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April 11, 20

Welland Canal  - Bill Bird
1-JWShelley-04-10-10-bb.jpg (90711 bytes)
JW Shelley leaving a wake of seagulls departs Lock One for the St. Lawrence.
2-Birchglen-4-10-10-a-bb.jpg (84522 bytes)
Sporting a new coat of CSL red, Birchglen departs Lock 4
3-Birchglen4-10-10-b-bb.jpg (64424 bytes)
Stern view approaching Glendale Avenue bridge
4-QuebecoisAtlanticHuron-04-10-10-bb.jpg (61895 bytes)
Quebecois departing Lock 7 and Atlantic Huron moving toward the lock.
5-AtlanticHuron-04-10-10-bb.jpg (63003 bytes)
Atlantic Huron stern view
6-Quebecois-04-10-10-bb-jpg.jpg (58335 bytes)
Quebecois approaching Port Robinson-carrying cargo of cement for Duluth
7-AlouetteSpirit&WilfSeymour-04-10-10-bb.jpg (92263 bytes)
Tug Wilf Seymour and barge Alouette Spirit in Port Colborne harbour
8-WilfSeymour-04-10-10-bb.jpg (71016 bytes)
Wilf Seymour closeup
9-Algobay-04-10-10-a-bb.jpg (65443 bytes)
After a 12 hour stop in Port Colborne, Algobay departs dock to resume her journey.
10-Algobay-04-10-10-b-bb.jpg (65205 bytes)
bow profile
11-Algobay-04-10-10-c-bb.jpg (73517 bytes)
stern profile
12-Algobay-04-10-10-d-bb.jpg (87350 bytes)
headed to Toledo to unload ore.  Then will pick up ore in Duluth for Quebec.

Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
1-fedsag-4-9-10-pb.jpg (69067 bytes)
Federal Saguenay on her way up to Lock 2.
2-flintmar-4-9-10-pb.jpg (69887 bytes)
Flintermar approaching the Homer bridge.
3-flintmar-4-9-10-pb.jpg (69329 bytes)
Flintemar clear of the bridge approaching Lock 4 west.
4-algobay-4-9-10-pb.jpg (61976 bytes)
Algobay clear of Lock 1 upbound.  Someone mentioned the font used for her name.  It is different.  I like the lines of the new hull.  The bridge wings add to her appearance as well.  Was anything done to her accommodations?
5-algobay-4-9-10-pb.jpg (68355 bytes)
Algobay approaching Lock 2.  She has a new stern-launch lifeboat and orange runabout on the starboard side.  She also has a much higher focsle.  It appears that the unloading boom and hatch crane are also new, although  the unloading gear on the front of the house looks original.

Twin Ports Saturday -
Chris Mazzella
GLTrader-4-10-10-cm.jpg (149862 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader docking at CN.
dockwork-4-10-10-cm.jpg (132198 bytes)
Steel sheeting being installed on the ore dock facing.
JGMunson-4-10-10-cm.jpg (90426 bytes)
John G. Munson unloading Limestone at Reiss Dock C.
MMinder-4-20-10-cm.jpg (103031 bytes)
Mesabi Miner departing, sporting her fresh paint.
MMiner2-4-10-10-cm.jpg (105465 bytes)
Heading under the bridge.
PRTregurtha-4-10-10-cm.jpg (104437 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha loading at SMET
KEBarker-4-10-10-cm.jpg (115180 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker at Fraser Shipyards

Quebecois and J W Shelley  Lock 2 and the Homer Bridge  April 10
- By Rob Hartley
ships-april-10-001.jpg (94785 bytes) ships-april-10-006.jpg (90485 bytes) ships-april-10-009.jpg (134009 bytes) ships-april-10-013.jpg (74567 bytes) ships-april-10-015.jpg (80704 bytes)
ships-april-10-017.jpg (96841 bytes) ships-april-10-019.jpg (84561 bytes) ships-april-10-021.jpg (67254 bytes) ships-april-10-024.jpg (95030 bytes) ships-april-10-028.jpg (151886 bytes)

Detroit River Saturday - Chuck Wagner
1-Laur-4-10-10-cw.jpg (58913 bytes)
CSL Laurentien headed upbound in the Detroit River.
2-HCJ-4-10-10-cw.jpg (83013 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson heading upbound after unloading coal at Zug Island and backing out of the Rouge River.
3-HCJLaur-4-10-10-cw.jpg (99954 bytes)
Jackson and CSL Laurentien upbound meeting the downbound Michipicoten near the Ambassador Bridge.
4-Mich-4-10-10-cw.jpg (102859 bytes)
Michipicoten halfway through her turn.
5-Mich-4-10-10-cw.jpg (73854 bytes)
ADM Windsor dock in the background.
6-Mart-4-10-10-cw.jpg (79720 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J. Martin downbound in the Detroit River.
7-JRB-4-10-10-cw.jpg (54766 bytes)
Video camera on the bow of the James R. Barker
8-AMA-4-10-10-cw.jpg (77872 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson passing the Michipicoten.
9-Zug-4-10-10-cw.jpg (88300 bytes)
Anderson coming along the dock face at Zug Island under the wind blown steam cloud from a coke quench.
10-CMB-4-10-10-cw.jpg (98113 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly heading down the Rouge River after unloading at Severstal.
11-CMB-4-10-10-cw.jpg (67628 bytes)
Lining up for the Fort Street bridge.
12-CMB-4-10-10-cw.jpg (133666 bytes)
Beeghly passing through the open NS railroad bridge.
13-CMB-4-10-10-cw.jpg (110167 bytes)
Beeghly exiting the Rouge River with the Anderson visible in the background.
14-JRB-4-10-10-cw.jpg (86392 bytes)
James R. Barker underway after fueling in Windsor.
15-Algo-4-10-10-cw.jpg (82359 bytes)
Algowood with the JW Westcott II coming alongside.

William G. Mather in Cleveland
- Bob Hunter
1-WGMather-4-10-10-rh.jpg (82958 bytes) 2-WGMather-4-10-10-rh.jpg (63417 bytes)      

Moore & Kuber sliding over to the Essroc dock, Saturday morning - Todd Shorkey
1-ljkuber-4-10-10-ts-a.jpg (58421 bytes)        

Steven Roman bulk cement carrier unloading at the Port of Rochester New York April 3
- Dick Cooper
Steven-Roman-Cement--Panoramacrop.jpg (71891 bytes)        

Kehoe Marine tug Hougthon & barge secured along the Thousand Island Parkway
- Murray Blancher
2--tug-Houghton&barge-04-10-10-mb-.jpg (120379 bytes) 1-tug-Houghton-04-10-10-mb-.jpg (114804 bytes)      

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