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April 23, 20

Point Edward, Ont. Wednesday - Marc Dease
1-prt-4-21-10-md.jpg (57893 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha heads into Lake Huron.
2-rsp-4-21-10-a-md.jpg (69693 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson follows the Tregurtha into Huron.
3-rsp-4-21-10-b-md.jpg (68782 bytes)
another view.
4-sal-4-21-10-a-md.jpg (54612 bytes)
Salarium down bound above 1 and 2.
5-sal-4-21-10-b-md.jpg (48933 bytes)
Head on view.
6-pine-4-21-10-md.jpg (64882 bytes)
Pineglen heads into Lake Huron.
7-jdl-4-21-10-a-md.jpg (51962 bytes)
John D. Leitch down bound after meeting the Pineglen.
8-jdl-4-21-10-b-md.jpg (48876 bytes)
Making the turn at 1 and 2.

Thursday at the Blue Water Bridges in Port Huron -
Brian Wellwood
1-calumet-4-22-10-bw.jpg (98549 bytes)
Calumet downbound at the Blue Water Bridge. 
2-amcent-4-22-10-bw.jpg (112671 bytes)
American Century upbound after waiting for the Calumet to pass down.
3-barker-4-22-10.jpg (131062 bytes)
James R. Barker trailing the American Century by 15 minutes.
4-brant-4-22-10-bw.jpg (114711 bytes)
Saltie Brant heading downbound and off to Montreal.

Hamilton, Ont. -
Eric Holmes
1-FHunter-04-23-10-eh.jpg (66504 bytes)
Federal Hunter inbound Hamilton
2-FHunter-04-23-10-eh.jpg (74563 bytes)
3-FHunter-04-23-10-eh.jpg (144129 bytes)
Stern view
4-FHunter-04-23-10-eh.jpg (117396 bytes)
Another stern view

Kaye E. Barker being repainted at Fraser Shipyard in Superior while undergoing her 5 yr. -
Ed  Labernik
3-kebarker-4-22-10-el.jpg (101931 bytes) 2-kebarker-4-22-10-el.jpg (82173 bytes)      

Maumee and Indiana Harbor at  Algonac Thursday
- Don Detloff
mau-22apr10-djd.jpg (64397 bytes) ind-22apr10-djd.jpg (77484 bytes)      

Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
1-load-4-21-10-pb.jpg (90186 bytes)
Fairload coming out of the flight locks.
2-load-4-21-10-pb.jpg (67202 bytes)
Fairload as it approaches the Glendale bridge.
3-ojib-4-21-10-pb.jpg (82602 bytes)
Lovely old ship; Ojibway down at Port Weller piers.
4-ojib-4-21-10-pb.jpg (77143 bytes)
Ojibway on Lake Ontario.
5-mont-4-21-10-pb.jpg (109722 bytes)
Montrealais leaving Lock 3.

Toledo -
 Bob Vincent
1-HCJackson-4-22-10-bv.jpg (77321 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson  unloading iron ore from Marquette Michigan at the CSX Torco Dock
2-HCJackson-4-22-10-bv.jpg (83111 bytes)
Another view
3-HCJackson-4-22-10-bv.jpg (86681 bytes)
Finish unloading, bring in the boom
4-HCJackson-4-22-10-bv.jpg (75001 bytes)
Back out of the slip
5-CProgress-4-22-10-bv.jpg (60257 bytes)
Canadian Progress unloading iron ore
1-LATregurtha-4-21-10-bv.jpg (72639 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha at CSX Torco
2-LATregurtha-4-21-10.jpg (76857 bytes)
another view
3-LATregurtha-4-21-10-bv.jpg (90696 bytes)
Unloading iron ore from Marquette Michigan
4-LATregurtha-4-21-10-bv.jpg (85644 bytes)
another view
5-Algoway-4-21-10-bv.jpg (62943 bytes)
Algoway heading in
6-Algoway-4-21-10-bv.jpg (68665 bytes)
Algoway swing the boom out
7-Algoway-4-21-10-bv.jpg (69762 bytes)
Unloading stone at Midwest Terminal Stone Dock
8-Algoway-4-21-10-bv.jpg (87451 bytes)
view of the boom and stone pile
9-Algoway-4-21-10-bv1.jpg (68480 bytes)
position of boat in slip
10-LATregurtha-4-21-10-bv.jpg (92455 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha after unloading iron ore, backed over to CSX Presque Isle Coal dock for Monroe Michigan coal load. 
1-Salarium-4-16-10-bv.jpg (103938 bytes)
Salarium unloading iron ore Friday at the CSX Toledo Torco Dock
2-Salarium-4-16-10-bv.jpg (92280 bytes)
 Another view
3-Salarium-4-16-10-bv.jpg (85041 bytes)
Bow view

Maumee at the Cleveland Bulk Terminal
- Paul Magyar
1-MAUMEE-4-21-10-PM.jpg (86621 bytes)        

Westbound Manistee on Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island on April 21 -
Dianne Donati
Manistee-4-21-10-dd.jpg (123513 bytes) Manistee-2-4-21-10-dd.jpg (107094 bytes)      

Iroquois Lock -
Dave Bessant
1-lockschedule-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (100980 bytes)
The lock schedule when we pull in
2-ElJaguar-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (112417 bytes)
El Jaguar out of Charleston entering the lock
3-FederalHunter-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (85403 bytes)
Federal Hunter waiting just west of Morrisburg for El Jaguar to exit
4-ElJaguar-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (100119 bytes)
El Jaguar and her barge CBC 1270
5-ElJaguar-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (129380 bytes)
El Jaguar close up
6-ElJaguar-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (81738 bytes)
stack and entryway
7-ElJaguar-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (84700 bytes)
8-ElJaguar-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (91271 bytes)
Stern view with barge
9-ElJaguarFederalHunter-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (76882 bytes) 10-ElJaguar-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (97280 bytes)
11-ElJaguarFederalHunter-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (74997 bytes)
El Jaguar and Federal Hunter bow to bow
12-FederalHunter-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (86550 bytes)
Federal Hunter finally approaching with El Jaguar in the background
13-FederalHunter-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (76420 bytes)
Federal Hunter inching towards the lock
14-FederalHunter-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (81445 bytes) 15-FederalHunter-04-21-10-WDB.jpg (79331 bytes)
Federal Hunter leaving in the dusk

Scanner recording of Coast Guard helicopter crash on Tuesday

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