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April 16, 20

Duluth vessel traffic for Wednesday and Thursday -  Travis Chadwick
1-polaris-4-15-10-tc.jpg (76037 bytes)
Federal Polaris arriving Duluth for grain at CHS 1.
2-polaris-4-15-10-tc.jpg (143564 bytes)
Stern view.
3-quebecois-4-15-10-tc.jpg (74137 bytes)
Quebecois unloading cement at St. Lawrence Cement. She will later shift to DMIR/CN to load taconite.
4-thompson-4-15-10-tc.jpg (27553 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson passing Michipicoten as they trade places at DMIR/CN.
5-michipicoten-4-15-10-tc.jpg (41886 bytes)
Michipicoten loaded with taconite passing SMET.
6-michipicoten-4-15-10-tc.jpg (48810 bytes)
Michipicoten's bow with Iryda at CHS 1 in background.
7-jackman-4-15-10-tc.jpg (46361 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman entering Duluth off a foggy Lake Superior.
8-jackman-4-15-10-tc.jpg (68741 bytes)
Stern view.
9-miner-4-15-10-tc.jpg (54678 bytes)
Mesabi Miner arriving Duluth for SMET and coal.
10-miner-4-15-10-tc.jpg (54928 bytes)
Profile view.

Detroit traffic -
Mike Nicholls
ALGOSOOb02041410mn.jpg (73837 bytes)
Algosoo unloading at St. Marys Cement in the Rouge River.
ALGOSOOs01041410mn.jpg (49695 bytes) ALLIEBJMC2511b03041410mn.jpg (31651 bytes)
Tug Allie B and barge JMC 2511 upbound with a load of pipes for the Marathon Refinery in Detroit, MI.
ALLIEBb28041410mn.jpg (50141 bytes) JMC2511b21041410mn.jpg (61002 bytes)
ALLIEBs15041410mn.jpg (60497 bytes) JMC2511ALLIEBs08041410mn.jpg (51059 bytes) CBC1270ELJAGUAR17041510mn.jpg (50306 bytes)
The barge was placed bow first into the dock for unloading.
ELJAGUARb09041510mn.jpg (56455 bytes)
Tug El Jaguar and barge CBC1270 at the old Detrot Lime Dock in the Rouge River.
ELJAGUARs15041510mn.jpg (64529 bytes)

Seaway at Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-salarium-14-04-10-rb.jpg (55297 bytes)
Salarium passes Mariatown with a load of ore for Toledo.
2-carrick-15-04-10-rb.jpg (72061 bytes)
Tug Victorius pushes barge John J Carrick down the river.
3-fairload-15-04-10-rb.jpg (63151 bytes)
Fairload passing Loyalist Park in the St. Lawrence below Iroquois Lock.
4-fedpend-15-04-10-rb.jpg (74241 bytes)
Federal Pendant upbound at Mariatown.

McKee Sons unloading stone at the Osborne Dock on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland -
Paul Magyar
1-McKee-Sons-4-15-10-pm-076.jpg (67553 bytes)        

Owen Sound Thursday -
Erich G. Zuschlag
rspos-15-04-10ez.jpg (76743 bytes)
Robert S Pierson unloading wheat and barley from Thunder Bay at the Owen Sound elevator
rsposb-15-04-10ez.jpg (144369 bytes)
Bow view
rsposc-15-04-10ez.jpg (113397 bytes)
Stern view
rsposd-15-04-10ez.jpg (62779 bytes)
Close up of the boom, special chute and hopper

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
LATregurthaLR041510_04.jpg (86886 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha loading.
LATregurthaLR041510_14.jpg (74722 bytes)
Backing away from the dock.

Amelia Desgagnes unloading corn from the Lakes at Long Pond, Newfoundland - Capt. Clarence Vautier.
Amelia-Desgagnes4-15-10-km.jpg (78076 bytes) Amelia-Desgagnes4-15-10-km1.jpg (78076 bytes) Amelia-Desgagnes4-15-10-km2.jpg (78076 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives -
Canadiana in the old Bell Slip on the Outer Harbor from the summer of 1986 - Brian W.
1-Canadiana-BW.jpg (50804 bytes)        

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