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April 20, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia action - Marc Dease
1-alcan-4-10-10-md.jpg (66861 bytes)
Algocanada and fleeetmate Algosea in the north slip at Point Edward.
2-miss-4-18-10-a-md.jpg (68995 bytes)
Mississagi takes on a load of grain as the Herbert C. Jackson passes upbound.
3-miss-4-18-10-b-md.jpg (80292 bytes)
Closer view.
4-miss-4-18-10-c-md.jpg (54916 bytes)
 Mississagi loading at night.
5-cmb-4-19-10-md.jpg (59155 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly downbound at buoys 1 & 2.
6-tad-4-19-10-md.jpg (62110 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac upbound at Vantage Point.

Welland Canal - Sunday April 18
- John McCreery
1-Algosteel-Cape-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (101930 bytes)
Algosteel and Algocape meet and pass at Homer bridge
2-Algosteel-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (103702 bytes)
Algosteel approaching lock 3 upbound
3-Shelley-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (76786 bytes)
Hamilton Energy departs after fueling the Shelley at port Weller
4-VigilantI-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (171297 bytes)
Tug Vigilant I outbound Port Weller
5-WyattM-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (141504 bytes)
Wyatt M following the Vigilant I
6-Wyatt-Vigilant-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (117162 bytes)
Tugs departing after assisting Algobay into dry dock
7-Algobay-Assiniboine-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (94918 bytes)
Algobay and CSL Assiniboine
8-CSLAssiniboine-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (75747 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine looking ready to go
9-Cape-AnglianLady-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (81072 bytes)
Algocape and Anglian Lady passing between locks 1 and 2
10-Cape-Shelley-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (111471 bytes)
Algocape powers up to exit lock 1 as Shelley waits below
11-Cape-Shelley-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (102547 bytes)
Algocape clear of lock 1
12-Shelley-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (88777 bytes)
J W Shelley slides the wall
13-Shelley-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (106861 bytes)
Shelley about to enter lock 1
14-Shelley-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (101831 bytes)
Rising in lock 1
15-Shelley-4-18-2010-jm.jpg (133467 bytes)
Onlookers as she leaves the lock

Welland Canal Photos -
Paul Beesley
1-algobay-4-18-10-pb.jpg (67540 bytes)
Algobay inbound from Lake Ontario to Port Weller.  She came down the canal the day before, spent the night at anchor in the lake, then came in to Port Weller for a Seaway inspection.  Shortly after she went up in Lock 1 and was put in the drydock.
2-algocape-4-18-10-pb.jpg (74976 bytes)
Algocape approaching Lock 1 with CSL Assiniboine at the fit-out wall at the shipyard.  The foremast of the Algobay can be seen above the boom of the Assiniboine.
3-anglady-4-18-10-pb.jpg (66223 bytes)
Anglian Lady and PML 2501 above Lock 1.
4-prov-4-18-10-pb.jpg (122986 bytes)
CCGC Cape Providence upbound toward Lock 1.  It was cloudy and cold early in the morning, then became sunny and cold.
5-hamen-4-18-10-pb.jpg (104933 bytes)
Hamilton Energy fuels the J W Shelley in Port Weller.
6-shell-4-18-10-pb.jpg (56396 bytes)
The Shelley above Lock 1 after fuelling.
7-michip-4-18-10-pb.jpg (87234 bytes)
Michipicoten, loaded to her marks, after leaving Lock 1.  In the Lock chamber you can see the CCGC Cape Providence.
8-michip-4-18-10-pb.jpg (85785 bytes)
Sea Eagle II and St Marys Cement II waiting for Lock 1 as the Michipicoten passes on her way to Hamilton.
9-algocape-4-18-10-pb.jpg (86019 bytes)
Algocape and Anglian Lady pass above Lock 1.

Port of Montreal on Saturday afternoon from south shore Longeuil
- Parc Marie Victorin,  submitted by Dave Bessant
1-Saguenay-04-17-10-WDB.jpg (90379 bytes)
2-CosFair-04-17-10-WDB.jpg (106843 bytes)
Cos Fair out of Panama
3-AdmiralBulker-04-17-10-WDB.jpg (91558 bytes)
Admiral Bulker
4-TorontoExpress-04-17-10-WDB.jpg (93252 bytes)
Toronto Express
5-MSCTuscanyMSCMexico-04-17-10-WDB.jpg (93582 bytes)
MSC Tuscany and MSC Mexico (I think)
6-ship-14-17-10-WDB.jpg (89597 bytes)
another container ship further east
7-SaguenayCosFair-04-17-10-WDB.jpg (107979 bytes)
Saguenay and Cos Fair together

Algobay going into drydock April 18
- Rob Hartley  
ships-004.jpg (106567 bytes) ships-005.jpg (126984 bytes) ships-009.jpg (133719 bytes) ships-015.jpg (122296 bytes) ships-017.jpg (116969 bytes)
ships-019.jpg (97754 bytes) ships-023.jpg (97160 bytes) ships-026.jpg (111317 bytes) ships-028.jpg (119293 bytes) ships-032.jpg (115322 bytes)
ships-036.jpg (104486 bytes) ships-037.jpg (103342 bytes) ships-038.jpg (87486 bytes) ships-039.jpg (83662 bytes)  

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-futura-19-04-10-rb.jpg (78727 bytes)
Tanker Futura hails from Finland. She was built in 2004.
2-futura-19-04-10-rb.jpg (66674 bytes)
Upbound at Iroquois Lock, she is heading for Clarkson for cargo.

Algobay at PWDD
- Derek Tesch
Algobay-in-lock-1.jpg (111174 bytes) PWDD-awaiting-the-Algobay.jpg (134394 bytes) Algobay-being-helped-into-PWDD.jpg (133811 bytes) Tug-assisting.jpg (131817 bytes) CSL-Assiniboin-outside-PWDD.jpg (126279 bytes)
Algocape-entering-Lock-3.jpg (93191 bytes) canadian-olympic-under-glendale-brigde.jpg (128455 bytes) J.-W.-Shelly-getting-refueld-by-they-Hamilton-Energy.jpg (141679 bytes)    

Kaye E. Barker in the dry dock in Superior with the forward half painted
- Glenn Blaszkiewicz
KayeBarker-04-19-10-GHB.jpg (78479 bytes)        

Mississagi at Port of Toledo's Kraft Nabisco Elevators -
Paul C. LaMarre III
IMG_41531.jpg (26846 bytes) IMG_41381.jpg (36625 bytes) IMG_41481.jpg (40076 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives
-  Dave Cook
On April 19, 1983, the unloading boom on the George A. Stinson collapsed while the ship was unloading in the midst of a snow squall at Zug Island. The king pin on top of the dog house sheared off causing the hydraulic ram to fall on the spar deck and the boom to collapse. The resulting damage was extensive, and while there were crew members in the immediate vicinity, fortunately no one was injured.
1-Stinson-4-19-10-drc..jpg (115658 bytes)
View from the winch station.
2-Stinson-4-19-10-drc.jpg (118267 bytes)
View from the Pilot House Deck.
3-Stinson-4-19-10-drc.jpg (85677 bytes)
View of the ram lying on the Spar Deck. The wooden bench and plastic sheet are covering a hole that was punched through the deck when the ram hit.

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