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April 25, 20

Saginaw River-  Todd Shorley
1-bandrie-4-24-10-ts-a.jpg (77522 bytes)
Barbara Andrie - A-390 at Dow Chemical
2-kathylynn-4-24-10-ts-a.jpg (92969 bytes)
Kathy Lynn Downbound at Dow Chemical
3-kathylynn-4-24-10-ts-b.jpg (106434 bytes)
Stern view at Smith Park
4-thompson-4-24-10-ts-a.jpg (58370 bytes)
Joe Thompson upbound at Bay Harbor Marina
5-thompson-4-24-10-ts-b.jpg (59337 bytes)
Stern view at the Essroc Dock

Saginaw River -
Galen Witham
1-j-thompson-4-24-10-grw.jpg (64777 bytes)
The barge Joe Thompson, with her tug, the Joe Thompson Jr., turns near Essroc, in Bay City, making her inbound approach.
2.-j-thompson-4-24-10-grw.jpg (80625 bytes)
Joe Thompson, on her first trip of the season, passing Essexville.
3.-j-thompson-4-24-10-grw.jpg (84131 bytes)
Passing Essroc, in Essexville, lining up for the Lake State Railway Bridge.
4.-j-thompson-4-24-10-grw.jpg (69918 bytes)
Approaching Saginaw Bay Fertilizer, in Bay City.
5.-j-thompson-4-24-10-grw.jpg (84860 bytes)
A close up of the Joe Thompson Jr., in the notch of her barge.
6.-j-thompson-4-24-10-grw.jpg (89829 bytes)
All lined up now, the Joe Thompson makes her way through the Lake State Railway Bridge.
7.-j-thompson-4-24-10-grw.jpg (87821 bytes)
A close up of her passage through the bridge.
8.-b-andrie-4-24-10-grw.jpg (79130 bytes)
The Barbara Andrie, unloading in Bay City.

Saturday at Port Colborne
- Bill Bird
1-FederalSaguenayAlgowood-04-24-10-bb.jpg (80892 bytes)
Federal Saguenay easing out of Lock 8 with Algowood tied on the west wall
2-FederalSaguenay-04-24-10-a-bb.jpg (76391 bytes)
Federal Saguenay close up
3-FederalSaguenay-04-24-10-b-bb.jpg (80545 bytes)
Federal Saguenay stern shot
4-Bucket-04-24-10-bb.jpg (77955 bytes)
Bucket or clam used with shore-side unloading rig.  One of three at the stone dock-no rigs in sight, where will they be used?
5-Algowood-04-24-10-a-bb.jpg (62434 bytes)
Algowood departing Lock 8
6-Algowood-04-24-10-b-bb.jpg (61297 bytes)
Algowood riding high headed to Meldrum Bay 
7-CanadianProvider-04-24-10-a-bb.jpg (60803 bytes)
Canadian Provider in Port Colborne harbour
8-CanadianProvider-4-24-10-b-bb.jpg (76117 bytes)
Canadian Provider approaching Clarence Street bridge
9-JWCooper-04-24-10-bb.jpg (103098 bytes)
Pilot boat J.W. Cooper 

Mariatown and Iroquois Lock
- Ron Beaupre
1-beluga-24-04-10-rb.jpg (63675 bytes)
Beluga Endeavour sails past Mariatown.
2-brant-24-04-10-rb.jpg (80697 bytes)
Brant clearing Iroquois Lock down bound with grain.
3-mottler-24-04-10-rb.jpg (72559 bytes)
Mottler makes her first trip into the lakes.

Busy day on the Rouge River Friday
-Mike Nicholls
PATHFINDERb05042310mn.jpg (41285 bytes)
Pathfinder passing between Algoway and A 397 at the Fort Street Bridge on her way to SeverStal Steel.
PATHFINDERb08042310mn.jpg (49007 bytes)
PATHFINDERs10042310mn.jpg (55846 bytes) HOEYPATRICIAb15042310mn.jpg (80830 bytes)
Patricia Hoey departing the Gaelic Tug Dock.
HOEYPATRICIAs13042310mn.jpg (75107 bytes)
DOROTHYANNALLIEBs12042310mn.jpg (50188 bytes)
Passing the tug Allie B and barge JMC 2511 at the Detroit Lime Dock.
ALLIEBb16042310mn.jpg (52694 bytes)
Allie B outbound the Rouge to fuel at Mistersky's Detroit.

Cleveland and Fairport -
Bill Kloss
1-InHarborCBT-04-23-10-bk.jpg (76948 bytes)
Indiana Harbor at Cleveland Bulk Terminal
2-InHarbor-04-23-10-bk.jpg (124412 bytes) 1-SamLaudHarbor-04-21-10-bk.jpg (62469 bytes)
Sam Laud entering the Cuyahoga
2-MaumeeLaud-04-21-10-bk.jpg (64817 bytes)
 The Maumee was preparing to sail to Chicago and the Laud was on the last Mittal shuttle.
3-Isa-04-23-10-bk.jpg (93839 bytes)
Isa at the Port dock
3-MaumeeCBT-04-21-10-bk.jpg (75784 bytes)
Maumee at Cleveland Bulk Terminal
4-InHarborunload-04-23-10-bk.jpg (96051 bytes)
Indiana Harbor unloading
5-Colddog-04-23-10-bk.jpg (125177 bytes)
Black Labrador playing fetch
1-ThompsonUnloading-04-22-10-bk.jpg (78130 bytes)
 Joseph Thompson, Emmet J. Carey and FM Osborne at the dock.
2-JoeJr-04-22-10-bk.jpg (102154 bytes)
Joe Thompson Jr.

Indiana Harbor unloading taconite at the Cleveland Bulk Terminal on Friday -
Kent Gurney
I-Harabor-Clv.-Tom_0005A.jpg (100658 bytes) I-Harabor-Clv.-Tom_0025.jpg (107566 bytes) I-Harabor-Clv.-Tom_0028A.jpg (89252 bytes) I-Harabor-Clv.-Tom_0029A.jpg (79490 bytes)  

Algosea helps put out fire at Cote Ste Catherine -
Simon Fulleringer
1-FireAtCsc-4-24-10-sf.jpg (93301 bytes)
Smoke rises below the edge of the lock approach wall
2-FireAtCsc-4-24-10-sf.jpg (200594 bytes)
Shore-based firefighters at work
3-FireAtCsc-4-24-10-sf.jpg (101831 bytes)
View from the opposite side
4-FireAtCsc-4-24-10-sf.jpg (112196 bytes)
View from the lock's lift bridge
5-Algosea-4-24-10-sf.jpg (86693 bytes)
 Algosea upbound in the lock
6-Algosea-4-24-10-sf.jpg (76647 bytes)
Algosea standing off the wall to pour water on it
7-Algosea-4-24-10-sf.jpg (87038 bytes)
Three hoses and a half-dozen crew at work
8-Algosea-4-24-10-sf.jpg (85021 bytes)
A change from usual shipboard routine!
9-Algosea-4-24-10-sf.jpg (55341 bytes)
They are well trained for this
10-Algosea-4-24-10-sf.jpg (63126 bytes)
A friendly wave, the show is almost over

Sheryl-Dennis at Manistique, Mich. August, 2009 -
Harvey Hadland
0341.jpg (120324 bytes)        

Brockville -
Murray Blancher
1-Melissa-Desgagnes-04-24-10-mb-.jpg (85982 bytes)
Melissa Degagnes downbound at Brockville On.
2-Melissa-Degagnes-04-24-10-mb-.jpg (85807 bytes) 3-Mottler-04-24-10-mb-.jpg (55661 bytes)
Mottler upbound at Brockville On.
4-Mottler-04-24-10-mb-.jpg (80952 bytes) 5-Mottler-04-24-10-mb-.jpg (68223 bytes)
6-Mottler-04-24-10-mb-.jpg (70420 bytes)        

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