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April 2, 20

Duluth vessel traffic Wednesday and Thursday -  Travis Chadwick
1-iharbor-4-1-10-tc.jpg (50114 bytes)
Indiana Harbor loading coal at SMET.
2-frontenac-4-1-10-tc.jpg (119108 bytes)
Frontenac arriving Duluth for DMIR/CN and taconite. She is the first Canadian vessel of the season.
3-frontenac-4-1-10-tc.jpg (64764 bytes)
4-laurentian-4-1-10-tc.jpg (58809 bytes)
CSL Laurentien arriving Duluth.
5-laurentien-4-1-10-tc.jpg (94634 bytes)
Stern view as she passes under the Lift Bridge.
6-amariner-4-1-10-tc.jpg (111759 bytes)
Wide view of American Mariner entering the Duluth ship canal.
7-amariner-4-1-10-tc.jpg (196050 bytes)
Close-up of stern.
8-century-4-1-10-tc.jpg (99932 bytes)
American Century loading coal at SMET. Her first cargo of the season.
9-century-4-1-10-tc.jpg (99809 bytes)
American Mariner passing American Century on her way to DMIR/CN.

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-birch-3-31-10-pb.jpg (75938 bytes)
Birchglen raising in Lock 1.
2-birch-3-31-10-pb.jpg (45067 bytes)
Birchglen showing off her new paint job; just above Lock 1.
3-birch-3-31-10-pb.jpg (66565 bytes)
Birchglen approaching Lock 3; Paint is already showing the wear & tear of lock passages.
4-cslassin-3-31-10-pb.jpg (105292 bytes)
Bow of the CSL Assiniboine in drydock.  One small section of the bow has yet to be painted.
5-cslassin-3-31-10-pb.jpg (126401 bytes)
Most of the hull has been repainted but on the aft section work continues.
6-atlhur-4-01-10-pb.jpg (64450 bytes)
  Atlantic Huron, also newly repainted, approaching Lock 1, upbound.
7-atlhur-4-01-10-pb.jpg (82998 bytes)
Stern view of the Atlantic Huron approaching Lock 1.
8-buoys-4-01-10-pb.jpg (97679 bytes)
Winter buoy storage in Port Weller.  These are US buoys from the eastern end of Lake Ontario.  They are normally serviced by the Canadian Coast Guard, as part of a work-share agreement between Canada and the US.
9-buoys-4-01-10-pb.jpg (183032 bytes)
A closer view of the anchor and chain that are used to hold the buoy in position.  This anchor is about 2 to 3 tons.
10-buoys-4-01-10-pb.jpg (128865 bytes)
The lantern on top of the buoy.  As with many things technology has changed these greatly over the last few years.  In the late 60's and early 70's there were still buoy lanterns fueled by acetylene, then they were changed to large battery packs as well as a device to hold up to 6 bulbs and a bulb changer plus a light activated switch. By the late 80's early 90's solar panels and rechargeable batteries made their appearance.  These required large batteries and equally large solar panels .  All buoys with rechargeable batteries had to be modified to allow for the escape of battery gas.  In the last 10 years much smaller composite units have been available.  This photo show the solar panels surrounding the lantern.  The lantern is about 1 foot high.  The actual light  is under the top panel, it's an LED yet another change.

Escanaba Wednesday - Dick Lund
1-JLB-03-31-10-dl.jpg (74906 bytes)
Joseph L. Block loading at the north side of the ore dock late Wednesday afternoon
2-WS-03-31-10-dl.jpg (57667 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes arrives off Sand Point from Sturgeon Bay, WI winter lay-up around 6:15 p.m. EDT
3-WS-03-31-10-dl.jpg (55477 bytes)
Broadside view of the newly re-painted ship
4-WS-03-31-10-dl.jpg (49304 bytes)
Close-up of the bow, looking good.
5-WS-03-31-10-dl.jpg (76356 bytes)
Approaching the ore dock where the Joseph L. Block is currently loading
6-WS-03-31-10-dl.jpg (68073 bytes)
Close-up of the Block as the bow of the Sykes comes into view
7-WS-03-31-10-dl.jpg (53783 bytes)
The Sykes by-passes the dock and the Block
8-WS-03-31-10-dl.jpg (40988 bytes)
 ... and goes to anchor well northeast of the facility

Harbour Clear, first new saltie of the year in the Seaway off Vercheres, QC on March 31  - Rene Beauchamp
Harbour-Clear-2010_03_31-0110RBMTL.jpg (67416 bytes)        

First Saltie
-Ron Beaupre
1-fedelbe-01-04-10-rb-002.jpg (81416 bytes)
Federal Elbe in Iroquois Lock.
2-fedelbe-01-04-10-rb-003.jpg (74658 bytes)
She is on her way to Duluth for cargo.

Toledo traffic - 
Luke Archer
1-CanOlympic-4-1-10-la.jpg (82234 bytes)
Canadian Olympic passing the Willis B. Boyer.
2-CanOlympic-4-1-10-la.jpg (81452 bytes)
Canadian Olympic heads for the NS Swing Bridge with the help of the G-tugs Nebraska and Mississippi.
3-CanOlympic-4-1-10-la.jpg (62556 bytes)
Canadian Olympic with a Canada Goose.
4-CanOlympic-4-1-10-la.jpg (71908 bytes)
Through the NS Swing Bridge.

Cheboygan, Mich.
- Jon Paul Michaels
1.algocanada-4-1-10-jpm-a.jpg (86082 bytes)
Algocanada enters the Cheboygan River on a hazy April 1st.
2.algocanada-4-1-10-jpm-b.jpg (88521 bytes)
Approching the WLBB -30 Mackinaw at her moorings.
3.algocanada-4-1-10-jpm-c.jpg.jpg (78655 bytes)
Algocanada passing between the Mackinaw on the east side of the river and Durocher barges on the west side.
4.algocanada-4-1-10-jpm-d.jpg (95505 bytes)
Bow thruster kicking up bow sediment at the dock.
5.algocanada-4-1-10-jpm-e.jpg (91752 bytes)
Lines ashore and snugging up to the dock.

Algocanada and USCG Mackinaw in Cheboygan
- Dianne Donati
Algocanada-2-4-1-10-dd.jpg (119381 bytes) USCGC-Mackinaw-4-1-10-dd.jpg (164793 bytes) Algocanada-4-1-10-dd.jpg (158576 bytes)    

 Lee A. Tregurtha upbound at Port Huron -
Ed Schuyler
1.-L.A.Tregurtha-4-1-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (55040 bytes)
Upbound near the Huron Lightship.
2.-L.A.Tregurtha-4-1-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (45033 bytes)
Bow Profile
3.-L.A.Tregurtha-4-1-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (71454 bytes)
Heading to Two Harbors Minn.

Sam Laud at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_slaud_4_1_10_rb.jpg (68244 bytes)
2_slaud_4_1_10_rb.jpg (75811 bytes)
Stern view, arriving at the ore dock

Union Ship Canal project in Buffalo - Brian W.
Construction crews have completely flattened the North side of the slip and are now back filling in with clean dirt over the existing grade level. The Hanna Furnace docks on the South side are also being prepped for backfilling as the old ore pit is being cleaned of debris at this time.
1-Union-Slip-4-1-2010-BW.jpg (176556 bytes)
Union ship canal from the Hanna Furnace dock on the South side looking North at the old Pennsylvania ore dock where a dozer can be seen backfilling clean soil over the existing grade to level the site where Hullet boat unloaders & Brown Hoists once roamed.
2-Union-Slip-4-1-2010-BW.jpg (154542 bytes)
Looking North-East from the same spot and you can clearly see the old concrete track bed for the ore bridge cranes that once unloaded lake freighters here. Notice the dirt stained red from years of iron ore storage at this site.
3-Union-Slip-4-1-2010-BW.jpg (181630 bytes)
Looking due East along the length of the Hanna Furnace ore pit. The row of 4 blast furnaces once stood to the right of this shot. Soon, all traces of the 100 year old plant will be gone except for the canal itself.

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