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April 9, 20

Toledo Midwest Terminal Stone Dock - Bob Vincent
1-CaptHenryJackman-4-7-10-bv.jpg (57181 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman coming in
2-CHenryJackman-4-7-10-bv.jpg (68659 bytes)
Unloading stone
3-CHenryJackman-4-7-10-bv.jpg (53331 bytes)
4-CHenryJackman-4-7-10-bv.jpg (60679 bytes)
Another view
5-CHenryJackman-4-7-10-bv.jpg (78851 bytes)
Stern view
6-CHenryJackman-4-7-10-bv.jpg (73240 bytes)
Stone from Bruce Mines

St. Lambert Lock Tuesday -
Michel St-Denis  
1-Ojibway100604MSD.jpg (62768 bytes)
Ojibway is downbound
2-Ojibway100604MSD.jpg (72698 bytes) 3-Algosoo100604MSD.jpg (53491 bytes)
Algosoo is upbound
4-Algosoo100604MSD.jpg (64087 bytes)  

Buffalo, N.Y. -
 Brian W.
1-Innovation-4-8-10-BW.jpg (80588 bytes)
Bow of the barge as it relates to the Ohio St. bridge when docked at the LaFarge Terminal.
2-Innovation-4-8-10-BW.jpg (60497 bytes)
Stern of the barge & the tug in the notch secured at the dock on a bend on the Buffalo River. A tight fit indeed.
3-Innovation-4-8-10-BW.jpg (97805 bytes)
Down the length of the barge's deck back toward the tug as seen from the Ohio St. Bridge.
4-Innovation-4-8-10.jpg (116402 bytes)
Detail of just how close the bow fits up into the corner of the bend below the bridge. Her bow thruster is being constantly run while unloading to keep the vessel just off the wall so her unloading hoses do not collapse on themselves.
5-Innovation-4-8-10.jpg (103061 bytes)
Close up of the forward material handling equipment on the barge's bow.
1-Innovation-04-08-10-BW.jpg (90818 bytes)
Backing her barge Innovation down the Buffalo River and coming abeam of the old GLF Elevator. This house had the fastest Marine Unloading Leg on the waterfront back when it was still in operation.
2-Innovation-04-08-10-BW.jpg (108773 bytes)
LaFarge owned cement carrier passing the St. Mary's Cement Elevator.
3-Innovation-04-08-10-BW.jpg (109651 bytes)
About to head into the draw at the Michigan St. Bridge. This was the site of the infamous accidental collision between the McGilvary Shiras, Michael K Tewksberry, and the old Michigan St. Bridge back in January of 1959

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-penobscot-06-04-10-rb.jpg (69480 bytes)
Penobscot Bay sails down the St. Lawrence on her way to the East Coast.
2-flintermar-08-04-10-rb.jpg (64684 bytes)
Flintermar returns to the Great Lakes once again.
3-ccgsgriffon-08-04-10-rb.jpg (62374 bytes)
 CCGS Griffon returns to the Prescott Coast Guard Base.

Algobay South Shore Canal above Montreal, Quebec Thursday
- Kent Malo
Algobay4-08-10-b-km1.jpg (99860 bytes)
Upbound for Toledo, Ohio. Departed  Sept Iles Quebec after loading on April 6 at 2:30 p.m.
Algobay4-08-10-km1.jpg (86652 bytes) Algobay4-08-10-c-km1.jpg (95644 bytes)    

Great Lakes Trader and Joyce Van Enkevort in Marquette Thursday
- Lee Rowe
GLTraderJVanELR040810_07.jpg (84081 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives Buffalo -
Brian W.
Port-Terminal-001.jpg (78113 bytes)
Tug Stephen Reinaure and her barge George Morris tied down and waiting for orders at the Buffalo Port Terminal Slip "A".
North-Channel-001.jpg (45118 bytes)
Karen Andrie-A-397 sitting on the hook in the North Channel of the Outer Harbor near the Port Terminal "B" & waiting for the haze to clear.
Cargil-Salt-001.jpg (71043 bytes)
 Calcite II getting ready to unload salt at the Cargil Pier (next to Seaway Pier #1 in the Outer Harbor.
Freezer-Queen-001.jpg (78143 bytes)
Army Corps tug Chetek and her crane barge Mc Cauley tied up at the Freezer Queen Pier on the Outer Harbor.
1-Cheraw-8-23-09-BW.jpg (98385 bytes)
Army Corps tug Cheraw and the barge McCauley toed up at the Buffalo Port Terminal "B".
Coast-Guard-001.jpg (109088 bytes)
Coast Guard Cutter Henry Blake at the Coast Guard Slip.
Lackawanna-Canal-William-R-Roesch-001.jpg (89257 bytes)
William R Roesch getting ready to unload stone at the Gateway Metroport Main Dock inside the Lackawanna Ship Canal (Bethlehem Slip) from the early 1990's. The overhead wiring tower to the left, along with the Sinter Plant & Basic Oxygen Furnace seen off in the distance are all long gone, having been demolished soon after this photo was taken. The boat even has a new name now. they only thing that remains the same today is the canal itself.

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