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March 30, 20

St. Clair River downbound convoy March 27 - John McCreery
1-PenobscotBay-3-27-10-jm.jpg (84140 bytes)
Penobscot Bay entering the river at 8.30 a.m.
2-Gott-Speer-3-27-10-jm.jpg (76494 bytes)
Convoy underway at 9.30
3-Gott-Speer-3-27-10-jm.jpg (83348 bytes)
Gott and Speer lead the way with John D. Leitch following.
4-Gott-Speer-3-27-10-jm.jpg (81057 bytes)
Gott turns
5-Gott-3-27-10-jm.jpg (68687 bytes)
Profile Gott headed for Zug Island
6-Speer-Leitch-Sag-Manitowoc-3-27-10-jm.jpg (68781 bytes)
Speer, Leitch, Saginaw and Manitowoc
7-Speer-3-27-10-jm.jpg (112419 bytes)
Speer turning
8-JDLeitch-3-27-10-jm.jpg (71397 bytes)
Leitch bow on.
9-Leitch-3-27-10-jm.jpg (76177 bytes)
10-Leitch-3-27-10-jm.jpg (82480 bytes)
11-Sag-Manitow-Reliance-3-27-10-jm.jpg (52819 bytes)
Reliance finally shows up,  the last member of the convoy. 
12-Sag-Manitowoc-3-27-10-jm.jpg (68223 bytes)
Saginaw bow on
13-Saginaw-3-27-10-jm.jpg (89088 bytes)
14-Saginaw-3-27-10-jm.jpg (86504 bytes)
Passing shore ice
15-Saginaw-3-27-10-jm.jpg (119026 bytes)
Entry to the river which will prove to be essentially ice free

Convoy down the St. Clair
- Dan McCreery 
1-Gott-3-27-10-dm.jpg (77902 bytes)
Gott leads the way
2-Leitch-3-27-10-dm.jpg (110449 bytes)
Leitch and Saginaw head in from the lake
3-Saginaw-3-27-10-jm.jpg (108995 bytes)
Saginaw downbound passing the Algorail
4-Gott-Speer-Leitch-3-27-10-dm.jpg (43490 bytes)
Gott, Speer and Leitch down at Walpole Island
5-Leitch-3-27-10-dm.jpg (75927 bytes)
Speer and Leitch in an unexpectedly ice free river off Walpole Island.
6-Saginaw-Manitowoc-3-27-10-dm.jpg (71416 bytes)
Saginaw and Manitowoc passing Walpole
7-Saginaw-Manitowoc-3-27-10-dm.jpg (83310 bytes)
Another view
8-Walpole-3-27-10-dm.jpg (147614 bytes)
One of many controlled burns on Walpole Island.
9-Walpole-3-27-10-dm.jpg (191008 bytes)
 A little out of control
10-LeeA-3-27-10-dm.jpg (52109 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha - part of the long line of upbounds - the "brash plug" having been flushed from the lower river.

St. Clair River March 24 -
Larry Mobbs
MacJackBiscayne.jpg (92603 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson coming North around Algonac with the Mackinaw and Biscayne Bay breaking the ice. 
EverlastGriffon.jpg (93848 bytes)
Tug Everlast and barge Norman McLeod. 
Convoys_Meet.jpg (97881 bytes)
Headed for Detroit with the CCGS Griffon clearing the path.

Marquette Upper Harbor Activity
- Rod Burdick
1_michcmb_3_29_10_rb.jpg (102084 bytes)
Michipicoten loading ore with Charles M. Beeghly at anchor
2_lat_cmb_3_29_10_rb.jpg (72311 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha departing and Charles M. Beeghly moving to dock

Commodore Straits and Marinelink Explore downbound at Brockville Ont.
- Murray Blancher
1-Commodore-Straits-&-Marinelink-Explorer-03-29-10-mb-.jpg (70415 bytes) 2-Commodor-Straits-pilot-house-03-29-10-mb-.jpg (38949 bytes) 3-Commodor-Staits-03-29-10-mb-.jpg (84714 bytes) 4-Commodor-Straits-03-29-10-.jpg (78123 bytes) 5-Commodor-Straits-&-Marinelink-Explorer-03-29-10-mb-.jpg (53960 bytes)
6-Commodor-Straits-&-Marinelink-Explorer-03-29-10-mb-.jpg (57104 bytes)        

Superior, Wis. -
Lee Rowe
JRBarkerLR032910_005.jpg (50641 bytes)
James R. Barker approaching the Superior Entry light
JRBarkerLR032910_019.jpg (79069 bytes)
Inside the entry

Tugs Robinson Bay and Performance downbound at Blockhouse Island Brockville on Monday - Dave Bessant
01-RobinsonBayPerformance-03-29-10-WDB.jpg (102091 bytes)
 Robinson Bay followed by Performance at Blockhouse Island in the rain.
02-RobinsonBay-03-29-10-WDB.jpg (59040 bytes)
Robinson Bay out of Massena NY and her barge
03-RobinsonBay-03-29-10-WDB.jpg (68766 bytes)
04-Perfeomance-03-29-10-WDB.jpg (78943 bytes)
Tug Performance out of Massena NY
05-RobinsonBayPerformance-03-29-10-WDB.jpg (76170 bytes)
Robinson Bay and Performance downbound heading East

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