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April 13, 20

Weekend activity at Duluth / Superior - Mike Sipper
1-Manitowoc-4-11-10-MS.jpg.jpg (82351 bytes)
Manitowoc approaching Duluth.
2-PRTregurtha-4-11-11-MS.jpg.jpg (94104 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha approaching Duluth.
3-PRT-4-10-10-MS.jpg.jpg (60828 bytes)
Stern view inbound Duluth Harbor.
4-GLTrader-4-10-10-MS.jpg.jpg (95792 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader Approaching Duluth.
5-GRT-4-10-10-MS.jpg.jpg (73209 bytes)
Inbound Duluth Harbor.
6-JGMunson-4-10-10-MS.jpg.jpg (55268 bytes)
John G Munson unloading at Reiss (Duluth).
7-KEBarker-4-10-10-MS.jpg.jpg (52115 bytes)
Kaye E Barker at Fraser Shipyards, Superior. Getting sandblasted for paint.
8-AVKEB-4-10-10-MS.jpg.jpg (77919 bytes)
American Victory / Kaye E Barker at Fraser Shipyards, Superior.
9-KEB-4-10-10-MS.jpg.jpg (76343 bytes)
Barker (Stern) at Fraser Shipyards.
10-ELR-4-10-10-MS.jpg.jpg (37299 bytes)
Edward L Ryerson at Fraser Shipyards.
11-ELR-4-10-10-MS.jpg.jpg (72303 bytes)
Another view

Monday traffic at Cap-de-la-Madeleine (St. Lawrence River)
- Michel St-Denis
1-MSC-Aniello101204msd.jpg (41586 bytes)
MSC Aliello upbound
2-MSC-Aniello101204msd.jpg (48491 bytes) 3-Federal-Pendant101204msd.jpg (40709 bytes)
Federal Pendant upbound
4-Federal-Pendant101204msd.jpg (49718 bytes) 5-Birchglen101204msd.jpg (43085 bytes)
Birchglen downbound
6-Birchglen101204msd.jpg (38277 bytes) 7-Birchglen101204msd.jpg (38552 bytes)      

Welland Canal Photos
- Paul Beesley
1-martin-4-11-10-pb.jpg (64816 bytes)
 Rt. Hon Paul J Martin approaching the Homer bridge, upbound.
2-fedpol-4-11-10-pb.jpg (114136 bytes)
Federal Polaris at the Homer bridge.
3-fedpol-4-11-10-pb.jpg (69626 bytes)
Look closely above the centre window of the wheelhouse and you will see a small enclosure with windows.  Any ideas what this is for?
3-fedpolb-4-11-10-pb.jpg (30960 bytes)
Close up
4-martrad-4-11-10-pb.jpg (88630 bytes)
 Maritime Trader & Algocape pass below Lock 3.
5-cress-4-11-10-pb.jpg (86581 bytes)
 Peter R. Cresswell under the QEW bridge.

Algobay upbound at Algonac Monday -
Don Detloff
abay1-12apr10-djd.jpg (31316 bytes) abay2-12apr10-djd.jpg (67819 bytes) abay3-12apr10-djd.jpg (30813 bytes) abay4-12apr10-djd.jpg (89795 bytes) abay5-12apr10-djd.jpg (38975 bytes)

Algobay upbound at Port Huron Monday
- Bruce Hurd
100_9765.jpg (71767 bytes) 100_9766.jpg (79590 bytes)      

Port Huron Monday -
Ed Schuyler 
1.-Algobay-4-12-10-ECS.JPG.jpg (62752 bytes)
Algobay upbound on her first passage.
2.Algobay-4-12-10-ECS.JPG.jpg (59346 bytes) 3.-Algobay-4-12-10-ECS.JPG.jpg (61223 bytes)
Heading for Silver Bay
4.-Algocape-4-12-10-ECS.JPG.jpg (59414 bytes)
Algocape upbound below the Blue Water Bridge.
5.-Algocape-4-12-10-ECS.JPG.jpg (46042 bytes)
6.-Algocape-4-12-10-ECS.JPG.jpg (87766 bytes)
Algocape heading for Thunder Bay, Ont.

Alpena in Waukegan, Ill. -
Lou Gerard
IMG_5245.jpg (64539 bytes)
Alpena unloading at the LaFarge terminal Sunday morning.
IMG_5250.jpg (79678 bytes)
Stern view of Alpena backing out of Waukegan Harbor early Sunday afternoon.
IMG_5253.jpg (77398 bytes)
Alpena backing through Waukegan channel to Lake Michigan Sunday afternoon.

Eastbound Alpena in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Sunday -
Dianne Donati
Alpena-4-12-10-dd.jpg (58772 bytes)        

Brockville, Ont. -
Murray Blancher
1-Ojibway-04-12-10-mb-.jpg (75847 bytes)
Ojibway upbound approaching
2-Ojibway-04-12-10-mb-.jpg (77647 bytes)
Heading for the Brockville narrows
3-Ojibway-04-12-10-mb-.jpg (96282 bytes)
Entering the Brockville narrows
4-Tim-S-Doll-04-12-10-mb-.jpg (88200 bytes)
Tim S Doll exiting the Brockville narrows downbound
5-Tim-S-Doll-04-12-10-mb-.jpg (55571 bytes)
Approaching Brockville downbound
6-Tim-S-Doll-04-12-10-mb-.jpg (69298 bytes)
Headed downbound leaving Brockville

Weekend activity at Brockville -
Dave Bessant
1-Antikeri-04-09-10-WDB.jpg (83027 bytes)
Antikeri upbound at Brockville Friday
2-Antikeri-04-09-10-WDB.jpg (75142 bytes)
Antikeri and two fans
3-Antikeri-04-09-10-WDB.jpg (77660 bytes) 4-Algocape-04-09-10-WDB.jpg (95661 bytes)
Algocape upbound under the Prescott Ogdensburg International Bridge
5-Algocape-04-09-10-WDB.jpg (61944 bytes)
6-Algocape-04-09-10-WDB.jpg (75776 bytes) 7-Birchglen-04-11-10-WDB.jpg (95245 bytes)
 Birchglen downbound at Maitland Sunday afternoon
8-LSChristine-04-11-10-WDB.jpg (94153 bytes)
LS Christine upbound at Maitland
9-BirchglenLSChristine-04-11-10-WDB.jpg (91734 bytes)
Birchglen and LS Christine passing each other
10-BirchglenLSChristine-04-11-10-WDB.jpg (99921 bytes)
11-Cedarglen-04-11-10-WDB.jpg (110477 bytes)
Cedarglen upbound near Dupont
12-Cedarglen-04-11-10-WDB.jpg (56053 bytes) 13-ClipperLancer-04-11-10-WDB.jpg (83118 bytes)
Clipper Lancer at Oakland Cemetery Brockville

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