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April 8, 20

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-alpena-4-7-10-ts-a.jpg (56648 bytes)
Alpena upbound at the Cheboyganning Creek
2-alpena-4-7-10-ts-b.jpg (62110 bytes)
Another view 
3-alpena-4-7-10-ts-c.jpg (72689 bytes)
Stern view going by Veteran's Memorial Park in Saginaw

CSX Presque Isle Toledo
- Bob Vincent
1-Saginaw-4-7-10-bv.jpg (79283 bytes)
Saginaw in for repairs.
2-Saginaw-4-7-10-bv.jpg (82010 bytes)
Tied up along #2 wall inside the security fence
3-Saginaw-4-7-10-bv.jpg (63168 bytes)
Front view
4-Saginaw-4-7-10-bv.jpg (61560 bytes)
Aft view
5-Saginaw-4-7-10-bv.jpg (73763 bytes)
Forward Deck house

Montrealais at Eisenhower Lock on Monday -
Leo J. Ames
1-Montrealais-4-5-10-LA.jpg (50189 bytes)
Montrealais downbound at dusk
2-Montrealais-4-5-10-LA.jpg (60130 bytes)
Entering Eisenhower Lock in a brisk wind
3-Montrealais-4-5-10-LA.jpg (129437 bytes)
Montrealais inching into the lock as the sun sets
4-Montrealais-4-5-10-LA.jpg (59402 bytes)
Fully in the lock and waiting to be lowered to continue her journey downriver just after passing over the tunnel that carries traffic under the shipping channel

Canadian Progress arriving in South Chicago Tuesday at dusk
- Gary Clark
C'progress2-4-6-10-gc.jpg.jpg (102271 bytes)
Views were shot from the 100TH Street bridge. The Progress was headed to the Morton Salt dock.
C'progress-4-6-10-gc.jpg.jpg (121327 bytes)
His arrival may have been somewhat delayed by the Chicago Police Marine Unit and USCG recovering a body near the KCBX  terminal. A strange and busy afternoon / evening in the bowels of Chicago's Calumet River.

Algoway departing Owen Sound -
Dave Carr
Algoway--07-4-10-dc.jpg (69843 bytes)        

Joseph L Block loaded ore in Escanaba on a cold and windy Wednesday -
Lee Rowe
JLBlockLR040710_03.jpg (96112 bytes)
Joseph L Block loading
JLBlockLR040710_15.jpg (75631 bytes)
Departing past the harbor light

Duluth/Superior's welcomes first saltie
Federal-Elbe_CaptainDariusMalinowski_Adolph_Ojard_1457.jpg (57418 bytes)
 Adolph Ojard, Duluth Seaway Port Authority executive director, and Captain Darius Malinowski compare notes on international shipping during a First Ship Ceremony held earlier today on the bridge deck of the Federal Elbe.

Canadian Progress on the Calumet -
Lou Gerard
IMG_5197.jpg (113239 bytes)
Towed toward the Morton salt dock on the Calumet River, passing under Canadian National RR (EJ&E) bridge on Tuesday evening.
IMG_5200.jpg (76647 bytes)
Passing through the 95th st. bridge on the Calumet River.

Algosoo upbound and Ecosse downbound at Brockville Wednesday -  Dave Bessant
01-Algosoo-04-07-10-WDB.jpg (71731 bytes)
Algosoo approaching Hudson's Point west of Brockville
03-Algosoo-04-07-10-WDB.jpg (61991 bytes) 04-Algosoo-04-07-10-DB.jpg (98994 bytes)
Algosoo having just passed Fulford Pioneer Cemetery 1786
05-Ecosse-04-07-10-WDB.jpg (70972 bytes)
Ecosse downbound in the rain at Blockhouse Island
06-Ecosse-04-07-10-WDB.jpg (85012 bytes)
Ecosse in front of Morristown N.Y.

Catherine Desgagnes upbound Port Huron -
Edward Schuyler
1.-Catherine-Desgagnes-4-7-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (58711 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes upbound under the Blue Water Bridge.
2.-Catherine-Desgagnes-4-7-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (45268 bytes)
Close-up of bow and her name.
3.-Catherine-Desgagnes-4-7-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (94691 bytes) 4.-Catherine-Desgagnes-4-7-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (46685 bytes)
Continuing up river to buoys 1 & 2 

Historical Perspectives - Buffalo -
Brian W.
Union-Canal-Carbie-001.jpg (111367 bytes)
Tug Carbie Challenger tied down at the St. Lawrence Cement dock on the Union Ship Canal.
Union-Ship-Canal-Metis-001.jpg (71041 bytes)
Tug-barge Salvor-Metis unloading at St. Lawrence Cement on the Union Ship Canal.
Union-Slip-Aqua-001.jpg (73574 bytes)
Aquarama tied up at Gateway Metroport in the Union Ship Canal.
Outer-Harbor-Rt.-Hon.-Paul-J-Martin-001.jpg (96624 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J Martin backing down the Outer Harbor to load coal at the Gateway Terminal.
Outer-Harbor-Cotter-001.jpg (65701 bytes)
Firetug Cotter in the Outer Harbor with the Canadian Enterprise headed inbound on the lake for the South Entrance. 
USS Croaker being towed up the Outer Harbor past the Aquarama tied up at the Cargil Pool Elevator.
Outer-Harbor-Aquarama-Croaker-001.jpg (78017 bytes)
Cargil-Aqua-001.jpg (75552 bytes)
Cargil Elevator as seen from the Outer Harbor with the Aquarama docked pier side.
Cargil-Leudtke-001.jpg (82738 bytes)
Cargil Pier with the Aquarama tied up to the South side and the Leudtke #16 dredge rig tied down on the North side.
Cargil-Lansdowne-001.jpg (93692 bytes)
Old railcar ferry Lansdowne, half scrapped, and tied up at the Cargil Pool Elevator.
1-National-Analine-BW.jpg (169496 bytes)
 National Aniline plant. To the left of this view you can see the National Aniline plant along the Buffalo River. The Republic Steel plant is across the river to the right. Soon, very little from this photo will remain as demolition on the plant continues. Republic was scrapped in the 80's, the DL&W draw was removed years ago, the South Park bridge has been replaced with a newer one, and National Aniline is coming down now. If you look closely between the DL&W drawbridge & South Park Ave. drawbridge, you can see some sort of goop entering the river from the left side bank. Whatever that is, it's probably still down there.

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