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April 16, 20

Welland Canal Photos - Paul Beesley
1-salar-04-15-10-pb.jpg (79135 bytes)
Salarium, ex-Nanticoke, upbound above Lock 7.  This is her first trip in the canal with this name.
2-salar-04-15-10-pb.jpg (67099 bytes)
Logo added to stack to reflect the contract to haul salt.
3-fedkum-04-15-10-pb.jpg (69228 bytes)
Federal Kumano above Lock 3
4-brant-04-15-10-pb.jpg (82085 bytes)
Brant also above Lock 3.
5-catdes-04-15-10-pb.jpg (96487 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes downbound at old bridge 11.

Toledo Pictures
- Bob Vincent
1-CTransfer-4-13-10-bv.jpg (55559 bytes)
Canadian Transfer coming in Tuesday at sunset
2-CTransfer-4-13-10-bv.jpg (54989 bytes)
Getting help from GL tug Nebraska
3-COlympic-4-14-10-bv.jpg (86307 bytes)
Canadian Olympic loading coal
4-COlympic-4-14-10-bv.jpg (82709 bytes)
Another view, coal for Hamilton
5-CLaurentien-4-14-10-bv.jpg (73293 bytes)
CSL Laurentien unloading at Midwest Terminal International Dock
6-HLWhite-4-15-10-bv.jpg (90826 bytes)
H. Lee White unloading at CSX Toledo Torco
7-HLWhite-4-15-10-bv.jpg (95013 bytes)
another view, unloading iron ore from Marquette
8-HLWhite-4-15-10-bv.jpg (90112 bytes)
H. Lee White under CSX Presque Isle coal dock
9-HLWhite-4-15-10-bv.jpg (101086 bytes)
Loading for Zug Island
10-AFortitude-4-15-10-bv.jpg (122503 bytes)
American Fortitude in lay-up
11-AFortitude-4-15-10-bv.jpg (83199 bytes)
Forward deck housing
12-AFortitude-4-15-10-bv.jpg (58118 bytes)
another view
13-AValor-4-16-10-bv.jpg (78334 bytes)
American Valor in lay-up
14-PRCresswell-4-16-10-bv.jpg (67106 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell unloading  at Midwest Terminal Stone Dock
15-PRCresswell-4-16-10-bv.jpg (70129 bytes)
another view
16-ARepublic-4-16-10-bv.jpg (79793 bytes)
American Republic in lay-up
17-JJBoland-4-16-10-bv.jpg (90155 bytes)
 John J. Boland in lay-up with work being done

Ojibway In Calumet river, South Chicago Ill.
- Lou Gerard
IMG_5270.jpg (85263 bytes)
Ojibway passing under CN Railway (EJ&E) bridge Friday morning on Calumet river.
IMG_5283.jpg (76295 bytes)
Approaching 106th St.
IMG_5286.jpg (61782 bytes)
Starting to turn around north of 127th St.
IMG_5290.jpg (49074 bytes)
Stern view during turning.
IMG_5291.jpg (51568 bytes)
Turned and heading to dock at Nidera.

Canadian Transfer anchored off Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain
CandTrs-4-16-10-BCM-02.jpg (78741 bytes) CandTrs-4-16-10-BCM-01.jpg (46101 bytes)      

Salarium inbound Maumee Bay Toledo, Ohio on Friday
- Jim Hoffman
DSC_0397.jpg (51755 bytes) DSC_0400.jpg (66753 bytes)      

Manistee in Fairport, Ohio -
Bob Hunter
1-Manistee-4-16-10-BHunter.jpg (133844 bytes) 2-Manistee-4-16-10-BHunter.jpg (95670 bytes)      

Algobay down at Point Edward Friday -
Terry McCullough
1-Algobay-4-16-10-TM.jpg (73760 bytes) 2-Algobay-4-16-10-TM.jpg (80960 bytes) 3-Algobay-4-16-10-TM.jpg (64404 bytes)    

Saginaw at the Soo -
021.jpg (162143 bytes)
 A boom hoist failed as the boom was being put away.
022.jpg (174971 bytes) 023.jpg (122436 bytes) 024.jpg (122860 bytes) 025.jpg (172902 bytes)
026.jpg (148380 bytes)
She departed Friday afternoon heading for repairs at Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-calumet-4-16-10-ts-a.jpg (91305 bytes)
Calumet outbound at the Lake State Railway Bridge
2-calumet-4-16-10-ts-b.jpg (74390 bytes)
Stern close up
3-calumet-4-16-10-ts-c.jpg (70495 bytes)
Stern view at Smith Park

Algosteel loading in Goderich -
Bruce Douglas
1-Algosteel-loading-salt.jpg (136973 bytes) 2-Algosteel-from-the-castle.jpg (131710 bytes) 3-Algosteel-from-the-lighthouse..jpg (203566 bytes)    

Arthur M. Anderson in Lorain Friday -
Jim Bobel
1-AMAnderson-4-16-10-jcb.jpg (69983 bytes)        

Lee A. Tregurtha loading ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_lat_4_15_10_rb.jpg (165505 bytes)
Scenic view
2_lat_4_15_10_rb.jpg (129739 bytes)
Bow view

Sam Laud passing Bois Blanc Island in Lake Huron -
Dianne Donati
Sam-Laud-2-4-16-10-dd.jpg (118053 bytes)        

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