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April 7, 20

Duluth/ Superior for Monday and Tuesday -  Travis Chadwick
1-shelly-4-6-10-tc.jpg (117430 bytes)
J. W. Shelley loading grain at CHS 1. First grain boat of the 2010 season.
2-shelley-4-6-10-tc.jpg (81502 bytes)
J. W. Shelley departing Duluth.
3-fed.elbe-4-6-10-tc.jpg (89856 bytes)
Federal Elbe anchored off Duluth Tuesday morning. Waiting for the CHS 1 dock after J. W. Shelley.
4-fed.elbe-4-6-10-tc.jpg (62666 bytes)
Another view of the Federal Elbe. She is the first full Seaway transit of the 2010 season.
5-fed.elbe-6-4-10-tc.jpg (45506 bytes)
Profile view.
6-century-4-6-10-tc.jpg (65767 bytes)
American Century loading coal at SMET.
7-mtrader-4-6-10-tc.jpg (138067 bytes)
Maritime Trader loading grain at CHS 2.

Duluth/Superior -
Ed Labernik
1-kebarker-4-6-10-el.jpg (131447 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker being sandblasted at Fraser Shipyards, Superior, WI
2-kebarker-4-6-10.jpg (125491 bytes)
Repainting the Kaye E. Barker
3-rhpauljmartin-4-6-10-el.jpg (92677 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin about to enter the Duluth Ship Canal
4-rhpauljmartin-4-6-10.jpg (143007 bytes)
Paul Martin passes under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge
5-rhpauljmartin-4-6-10.jpg (86475 bytes)
Paul Martin passes in front of General Mills Terminal and Superior Midwest Energy Terminal on its way to load iron ore pellets at CN/Missabe Dock

Duluth/Superior Tuesday afternoon-
Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-FElbe-04-06-10-GHB.jpg (96951 bytes)
Federal Elbe anchored in Lake Superior.
1-MTrader-04-06-10-GHB.jpg (110185 bytes)
Maritime Trader loading at Cenex Harvest States Dock #2.
2-MTrader-04-06-10-GHB.jpg (129314 bytes) 2-JWShelley-04-06-10-GHB.jpg (127882 bytes)
J.W. Shelley departing out the Duluth entry.
1-JWShelley-04-06-10-GHB.jpg (123816 bytes)
3-JWShelley-04-06-10-GHB.jpg (70713 bytes)        

Port Huron
- Bruce and Elizabeth Hurd
100_9703.jpg (58422 bytes)
Samuel De Champlain and barge Innovation
100_9705.jpg (75249 bytes)
Joyce L Van Eckevort and barge Great Lakes Trader
100_9717.jpg (49846 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac
100_9720.jpg (50582 bytes)
Light fog rolling in.
100_9722.jpg (45592 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell upbound.
100_9726.jpg (76819 bytes)
Cuyahoga upbound.

English River in Buffalo Tuesday evening, opening Buffalo's 2010 shipping season - Brian W.
1-English-River-4-06-10-BW.jpg (40618 bytes)
English River emerging from the fog in Buffalo Outer Harbor under tow by the G-Tug Washington.
2-English-River-4-06-10-BW.jpg (77842 bytes)
Tow as they transit the Buffalo River Entrance Channel at the Buffalo Main Light.
3-English-River-4-06-10-BW.jpg (65613 bytes)
English River is now coming abeam of the missile cruiser USS Little Rock in the Watson Basin.
4-English-River-4-06-10-BW.jpg (113119 bytes)
Washington is now towing the cement boat through the draw at the Michigan St. Bridge with General Mills in the background.
5-English-River-4-06-10-BW.jpg (131598 bytes)
Shot showing the height of the Michigan St. Bridge when fully raised to 100 feet to allow passage of the cement carrier with the navigation markers showing in the foreground.
6-English-River-4-06-10-BW.jpg (92210 bytes)
Ship's bow is slowly swinging to Starboard to line up with the centerline of the bridge and the next reach of the creek up above.
7-English-River-4-06-10-BW.jpg (68165 bytes)
Washington is towing the English River towards the GLF Elevator in the reach above Michigan St. on the way to the Ganson St. cement plant.
8-English-River-4-06-10-BW.jpg (121310 bytes)
Draw being lowered after two horn blasts signaling that the boat is now clear of the bridge.
9-English-River-4-06-10-BW.jpg (147747 bytes)
Plaque installed at the base of the bridge operator's tower from 1950-60. 

Port Huron Tuesday
- Edward Schuyler
1.-CSL-Tadoussac-4-6-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (52721 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac downbound below buoys 1 & 2.
2.--CSL-Tadoussac-4-6-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (51986 bytes)
Tadoussac bow profile
3.--CSL-Tadoussac-4-6-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (102917 bytes)
Under the Blue Water Bridge
4.-P.R.Cresswell-4-6-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (82990 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell upbound under the Blue Water Bridge.
5.P.R.Cresswell-4-6-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (54725 bytes)
6.P.R.Cresswell-4-6-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (57747 bytes)
Cresswell heading into the foggy Lake Huron, heading for Soo Canada

Sam Laud at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_slaud_4_1_10_rb.jpg (107244 bytes) Loading ore        

Frontenac upbound on the St. Clair River Tuesday -
David Williams
1-Frontenac-4-6-10-dw.jpg (36327 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives - Paterson Launch  -
From Georgian College collection
patersonlaunch1.jpg (93921 bytes)
Launch of the Paterson flagship on April 18, 1985, at Collingwood Shipyards
pattersonlaunch2.jpg (79343 bytes) pattersonluanch3.jpg (67614 bytes) pattersonlaunch4.jpg (67517 bytes) pattersonlaunch5.jpg (83404 bytes)
pattersonlaunch6.jpg (81039 bytes)        

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