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April 1, 20

Sturgeon Bay Departures - Chris Wesendorf
1-wsykes-3-31-10-cw.jpg (80576 bytes)
The Wilfred Sykes across from Bayship inching out of lay-up.
2-wsykes-3-31-10-cw.jpg (80972 bytes)
The Sykes turned around and pointed to the Bay of Green Bay.
3-wsykes-3-31-10-cw.jpg (81826 bytes)
The Sykes heading out to the Bay
4-wsykes-3-31-10-cw.jpg (66397 bytes)
The Sykes blowing a salute.
5-wsykes-3-31-10-cw.jpg (76368 bytes)
The Sykes heading out to the bay off of Sherwood Point.
6-white-3-31-10-cw.jpg (82307 bytes)
The H. Lee White being held in position. The White was backed out a bit in order for it to ballast down.

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
HCJacksonLR033110_003.jpg (104862 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson bow, train above delivering ore.
HCJacksonLR033110_005.jpg (142620 bytes)
At the dock.

Duluth / Superior Wednesday -
Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-Frontenac-03-31-10-GHB.jpg (57059 bytes)
Frontenac loading at the ore dock in Duluth.
2-Frontenac-03-31-10-GHB.jpg (110306 bytes) VictoryBarker-03-31-10-GHB.jpg (72469 bytes)
Stern shot of the American Victory with the Kaye E. Barker in the drydock in the background taken at Fraser Shipyard in Superior.

Alpena, Mich.
- Ben & Chanda McClain
Alp-3-31-10-BCM-01.jpg (86960 bytes)
Alpena out in the bay
Alp-3-31-10-BCM-02.jpg (72078 bytes)
Heading into Lafarge

Sam Laud was leaving Cleveland Tuesday in heavy fog -
Jutta Clogg
1-SamLaud-3-30-2010-jc.jpg.jpg (49450 bytes)
Sam Laud traversing the Cuyahoga River between Center Street Bridge and Culombus Road Bridge
2-SamLaud-3-30-2010-jc.jpg.jpg (55316 bytes)
Sam Laud under the NFS Rail Road Bidge in the mouth of the Cuyhaoga River

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