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April 3, 20

Friday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Federal-Elbe-04-02-10-a-bb.jpg (71523 bytes)
Federal Elbe clear of Lock 3
2-Federal-Elbe-04-02-10-b-bb.jpg (69530 bytes)
Making the wall below Lock 4 
3-Griffon-04-10-02-a-bb.jpg (68528 bytes)
From near Lock 2 it appears the Canadian Coast Guard cutter Griffon has gone into the bank
4-Griffon-04-02-10-b-bb.jpg (56538 bytes)
Closer inspection reveals Griffon is marking time
5-workboat-04-02-10-a-bb.jpg (105238 bytes)
While members of a work boat clean up channel markers
6-Griffon-04-02-10-c-bb.jpg (77290 bytes)
 The job complete between Locks 2 and 3, the workboat is lifted onto the deck of Griffon
7-Griffon-04-02-10-d-bb.jpg (62938 bytes)
And with that Griffon heads into Lock 2-the scenario would be repeated between Locks 1 and 2
8-Maritime-Trader-04-02-10-a-bb.jpg (74326 bytes)
On an unusually warm April day, no shortage of shipwatchers along the canal as Maritime Trader heads to Lock 3.
9-Maritime-Trader-04-02-10-b-bb.jpg (72976 bytes)
Maritime Trader seen from Homer Bridge passing under Garden City Skyway

Recent Welland Canal Photos - 
Paul Beesley
1-chjack-4-01-10-pb.jpg (62783 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman after leaving Lock 1 early in the evening.
2-griff-4-01-10-pb.jpg (82851 bytes)
CCGS Griffon downbound in Port Colborne after working on Lake Erie.  John B Aird and Tony McKay on the wall.  The Aird left a few hours later.
3-pine-4-01-10-pb.jpg (57151 bytes)
Pineglen approaching Lock 2.
4-tonymc-4-01-10-pb.jpg (95822 bytes)
Tony McKay taking fuel in Port Colborne.
5-turk-4-01-10-pb.jpg (70803 bytes)
The boatwatching dog & I went out to look at boats and found this turkey.  The turkey is notorious in this area as it showers affection on cars.
6-hat-4-01-10-pb.jpg (194308 bytes)
Why you wear a hardhat.  This one must have washed out of the canal at some point.
7-fedelb-4-02-10-pb.jpg (92796 bytes)
Federal Elbe, 1st Salty of the year in the Welland canal.
8-martr-4-02-10-pb.jpg (87288 bytes)
Maritime Trader passes the Canadian Coast Guard Search & Rescue station below Lock 1.  The station has recently opened for the season.
9-hamen-4-02-10-pb.jpg (103588 bytes)
Hamilton Energy inbound to fuel the Maritime Trader.
10-hamen-4-02-10-pb.jpg (114624 bytes)
Fuel hose from the Hamilton Energy is lifted to the Maritime Trader to start the fueling process.

Port of Montreal, Richelieu  in spring layup
- Michel Rodrigue
1-Richelieu-4-2-2010-mr.jpg (103525 bytes)
The Richelieu (former Fednav's Lake Erie) is all repainted. She is in Sec 27 in port of Montreal in spring layup until June 2010
2-Richelieu-4-2-2010-mr.jpg (57222 bytes)
In front of Richelieu, it is the Fednav's Artic. Behind the Richelieu its Aivic in layup.
3-Richelieu-4-2-2010-mr.jpg (90582 bytes)
Richelieu arrived at pier 27 in March after than Atlantic Erie departed of winter layup.
4-Richelieu-4-2-2010-mr.jpg (110945 bytes)  

- Ron Beaupre
1-carrick-02-04-10-rb.jpg (48960 bytes)
McAsphalt barge and tug John J. Carrick and Victorius downbound at Mariatown.
2-harbour-02-04-10-rb.jpg (51760 bytes)
Harbour Clear passing Mariatown. She is on her first trip up the Seaway and carries the 4th name since launching.

Marquette ore dock
- Lee Rowe
SamLaudLR040110_03.jpg (105796 bytes)
Sam Laud loading
SamLaudLR040110_14.jpg (91615 bytes)
Finishing load
HLeeWhiteLR040110_14.jpg (53739 bytes)
H Lee White getting dust from the Sam Laud load.
SamLaudLR040110_07.jpg (124873 bytes)
Picketers  Union 5000(?)

Oakglen in drydock in Halifax with new CSL red hull paint - Mac Mackay
1-Oakglen-4-02-10-mm.jpg (66048 bytes)        

Algocanada in Cheboygan -
Ben & Chanda McClain
algocn-4-1-10---BCM-01.jpg (84487 bytes) algocn-4-1-10-BCM-02.jpg (76606 bytes)      

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