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April 5, 20

Sunday at Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Frontenac-04-04-10-a-bb.jpg (63955 bytes)
Frontenac downbound about to exit Welland bypass at Port Robinson
2-Frontenac-04-04-10-b-bb.jpg (82145 bytes)
Headed for Hamilton with ore.  Last year she was taking ore off the same dock
3-Montrealais-04-04-10-a-bb,jpg.jpg (105325 bytes)
Montrealais under Bridge 21 at Port Colborne.
4-Montrealais-04-04-10-b-bb.jpg (66886 bytes)
Montrealais headed for Port Cartier with grain-will then bring ore back to Dofasco at Hamilton
5-AtlanticErie-04-04-10-bb.jpg (86571 bytes)
Atlantic Erie-riding high in Lock 7-headed for Sydney Nova Scotia with coal with bring ore back into the Great Lakes from Quebec.
6-Ojibway-04-04-10-a-bb.jpg (72548 bytes)
A rare visit for Ojibway to canal exiting Lock 8
7-Ojibway-04-04-10-b-bb.jpg (68515 bytes)
Cargo of grain for Quebec City

Menominee and Marinette -
Dick Lund
1-JLK-04-03-10-dl.jpg (77042 bytes)
The tug, Victory, fires up its engines Saturday afternoon
2-JLK-04-03-10-dl.jpg (85100 bytes)
The tug & barge, James L. Kuber, begin to move away from the dock
3-JLK-04-03-10-dl.jpg (78438 bytes)
Away from the dock heading for the Ogden Street Bridge
4-JLK-04-03-10-dl.jpg (62685 bytes)
Bow of the barge with the name, James L. Kuber, showing on the hatch crane as they pass the craneship, William H. Donner, which is waiting for the arrival of the Amelia Desgagnes
5-JLK-04-03-10-dl.jpg (62712 bytes)
Coming out of the inner harbor
6-JLK-04-03-10-dl.jpg (70259 bytes)
Close-up inside the piers
7-JLK-04-03-10-dl.jpg (66878 bytes)
Approaching Menominee North Pier Lighthouse
8-JLK-04-03-10-dl.jpg (65621 bytes)
Outbound James L. Kuber/Victory approaches the inbound Amelia Desgagnes
9-AD-04-03-10-dl.jpg (74822 bytes)
Amelia Desgagnes approaches the lighthouse
10-AD-04-03-10-dl.jpg (82466 bytes)
11-AD-04-03-10-dl.jpg (92844 bytes)
Unloading alongside the William H. Donner later that afternoon
12-AD-04-04-10-dl.jpg (78773 bytes)
Amelia Desgagnes turning around in the Menominee River early on Easter morning
13-AD-04-04-10-dl.jpg (79074 bytes)
Turned around and ready to head out
14-AD-04-04-10-dl.jpg (78280 bytes)
Approaching the lighthouse on its way out of the river

Lewis J Kuber and Olive L Moore departing Menominee Sunday morning - Scott Best 
1-ljk-04-04-10-sb.jpg (87767 bytes)
Close up of Olive L Moore as they approach the Ogden St. Bridge.
2-ljk-04-04-10-sb.jpg (68568 bytes)
Heading out of the inner harbor.
3-ljk-04-04-10-sb.jpg (84037 bytes)
Stern view heading out through the Piers.
4-ljk-04-04-10-sb.jpg (64545 bytes)
Passing the Menominee North Pier Lighthouse.

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon in the Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
1-griff-4-02-10-pb.jpg (87277 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon passes the Maritime Trader below Lock 2.
2-griff-4-02-10-pb.jpg (143675 bytes)
The Griffon received a new crane last year, and the work barge is relatively new as well.
3-griff-4-02-10-pb.jpg (90287 bytes)
Once past the Trader the Griffon launched its work barge to carry out seasonal buoy maintenance.  There are two green buoys between Locks 1 & 2.  Among other things their position is verified to ensure they mark the edge of the channel.
4-griff-4-02-10-pb.jpg (105176 bytes)
Until recently, work barges were completely open to the elements.  This newer model offers shelter to the crew when not actually working a buoy.
5-griff-4-02-10-pb.jpg (123811 bytes)
Previous work barges were phenomenally slow.  This model is speedier and cuts down on transit times to distant work sites.  These small craft are used for areas where there is not enough water for the Griffon or Risley to safely work.

Duluth Sunday - 
Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-COlympic-04-04-10-GHB.jpg (87120 bytes)
Canadian Olympic coming in the Duluth entry
2-COlympic-04-04-10-GHB.jpg (125893 bytes) 1-JWShelley-04-04-10-GHB.jpg (69674 bytes)
J.W. Shelley as it passes thru the Duluth harbor
2-JWShelley-04-04-10-GHB.jpg (75841 bytes)  

Robert S.
Pierson unloading at the Budweiser Malt Plant Sunday in Manitowoc - Chris Wesendorf
1-pierson-4-4-10-cw.jpg (60007 bytes)
Pierson unloading into the Budweiser elevator.
2-pierson-4-4-10-cw.jpg (83299 bytes)
Unloading into the Budweiser elevator on the Manitowoc River.
3-pierson-4-4-10-cw.jpg (88170 bytes)
From across the river by the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. USS Cobia on left.

Last standing Huletts in South Chicago -
Tom Winkle
RepublicSteelhulettsCalumet-Rivera.jpg (59244 bytes)
March 13 the Republic Steel Huletts on the Calumet River have been removed and likely scrapped. One was completely gone and the vertical arm and bucket of the second one was cut up.
RepublicSteelhulettsCalumet-River.jpg (96480 bytes)
All that was left on March 24. Local reports said that the first Hulett was dismantled and barged away.

Samuel de Champlain and Innovation in Green Bay
- Rod Burdick 
1_SdCInv_4_4_10_rb.jpg (97166 bytes)
Unloading cement at LaFarge

Federal Elbe upbound at the Bluewater Bridges in Sarnia. First ocean going vessel of the season
- David Williams
fed-elbe---4-3-10-dw.jpg (53397 bytes)        

Birchglen on Sunday headed west on Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island
- Dianne Donati
Birchglen-4-4-10-dd.jpg (96513 bytes)        

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