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April 27, 20

Family Ships upbound at Port Huron Monday - Ed Schuyler
1.Tug-Dorothy-Ann-barge-Pathfinder-4-26-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (62390 bytes)
Tug Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder upbound north of Port Huron's City Hall.
2.Tug-Dorothy-Ann-barge-Pathfinder-4-26-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (50407 bytes) 3.Tug-Dorothy-Ann-barge-Pathfinder-4-26-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (61383 bytes)
Tug Dorothy Ann.
4.Tug-Dorothy-Ann-barge-Pathfinder-4-26-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (51804 bytes)
Making her way up river.
5.Lee-A.-Tregurtha-4-26-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (45620 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha upbound north of Port Huron's City Hall.
6.Lee-A.-Tregurtha-4-26-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (49382 bytes)
Bow Profile.
7.Lee-A.-Tregurtha-4-26-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (54966 bytes)
Stern Profile.
8.Lee-A.-Tregurtha-4-26-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (44175 bytes)
Heading to Marquette, Mich.

Monday at Welland Canal -
Bill Bird
1-Munteborg-04-26-10-a-bb.jpg (75913 bytes)
Munteborg upbound at Allanburg
2-Munteborg-04-26-10-b-bb.jpg (76428 bytes)
Stern shot-on her way to Port Colborne
3-JBAird-04-26-10-bb.jpg (57150 bytes)
John B Aird clearing Lock 7
4-JBAirdJWShelley-04-26-10-bb.jpg (67437 bytes)
Aird forced to hug west wall with J.W. Shelley awaiting passage.
5-Shelleyflag-04-26-10-bb.jpg (109745 bytes)
Framed by city of Thorold flag, Shelley approaches Lock 7
6-Stefania1-04-26-10-a-bb.jpg (66544 bytes)
Stefania 1 after unloading in Hamilton about to enter Lock 3.
7-Stefania1-04-26-10-b-bb.jpg (64478 bytes)
Stern shot with Stefania 1 headed to Thunder Bay.

Recent Welland Canal Photos -
Paul Beesley
1-soo-4-22-10-pb.jpg (83260 bytes)
Algosoo clear of Lock 4 East while the Isa raises in Lock 5 West.
2-ever-4-22-10-pb.jpg (81106 bytes)
Everlast and barge Norman McLeod approach Lock 1 from Lake Ontario.
3-rhpjm-4-22-10-pb.jpg (124650 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin clear of Lock 3 downbound.
4-warta-4-22-10-pb.jpg (88425 bytes)
Warta above Lock 1 upbound.
5-bbcrg-4-23-10-pb.jpg (66227 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande passing the soon-to-sail CSL Assiniboine above Lock 1.
6-bbcrg-4-23-10-pb.jpg (72667 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande on her way to Lock 2.
7-antik-4-24-10-pb.jpg (78530 bytes)
Antikeri approaching Lock 1 downbound.
8-fedhun-4-25-10-pb.jpg (77900 bytes)
Federal Hunter upbound at Port Robinson.
9-munte-4-26-10-pb.jpg (66052 bytes)
Munteborg approaches the Homer bridge upbound.
10-munte-4-26-10-pb.jpg (77026 bytes)
Munteborg approaching Lock 4 West.

Brockville Ont. Monday -
Murray Blancher
1-Simano-04-26-10-mb-.jpg (77350 bytes)
Simano upbound at Brockville On.
2-Simano-04-26-10-mb0.jpg (55517 bytes) 3-Simano=04-26-10-mb-.jpg (74210 bytes)
Simano up at crossover island
4-Simano-04-26-10-mb-.jpg (75760 bytes)
Simano up at crossover island
5-Sea-Fox-II-04-26-10-mb-.jpg (161924 bytes)
Sea Fox II secured at Blockhouse Island Brockville Ont.

Maumee in Calumet River Sunday -
Lou Gerard
IMG_5328.jpg (65631 bytes)
Maumee approaching 100th St. bridge with coal load on her way to Lake Michigan on cold & windy Sunday afternoon.
IMG_5330.jpg (101010 bytes)
Maumee going under CN RR bridge heading out to Lake Michigan.

Green Bay -
Scott Best
Last week the Tug Buckley was loading two stone barges at the South Leitch Dock in Green Bay. Last fall the Tug Bill G spent almost two months hauling stone from that dock to a marina under construction in Door County, its unknown if the Buckley is hauling this stone to the same project.
1-Buckley-04-21-10-sb.jpg (83837 bytes)
Wide view of the tug and two barges loading stone.
2-Buckley-04-21-10-sb.jpg (104592 bytes)
Close up of the tug.

Great Lakes Shipyard completes reconstruction of Put-in-Bay
DSCF5237.jpg (106048 bytes)        

Coast Guard helicopter salvage -
U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer John Masson.
helo1_aspx.jpg (53102 bytes)
 A dive team aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay secures the rigging to complete the final phase of the salvage operation for the helicopter in southern Lake Huron,
helo2_aspx.jpg (57109 bytes)
helo3_aspx.jpg (43824 bytes) helo4_aspx.jpg (53152 bytes) helo5_aspx.jpg (58019 bytes)
helo6_aspx.jpg (45204 bytes)        

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