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April 26, 20

April 25 CSL Assiniboine leaving the drydock - Rob Hartley
ships-april-10-001.jpg (102468 bytes) ships-april-10-004.jpg (76276 bytes) ships-april-10-006.jpg (52385 bytes) ships-april-10-009.jpg (113124 bytes) ships-april-10-013.jpg (85004 bytes)
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ships-april-10-031.jpg (79538 bytes) ships-april-10-032.jpg (91111 bytes) ships-april-10-034.jpg (79338 bytes)    

Montreal -  Dave Bessant
01-StenSuomi-04-25-10-WDB.jpg (91197 bytes)
Sten Suomi up close
02-StenSuomi-04-25-10-WDB.jpg (174128 bytes) 03-StenSuomi-04-25-10-WDB.jpg (144788 bytes) 04-FederalSaguenay-04-25-10-WDB.jpg (95454 bytes)
Federal Saguenay downbound between Cardinal and Iroquois at the Galop canal

Lakes visitors in the Netherlands -
Chris Rombouts
Tufty-Tern-25-4-10-cr1.jpg (59191 bytes)
Tufty is seen upbound on the Western Schelde River to Antwerp on Sunday
Isadora-Tern-25-4-10-cr2.jpg (82100 bytes) Isadora-Tern-25-4-10-cr1.jpg (66817 bytes)
 The Isadora is seen inbound in Terneuzen/Netherlands Sunday
Tufty-Tern-25-4-10-cr2.jpg (82194 bytes)  

Lake Huron traffic passing Bois Blanc Island
- Dianne Donati
Catherine-Desagnes-4-25-10-dd.jpg (71875 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes
Cason-Calloway-4-25-10-dd.jpg (122588 bytes)
 Cason J. Callaway on a windy morning passing Bois Blanc Island.
BBC-Rio-Grande-4-25-10-dd.jpg (86352 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande

Algowood upbound at the Huron Lightship in Port Huron -
Edward Schuyler
1.-Algowood-4-25-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (51974 bytes) 2.-Algowood-4-25-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (63833 bytes) 3.-Algowood-4-25-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (62473 bytes)    

Marquette, Mich.
USCGAlderLr042410_02.jpg (53686 bytes)
Alder in the lower harbor. Lee Rowe
USCGAlderLr042410_03.jpg (83332 bytes)
Pulling up a winter buoy. Lee Rowe
1_alder_4_24_10_rb.jpg (111805 bytes)
Buoy work inside the Lower Harbor. Rod Burdick
2_alder_4_24_10_rb.jpg (123625 bytes)
Docked at Mattson Lower Harbor Park. Rod Burdick

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-munteborg-25-04-10-rb.jpg (57239 bytes)
Munteborg heads up the Seaway at Mariatown.
2-fedsag-25-04-10-rb.jpg (69350 bytes)
Federal Saguenay with a load of grain.

Port Huron Book Signing
Dennis-Wayne.jpg (83336 bytes)
Authors Dennis Hale and Wayne Kadar chat with customers.
Matt.jpg (70570 bytes)
Matt Miner sold raffle tickets for BoatNerd's fundraising trip on the St. Marys Challenger.
Ric-Mixter.jpg (83618 bytes)
Ric Mixter and customer.
Roger.jpg (85543 bytes)
Know Your Ships' Roger LeLievre signs a book for a young boatnerd.
KYS-Crew.jpg (118672 bytes)
The Know Your Ships crew and display.

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