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April 21, 20

Anderson in South Chicago Tuesday - Steve Bauer
1-Andrsn-04-20-10-sb.jpg (119669 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson arriving at Calumet Harbor, with a destination of KCBX, after a run to Gary, IN with a load of taconite. 
2-Andrsn-04-20-10-2b.jpg (99076 bytes)
At the 95th St. bridge, delayed briefly while the NS gets rid of train traffic.
3-Andrsn-04-20-10-sb.jpg (131956 bytes)
Tight quarters at the NS-5 bridge. The tug Melinda Brent and tanker barges hold clear while the Anderson clears the bridge.  The Anderson returns the favor by moving the bow a little to port to allow the Melinda Brent to continue on her way.
4-Andrsn-04-20-10-sb.jpg (110981 bytes)
Crew member watching the clearance approaching the 100th St bridge. 
5-Andrsn-04-20-10-sb.jpg (96757 bytes)
Monitoring the move from the Pilot House.
6-Andrsn-04-20-10-sb.jpg (91070 bytes)
Lining up for the south dock at KCBX.

Rouge River, Detroit -
Mike Nicholls
ALLIEBb05041910mn.jpg (43802 bytes)
Tug Allie B and barge JMC2511 departed Nicholson's Detroit for the old Detroit Lime Dock in the Rouge River to unload components for the Marathon Refinery.
JMC2511b06041910mn.jpg (51683 bytes) ALLIEBs07041910mn.jpg (52832 bytes) ALLIEBJMC2511s17041910mn.jpg (61048 bytes) FAIRLOADload39041910mn.jpg (50832 bytes)
The Fairload (Netherlands) unloaded components onto barge CBC 1253 for Marathon at Nicholson's Ecorse.
HOEYCAROLYNb28041910mn.jpg (51419 bytes)
Tug Carolyn Hoey outbound the Rouge River.
HOEYCAROLYNs32041910mn.jpg (58588 bytes) WYOMINGs51041910mn.jpg (65638 bytes)
Tug Wyoming in the Rouge River.
CANADIANTRANSFERb56041910mn.jpg (47712 bytes)
Canadian Transfer at the Levy Dock in the Rouge River
CANADIANTRANSFERs49041910mn.jpg (45181 bytes)
REBECCALYNNs24041910mn.jpg (51231 bytes)
Tug Rebecca Lynn loading at Marathon in the Rouge River.
CBC1253s22042010mn.jpg (50547 bytes)
Barge CBC 1253 loaded with components from the Fairload.
FAIRLOADb26042010mn.jpg (40964 bytes)
Fairload unloaded at Nicholson's Ecorse.
STMARYSCEMENTIIb29042010mn.jpg (40246 bytes)
St Marys Cement II and Sea Eagle II unloading at the St. Marys Cement dock in the Rouge River.
SEAEAGLEIIs30042010mn.jpg (80329 bytes)

Canadian Transfer unloads stone on the Cuyahoga River near the West 3rd St. Bridge
- Paul Magyar
CANADIAN-TRANSFER-4-20-10-PM.jpg (112731 bytes)        

St Clair River and Owen Sound -
Erich Zuschlag
amcen-04-20-10ez.jpg (69041 bytes)
American Century upbound passing Algorail
cheech-04-20-10ez.jpg (81444 bytes)
Chi Cheemaun in Owen Sound ready for another season
cndtrans-04-20-10ez.jpg (77766 bytes)
Canadian Transfer downbound at Sombra
csltad-04-20-10ez.jpg (64347 bytes)
CSL Taddoussac upbound at Recors
Cuya-04-20-10ez.jpg (73399 bytes)
Cuyahoga upbound at Sarnia
cuyab-04-20-10ez.jpg (68525 bytes)
Cuyahoga getting ready to unload after grounding at Courtright
cuyacheechos-04-20-10ez.jpg (80487 bytes)
Cuyahoga loading in Owen Sound with the Chi Cheemaun in the back
cuyaos-04-20-10ez.jpg (78647 bytes)
Loading side shot
cuyaosb-04-20-10ez.jpg (75099 bytes)
Fishermen "catching" a glimpse of the Cuyahoga
cuyaosc-04-20-10ez.jpg (67439 bytes)
 Full view of the loading
manitou-04-20-10ez.jpg (74902 bytes)
Manitou with a barge of stone from the Cuyahoga after lightening
muns-04-20-10ez.jpg (106012 bytes)
 John G Munson downbound at Sarnia
uscg-04-20-10ez.jpg (75948 bytes)
USCG fast response boat checking out helicopter reported by the Munson in the area of the Blue Water Bridges

Marquette, Mich. -
 Rod Burdick
1_cmb_4_18_10_rb.jpg (118651 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly at the Upper Harbor ore dock
2_mm_cmb_4_18_10_rb.jpg (70007 bytes)
Fleetmates at the Upper Harbor
3_hlw_4_20_10_rb.jpg (86312 bytes)
H. Lee White arriving at the Lower Harbor with the first coal cargo of the season

Marquette, Mich. -
 Lee Rowe
HLWhiteLR042010_05.jpg (60676 bytes)
H Lee White
HCJacksonLR042010_03.jpg (88527 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson with the White approaching.
DAnnPathfinderLR042010_14.jpg (150251 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder backing into the harbor. 

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-iryda-20-04-10-rb.jpg (72762 bytes)
Iryda departs Iroquois Lock down bound
2-iryda-20-04-10-rb.jpg (80809 bytes)
She meets Stefania I below the lock. Suction pulls Stefania off the wall.
3-iryda-20-04-10-rb.jpg (89669 bytes)
The ships passed each other OK, but it looked closer than it probably was. Passing there is not a great idea. Pilots with some patience will wait in the eddy below the lock.
4-barnacle-20-04-10-rb.jpg (65780 bytes)
Barnacle passes Mariatown on her second visit to the Lakes.

Tugs assisting Algobay into drydock at Port Weller Drydock - Gord Fenton
1004181445000.jpg (59792 bytes)        

Bronte, Ont.
- Eric Holmes
1-Futura-04-20-10-eh.jpg (58683 bytes)
Futura at the Petro Canada Pier in Bronte
2-Futura-04-2010-eh.jpg (77895 bytes)
Futura stern close up view

Iryda downbound and Canadian Progress upbound at Brockville Ontario - Dave Bessant
1-Iryda-04-20-10-WDB.jpg (63714 bytes)
Iryda heading east out of the Narrows
2-Iryda-04-20-10-WDB.jpg (141175 bytes)
Iryda before Blockhouse Island
3-Iryda-04-20-10-WDB.jpg (52506 bytes)
Iryda accommodations
4-Iryda-04-20-10-WDB.jpg (86583 bytes)
Iryda stern view
5-CanadianProgress-04-20-10-WDB.jpg (66990 bytes)
Canadian Progress at Maitland approaching Brockville westbound
6-CanadianProgress-04-20-10-WDB.jpg (96371 bytes)
Canadian Progress in front of Morristown NY
7-CanadianProgress-04-20-10-WDB.jpg (65657 bytes)
Canadian Progress close up wheelhouse and stacks
8-CanadianProgress-04-20-10-WDB.jpg (90467 bytes)
Upper Lakes Shipping sign
9-CanadianProgress-04-20-10-WDB.jpg (87310 bytes)
Canadian Progress stern view
10-CanadianProgress-04-20-10-WDB.jpg (102277 bytes)
Canadian Progress at Blockhouse Island

Panoramic view of Montreal harbor April 17 - Dave Bessant
mpntreal-harbourstitched-image.jpg (386593 bytes)        

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