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March 29, 20

Duluth / Superior Sunday - Travis Chadwick
1-alpena-3-28-10-tc.jpg (175520 bytes)
Alpena on her first trip to the Twin Ports.
2-alpena-3-28-10-tc.jpg (90943 bytes)
Full view.
3-alpena-3-28-10-tc.jpg (98643 bytes)
Docked next to J.A.W. Iglehart for unload.
4-blough-3-28-10-tc.jpg (86632 bytes)
Roger Blough off of Two Harbors.
5-blough-3-28-10-tc.jpg (70698 bytes)
Blough inside the harbor preparing to dock.

Sandusky, Ohio Sunday -
 Don Lee
1-manitowoc-03-28-10_dsl.jpg (160308 bytes)
Manitowoc passes Jackson Street Pier as seen from a couple blocks up Jackson Street, dwarfing the island cruise boat Goodtime I.
2-pierson_03-28-10_dsl.jpg (68923 bytes)
Pierson passes the pier, alternately belching black smoke and spinning up its prop, and then coasting.
3-pierson-manit-03-28-10-dsl.jpg (114815 bytes)
Looking past Pierson's bow to Manitowoc at the dock.

James R. Barker in Marquette
- Rod Burdick 
1_jrb_3_28_10_rb.jpg (170386 bytes)
Unloading the first coal cargo of the season into the Upper Harbor hopper

Maritime Trader at Prescott Elevators Sunday morning -  Dave Bessant
01-MaritimeTrader-03-28-10-WDB.jpg (110355 bytes)
Maritime Trader at Prescott
02-MaritimeTrader-03-28-10-WDB.jpg (107668 bytes)
Loading grain at the stern
03-MaritimeTrader-03-28-10-WDB.jpg (97590 bytes)
Close up
04-MaritimeTrader-03-28-10-WDB.jpg (130181 bytes)
Loading grain at the bow
05-MaritimeTrader-03-28-10-WDB.jpg (85835 bytes)
Bow close up

Detroit River Saturday -
Bradford Neych.
1-speer-3-27-10-bn.jpg (42985 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer downbound.
2-speerpath-3-27-10-bn.jpg (40915 bytes)
Speer meets the Pathfinder.
3-path-3-27-10-bn.jpg (70445 bytes)
Pathfinder upbound.
4-enterspeerinn-3-27-10-bn.jpg (72491 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise followed by the Speer, being passed by the Samuel de Champlain.
5-leitch-3-27-10-bn.jpg (35249 bytes)
John D. Leitch downbound.
6-johnpath-3-27-10-bn.jpg (38900 bytes)
Leitch meets the Pathfinder.
7-grif-3-27-10-bn.jpg (61462 bytes)
CCGS Griffon.
8-man-3-27-10-bn.jpg (58486 bytes)
Manitowoc downbound.
9-sag-3-27-10-bn.jpg (75472 bytes)
Saginaw downbound.
10-usc-3-27-10-bn.jpg (67023 bytes)
11-usc-3-27-10-bn.jpg (56244 bytes) 12-usc-3-27-10-bn.jpg (68484 bytes) 13-lee-3-27-10-bn-(2).jpg (78578 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha upbound.
14-lee-3-27-10-bn.jpg (57950 bytes)
Lee  A  Tregurtha stern.
15-ris-3-27-10-bn.jpg (41974 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley downbound.

Port Huron Saturday and Sunday
- Galen Witham
1.-AMA-3-27-10-GRW.jpg (94911 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson, upbound off of Bluewater Aggregates in Marysville.
2.-aurthur-m-a-3-27-10-grw.jpg (44846 bytes)
In the evening twilight, the Anderson approaches the Bluewater Bridge.
3.-ama-3-27-10-grw.jpg (76555 bytes)
A close up of the pilothouse, almost to the bridge.
4.-ama-3-27-10-grw.jpg (115603 bytes)
With her deck lights on, the Anderson passes beneath the Bluewater Bridge, and into Lake Huron.
5.-gott-3-28-10-grw.jpg (62934 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott, upbound for buoys 1 & 2, in Port Huron early Sunday morning.
6.-holly-3-28-10-grw.jpg (112001 bytes)
USCGC Hollyhock returning from upper Lake Huron, near the Bluewater Bridge. 
7.-holly-3-28-10-grw.jpg (72570 bytes)
Stern view of the Hollyhock, off of Sarnia.
8.-holly-3-28-10-grw.jpg (64008 bytes)
Hollyhock makes her approach to her berth in Port Huron.

Fishing tugs Joanne M and Big Tony in Erie, PA and the fishing tug Margaret Ann in Dunkirk, N.Y. Saturday
- Joe Rennie
fishtug3-28-10-(1).jpg (84245 bytes) fishtug3-28-10.jpg (72618 bytes) fishtug3-28-10-(2).jpg (85767 bytes)    

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