gott-Mar-27-2010-TM.jpg (67693 bytes)
Edwin H Gott in the Huron Cut.
3--Edgar-B-Speer-Mar-27-2010-TM.jpg (77312 bytes)
Edgar B Speer in the Huron Cut.
4-John-D-Leitch--Mar-27-2010-TM.jpg (85589 bytes)
 John D Leitch in the Huron Cut.
5-Saginaw-Mar-27--2010-TM.jpg (86033 bytes)
Saginaw in the Huron Cut.
6-Manitowoc-Mar--27-2010-TM.jpg (81056 bytes)
Manitowoc in the Huron Cut.

Ship traffic Saturday at Algonac, Mich.
  - Roger LeLievre
Saginaw-42710rl-1.jpg (65043 bytes)
Saginaw-42710rl-2.jpg (67611 bytes) Manitowoc-42710rl-1.jpg (69681 bytes)
Manitowoc-42710rl-2.jpg (62670 bytes) Reliance-42710rl.jpg (60398 bytes)
Tug Reliance
Mackinaw-42710rl.jpg (61229 bytes)
Biscayne-Bay-42710rl.jpg (65577 bytes)
Biscayne Bay
AmerMariner-32710rl.jpg (55183 bytes)
American Mariner
Anderson-stern-32710rl.jpg (73323 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson
Am-Mariner-Anderson-32710rl.jpg (68611 bytes)
Innovation-32710rl.jpg (74761 bytes)
Boatwatchers.jpg (89115 bytes)
At 7 p.m., six boats (5 up and one down) were all visible in the river 
north of Algonac. Boatwatchers
Can-Enterprise-32710rl.jpg (58770 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise
Everlast-32710rl.jpg (61783 bytes)
Pathfinder-32710rl.jpg (57958 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder
Salvor-32710rl.jpg (66987 bytes)
TregurthaLeeA-32710rl.jpg (70291 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha
Indiana-Harbor-32710rl.jpg (75226 bytes)
Young boatwatchers and Indiana Harbor

St. Clair River Saturday morning -
Joe Cioletti
parade-013.jpg (62877 bytes)
Edgar Speer
parade-016.jpg (56999 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott
parade-035.jpg (58543 bytes)
John Leitch
parade-041.jpg (50158 bytes) parade-048.jpg (66140 bytes)
Biscayne Bay
parade-052.jpg (59734 bytes)
parade-059.jpg (66745 bytes)
parade-062.jpg (62395 bytes) parade-074.jpg (62117 bytes)
parade-088.jpg (56024 bytes)
parade-101.jpg (71412 bytes)
parade-110.jpg (130882 bytes)      

St. Clair River Saturday
- Bruce Hurd
100_9605.jpg (49122 bytes)
Edwin H Gott downbound
100_9607.jpg (56483 bytes)
Edgar B Speer
100_9609.jpg (65858 bytes)
John D. Leitch
100_9617.jpg (59537 bytes)
100_9622.jpg (64848 bytes)
100_9625.jpg (61364 bytes)
Tug Reliance and Barge PML 9000
100_9627.jpg (60925 bytes)
American Mariner off Vantage Point
100_9628.jpg (61897 bytes)
Indiana Harbor off Vantage Point
100_9631.jpg (92779 bytes)
USCG Biscayne Bay upbound off Vantage Point
100_9636.jpg (87648 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson off Marysville
100_9638.jpg (88037 bytes)
Samuel DeChamplain and barge Innovation upbound off Marysville
100_9639.jpg (87328 bytes)
Tug Salvor and barge off Marine City

Soo Saturday -
 Jeff & Greg Barber
1-Algocanada-3-27-10-GB.jpg (65835 bytes)
Algocanada departing locks upbound.
2-Algocanada-3-27-10-GB.jpg (60561 bytes)
Algocanada heading for Lake Superior
3-CNavigator-3-27-10-GB.jpg (64235 bytes)
Canadian Navigator approaching locks.
4-Alpena-3-27-10-GB.jpg (70746 bytes)
Alpena departing locks.
5-Alpena-3-27-10-GB.jpg (80047 bytes)
 Alpena meeting Canadian Navigator.
6-Alpena-3-27-10-GB.jpg (67573 bytes)
Alpena heading upbound.
7-CNavigator-3-27-10-GB.jpg (66417 bytes)
Canadian Navigator down at Mission Point
8-RBlough-3-27-10-GB.jpg (62206 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound Mission Point
9-ASpirit-3-27-10-GB.jpg (46588 bytes)
American Spirit down at mission point.
10-RBlough-3-27-10-GB.jpg (111753 bytes)
Roger Blough departing locks upbound.
11-RBlough-3-27-10-GB.jpg (51762 bytes)
Roger Blough meeting Quebecois above locks.
13-Quebecois-3-27-10-GB.jpg (52282 bytes)
Quebecois approaching locks.
12-Quebecois-3-27-10-GB.jpg (52680 bytes)
Quebecois down at Mission Point.

Traffic at Brockville Friday - Dave Bessant
01-Victorious-03-26-10-WDB.jpg (124032 bytes)
Tug Victorious and barge John J. Carrick at Fernbank Road just west of Brockville.
02-Victorious-03-26-10-WDB.jpg (115376 bytes)
Victorious of McAsphalt Marine Transportation.
03-AtlanticErie-03-26-10-WDB.jpg (128224 bytes)
Atlantic Erie passing by the Oakland Cemetery west of Brockville
06-MariaDesgagnes-03-26-10-WDB.jpg (98551 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes in front of Morristown, N.Y.
07-MariaDesgagnes-03-26-10-WDB.jpg (86800 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes stack

Recent Cleveland activity
- Bill Kloss
1-Pathfinder-03-18-10-bk.jpg (52264 bytes)
Pathfinder loading for Mittal shuttle run.
2-PathfinderatLoader-03-18-10-bk.jpg (65529 bytes)
Pathfinder at the loader
1-McKeeMaumee-03-24-10-bk.jpg (69384 bytes)
McKee Sons and Maumee
4-McKeeSons-03-25-10-bk.jpg (92405 bytes)
McKee Sons loading for Arcelor at the upriver storage yard

Chicago area March 26 - Tom Kort
1-winterlayup-3-26-10-tom.jpg (102605 bytes)
St. Marys Cement fleet in lay-up
2-StMaryCon-3-26-10-tom.jpg (91666 bytes)
St Marys Conquest.
4-StMaryCha-3-26-10-tom.jpg (70404 bytes)
St Marys Challenger
6-CTC1-3-26-10-tom.jpg (114134 bytes)
CTC No. 1 in long term lay-up.

Mackinaw and Griffon icebreaking in the St. Clair River March 23 - Kathy Wesserling
2448-Mackinaw-and-Griffon.jpg (66035 bytes)        

Seaway at Mariatown -  Ron Beaupre
1-zeus-26-03-10-rb.jpg (61969 bytes)
Zeus passes Mariatown on her way to the Lakes.
2-zeus-26-03-10-rb.jpg (83948 bytes)
She usually operates on the East Coast.

USCGC Hollyhock moored at USCGC Mackinaw's mooring in Cheboygan - Dianne Donati
USCGC-Hollyhock-3-3-27-10-dd.jpg (102312 bytes) USCGC-Hollyhock-2-3-27-10-dd.jpg (96151 bytes) USCGC-Hollyhock-3-27-10-dd.jpg (114269 bytes)    

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