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April 14, 20

Traffic at Cap-de-la-Madeleine (St. Lawrence River) - Michel St-Denis
1-Salarium101304msd.jpg (57883 bytes)
Salarium upbound Tuesday
2-Salarium101304msd.jpg (58923 bytes) 3-Martha-L-Black101304msd.jpg (56005 bytes)
Martha L Black was upbound Tuesday
4-Martha-L-Black101304msd.jpg (65615 bytes) 5-Canadian-Enterprise101404msd.jpg (51213 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise was downbound
6-Canadian-Enterprise101404msd.jpg (45249 bytes) 7-Maria-Desgagnes101404msd.jpg (43382 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes downbound
8-Maria-Desgagnes101404msd.jpg (45804 bytes) 9-Maria-Desgagnes101404msd.jpg (51431 bytes) 10-Maersk-Palermo101404msd.jpg (52634 bytes)
Maersk Palermo downbound
11-Maersk-Palermo101404msd.jpg (72415 bytes) 12-Maersk-Palermo101404msd.jpg (67323 bytes)      

Tug El Jaguar and barge CBC 1270 arriving at the Detroit Lime Dock at the Dix Avenue Bridge, Rouge River- Mike Nicholls
ELJAGUARCBC1270s06041410mn.jpg (46825 bytes) CBC1270s02041410mn.jpg (52918 bytes) ELJAGUARb07041410mn.jpg (60020 bytes) ELJAGUARCBC1270b16041410mn.jpg (46232 bytes) ELJAGUARb17041410mn.jpg (59640 bytes)
ELJAGUARb01041410mn.jpg (90799 bytes)        

Seaway at Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-fedpat-13-04-10-rb.jpg (69261 bytes)
Federal Patroller sails past Mariatown.
2-alouette-13-04-10-rb.jpg (69419 bytes)
Alouette Spirit getting some repairs at Universal Terminals dock.
3-harbour-13-04-10-rb.jpg (67417 bytes)
Harbour Clear heads down the Seaway.
4-harbour-13-04-10-rb.jpg (72132 bytes)
She passes Loyalist Park, about a mile above Mariatown.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-calumet-4-14-10-ts-a.jpg (66070 bytes)
Calumet unloading at Lafarge Essexville
2-calumet-4-14-10-ts-b.jpg (50670 bytes)
Wide view

Algobay at Dark Hole, upbound April 13 just after rounding Johnsons Point -
Jerry Masson
Algobay_1_2.jpg (66076 bytes)        

James Norris replacement engine in the Georgian College machine shop classroom
norrisengine-04-14-10ez.jpg (87399 bytes)        

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