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April 24, 20

Muskegon, Mich. - Herm Phillips
IMG_1935.jpg (38923 bytes)
.American Mariner approaching the Muskegon Lighthouse.
IMG_1937.jpg (65463 bytes)
Inbound through the piers.
IMG_1941.jpg (70651 bytes)
Stern view.

Muskegon, Mich. -
Jeff Barber
1-alpena-4-23-10-JB.jpg (66703 bytes)
Alpena in temporary layup
2-AMariner-4-23-10-JB.jpg (66993 bytes)
American Mariner inbound Muskegon
3-AMariner-4-23-10-JB.jpg (66385 bytes)
American Mariner entering Muskegon with coal for the B.C. Cobb power plant

Bristol Bay and barge arriving with recovered helicopter Friday -
Larry Mobbs
 BristolBayheli-4-23-10.jpg (106389 bytes)
Bristol Bay arrives in the river with the retrieved helicopter
BristolBayheli-4-23-102.jpg (86744 bytes)
Bristol Bay ties up at the Bean Dock
bristolbay3.jpg (112718 bytes)    

Algosteel in Sandusky with salt
- Don Lee
1-agsteel-4-22-10-dsl.jpg (45741 bytes)
As seen from Deep Water Marina, unloading the last of the salt.
2-agsteel-4-22-10-dsl.jpg (172029 bytes)
A crewman in a workboat keeps an eye on the rudder and propeller.
3-agsteel-4-22-10-dsl.jpg (102454 bytes)
The prop spins and the rudder is swung over to help push the stern away from the dock as Algosteel prepares to depart.

Hamilton, Ont. -
Eric Holmes
1-Salarium-04-23-10-eh.jpg (112522 bytes)
Salarium outbound Hamilton
2-Salarium-04-23-10-eh.jpg (70982 bytes)
Stern view
3-FKushiro-04-23-10-eh.jpg (70635 bytes)
Federal Kushiro inbound Hamilton
4-FKushiro-04-23-10-eh.jpg (131333 bytes)
Stern View
5-Algosoo-04-23-10-eh.jpg (51192 bytes)
Algosoo outbound Hamilton
6-Algosoo-04-23-10-eh.jpg (96063 bytes)
Stern view
7-Algowood-04-23-10-eh.jpg (49498 bytes)
Algowood inbound Hamilton
8-Algowood-04-23-10-eh.jpg (126690 bytes)
Stern view

Prescott -
 Dave Bessant
1-Fairload-04-22-10-WDB.jpg (53416 bytes)
Fairload at Prescott downbound
2-Fairload-04-22-10-WDB.jpg (49079 bytes)
Fairload passing a tug and barge from McKeil Marine
3-Fairload-04-22-10-WDB.jpg (74609 bytes)
Fairload at the end of the old Prescott docks
4-McKeilmarine=04-22-10-WDB.jpg (78873 bytes)
McKeil marine tug
5-McKeilmarine-04-22-10-WDB.jpg (57871 bytes)
McKeil Marine tug and barge
6-BoomQueen-04-22-10-WDB.jpg (91485 bytes)
Boom Queen at Tuttle point, North Channel Road
7-MelissaDesgagnes-04-22-10-WDB.jpg (65425 bytes)
Melissa Desgagnes at Brockville
8-MelissaDesgagnes-04-22-10-WDB.jpg (44898 bytes)
9-MelissaDesgagnes-04-22-10-WDB.jpg (83616 bytes)
stern view

Marquette Upper Harbor Activity
- Rod Burdick
1_hlw_4_20_10_rb.jpg (121527 bytes)
Stern view of H. Lee White loading ore
2_hcj_4_20_10_rb.jpg (133363 bytes)
Trimming an ore load into Herbert C. Jackson

The Corps of Engineers' derrick barge Nicolet worked in the lower St Marys River Wednesday at Johnson's Point
- T. Parker
April-22-2010-Dredging-at-Sailors-Encampment-Johnsons-Pt.jpg (137883 bytes) April-22-2010-closeup-dredging-at-sailors-encampment.jpg (79633 bytes)      

Stephen B. Roman leaving Rochester, N.Y. Friday -
Tom Brewer
100_0635.jpg (105983 bytes) 100_0636.jpg (110219 bytes)      

Lake Huron ships passing Bois Blanc Island -
 Dianne Donati
Federal-Kumano-and-Maumee-4-23-10-dd.jpg (107780 bytes)
 Federal Kumano passing the Maumee in Lake Huron by Cheboygan River 
Federal-Kumano-4-23-10-dd.jpg (92061 bytes) Maumee-4-23-10-dd.jpg (70342 bytes)
Maumee in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island
Maumee-2-4-23-10-dd.jpg (101683 bytes) Calumet-2-4-23-10-dd.jpg (89021 bytes)
 Westbound Calumet on Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island.

U.S. Coast Guard recovery -
U.S. Coast Guard photos by Petty Officer First Class John Masson
cgrecovery410.jpg (175497 bytes)
 A commercial diver enters the water from the Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay during salvage efforts April 21, 2010. Members of a salvage team from Air Station Detroit were aboard Bristol Bay, working to raise an HH-65C helicopter from Air Station Detroit that crashed during a night training operation near Port Huron, Mich., April 20, 2010.
cgrecovery410b.jpg (126407 bytes)
 Members of a salvage team from Air Station Detroit and crew members from the Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay examine video being taken by a commercial diver 50 feet below the surface of Lake Huron during salvage efforts.
cgrecovery410c.jpg (103551 bytes)

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