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April 19, 20

Port Huron Sunday - Roger LeLievre
Jackson,-HC-41810rl.jpg (66170 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson
Donald-C-41810rl.jpg (91239 bytes)
Tug Donald C. (former Donald C. Hannah)
Federal-Yoshino-41810rl.jpg (77526 bytes)
Federal Yoshino, upbound for Soo, Ont.
Am-Spirit-41810rl.jpg (71450 bytes)
American Spirit
Presque-Isle-41810rl.jpg (79598 bytes)
Presque Isle
Mississagi-41810rl.jpg (101254 bytes)
Mississagi at the grain elevator in Sarnia.
Algorail-41810rl.jpg (91567 bytes)
Algorail, still in layup
Federal-Polaris-41810rl.jpg (91952 bytes)    

St. Joseph, Mich. Sunday -
Jeff Barber
1-Alpena-4-18-10-JB.jpg (127918 bytes)
Alpena unloading
2-Alpena-4-18-10-JB.jpg (79970 bytes)
backing through the railroad bridge
3-Alpena-4-18-10-JB.jpg (77271 bytes)
backing out through the piers
4-Alpena-4-18-10-JB.jpg (65644 bytes)
backing out into the lake

Alpena out bound the piers at St. Joseph, Mich. - Herm Phillips.
IMG_1914.jpg (71965 bytes) IMG_1921.jpg (62123 bytes)
Alpena backing out of St Joe. Passing the Lighthouse.
IMG_1926.jpg (69149 bytes)
St Joseph Lights and Alpena headed up the Lake.

Nicholson's Ecorse Saturday -
Mike Nicholls
FAIRLOADb08041710mn.jpg (41500 bytes)
Fairload (Netherlands) arrived at Nicholson's Ecorse Saturday morning with 5 components for the Marathon Refinery in Detroit.
FAIRLOADs33041710mn.jpg (50489 bytes) FAIRLOADs07041710mn.jpg (49294 bytes) FAIRLOADb02041710mn.jpg (32671 bytes) DONALDCb28041710mn.jpg (54293 bytes)
Kindra Lake tug Donald C at Nicholson's Ecorse.  She brought a barge from Chicago to be used to transport components to the old Detroit Lime Dock in the Rouge River.
DONALDCs37041710mn.jpg (78298 bytes) DONALDCs35041710mn.jpg (140841 bytes) DONALDCb22041710mn.jpg (64061 bytes) JANEANNIVs21041710mn.jpg (62338 bytes)
Jane An IV at Nicholson's Ecorse.

 Hamilton - Sunday April 18
- John McCreery
1-AnglianLady-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (113298 bytes)
Anglian Lady
2-AnglianLady-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (110050 bytes)
3-AnglianLady-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (94343 bytes)
Departing the Burlington piers for Port Weller
4-Michipicoten-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (79169 bytes)
Michipicoten arriving with ore from Duluth
5-Michipicoten-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (88331 bytes)
Another view
6-Michipicoten-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (83651 bytes)
Bow view as she enters the piers
7-Michipicoten-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (116060 bytes)
Headed to U.S Steel Canada - at 1 p.m.
8-Michipicoten-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (84989 bytes)
Outbound shortly before 7 p.m.
9-Michipicoten-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (79703 bytes)
Michipicoten has entered the harbour, unloaded and is outbound in less than six hours.
10-Michipicoten-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (156696 bytes)
Under the bridges
11-Michipicoten-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (90401 bytes)
Stern view destination Marblehead Ohio

Sunday at Burlington canal -
Bill Bird
1-AnglianLady&barge-04-18-10-a-bb.jpg (94788 bytes)
Tug Anglian Lady and barge PML 2501 outbound Burlington piers heading to the Soo
2-AnglianLady-04-18-10-a-bb.jpg (99910 bytes)
Tug Anglian Lady closeup
3-AnglianLady&Michipicoten-04-18-10-a-bb.jpg (71559 bytes)
Anglian Lady clear of Burlington piers meets Michipicoten
4-Michipicoten-04-18-10-a-bb.jpg (64713 bytes)
Michipicoten approaching piers
5-Michipicoten-04-18-10-b-bb.jpg (132610 bytes)
Stern view heading to U.S. Steel Canada plant in Hamilton
6-Michipicoten-04-18-10-c-bb.jpg (71532 bytes)
Backing across Hamilton harbour to berth  

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-bbcecuad-18-04-10-rb.jpg (153320 bytes)
BBC Ecuador has the slimmest cabin structure we have ever seen.
2-bbcecua-18-04-10-rb.jpg (67852 bytes)
She departs Iroquois Lock down bound.
3-bbcecuad-18-04-10-rb.jpg (68198 bytes)
The cranes are so tall she had to be listed to starboard to clear the lift bridge.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-bandrie-4-18-10-ts-a.jpg (153443 bytes)
Barbara Andrie and her barge at the Bit-Mat dock
2-ljkuber-4-18-10-ts-a.jpg (83083 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber unloading at Essexville Wirt Sand & Stone

Alpena at South Chicago -
Lou Gerard
IMG_5293.jpg (82874 bytes)
Alpena unloading at LaFarge terminal, viewed from 130th st. bridge Saturday afternoon.
IMG_5296.jpg (76608 bytes)
Another view of Alpena at LaFarge from 130th st. bridge.

Federal Patriot is seen upbound on the Western Schelde River on its way to the Port of Antwerp - Chris Rombouts
FedPatriot-18-4-10-cr.jpg (74338 bytes)        

Mesabi Miner at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_mm_4_18_10_rb.jpg (92549 bytes)
Unloading coal

Recent Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-steel-4-15-10-pb.jpg (84472 bytes)
Algosteel downbound toward Lock 7.
2-antik-4-16-10-pb.jpg (94150 bytes)
Antikeri and the birds approaching Lock 1.  Still waiting for fleetmates Prokeri and Wafflekeri!
3-fair-4-16-10-pb.jpg (65997 bytes)
Fairload up at old bridge 10.
4-roman-4-16-10-pb.jpg (85016 bytes)
Stephen B Roman at old bridge 10.  She photographs well on a grey day.
5-fedpen-4-16-10-pb.jpg (69488 bytes)
Federal Pendant slides the wall into Lock 2.  These early morning shots allow me to enjoy the birdsongs as well as the boats.

Welland Canal -
Eric Holmes
1-Algosteel-04-18-10-eh.jpg (114482 bytes)
Algosteel exiting Lock 1
2-Algosteel-04-18-10-eh.jpg (91879 bytes) 3-Algosteel-04-18-10-eh.jpg (82959 bytes)
Out of Lock 1
4-Algobay-04-18-10-eh.jpg (135093 bytes)
Algobay stern view below Lock 1
5-Algobay-04-18-10-eh.jpg (148838 bytes)

Saturday and Sunday the Rouge River and along the St. Clair River -
Dawn C. Roberts
1-Jackson-4-18-10-dcr.jpg (93549 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson unloading at SeverStal (Rouge River)
2-IndH-4-18-10-dcr.jpg (116166 bytes)
Indiana Harbor on the St. Clair River
3-DAnn-4-19-10-dcr.jpg (48632 bytes)
Dorothy Ann on the St. Clair River
4-Iryda-4-19-10-dcr.jpg (58228 bytes)
Iryda on the St. Clair River
5-Iryda-4-19-10-dcr.jpg (55068 bytes)
6-Iryda-4-19-10-dcr.jpg (67141 bytes)        

Federal Yoshino upbound at Brockville Friday -
Dave Bessant
1-FederalYoshino-04-16-10-WDB.jpg (70037 bytes)
Federal Yoshino westbound past the Brockville Yacht Club and into the narrows
2-FederalYoshino-04-16-10-WDB.jpg (91711 bytes)
Federal Yoshino bow passing by Hillcrest Road
3-FederalYoshino-04-16-10-WDB.jpg (59184 bytes)
Federal Yoshino at Hillcrest
4-FederalYoshino-04-16-10-WDB.jpg (84127 bytes)
stern view

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