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April 28, 20

South Chicago and around Indiana Harbor - Steve Bauer
1-CJCalwy-4-27-10-sb.jpg (91621 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway unloading stone at Buffington Harbor, IN  early Tuesday morning.  Her arrival there was delayed by weather issues. 
2-CJCalwy-4-27-10-sb.jpg (86600 bytes)
Unloading stone into the hopper, with a crew member watching out on the end of the boom.
3-CJCalwy-4-27-10-sb.jpg (84136 bytes)
View of port side.
4-CJCalwy-4-27-10-sb.jpg (84494 bytes)
View of bow and the Buffington Harbor light.
5-Maumee-4-27-10-sb.jpg (113823 bytes)
The Maumee, making the turn at the "Wisconsin Steel Bend", shortly after departing the Chicago Fuel Terminals dock south of 106th St with a load of coal.
6-Maumee-4-27-10-sb.jpg (79789 bytes)
Up close and personal.  Lining up for the bend at 106th St, the middle of which sits right under the bridge.
7-Maumee-4-27-10-sb.jpg (189018 bytes)
Stern draft at 21ft passing 100th St.
8-Maumee-4-27-10-sb.jpg (156587 bytes)
Holding at NS-5, waiting on the ever present train traffic.
9-Maumee-4-27-10-sb.jpg (119882 bytes)
Train traffic clear, through the bridge approaching 95th St.  The trees I that used to frame boats in have been cut down.
10-Maumee-4-27-10-sb.jpg (121078 bytes)
Passing the boat launch at Calumet Harbor, heading to the lake.
11-BrnsHb-4-27-10-sb.jpg (64185 bytes)
Maumee outbound, passing the inbound Burns Harbor.
12-BrnsHb-4-27-10-sb.jpg (60369 bytes)
Burns Harbor getting ready to turn into the wind and anchor.  Winds were almost straight down the lake up to 25 knots.
13-BrnsHb-4-27-10-sb.jpg (84816 bytes)
At anchor outside of Indiana Harbor.
14-LkMch-4-27-10-sb.jpg (59317 bytes)
Lake Michigan shoreline at Whiting, IN with Chicago in the background.

Calumet and the Mesabi Miner passing by Detroit
- Michael Turnquist
IMGP0529.jpg (107022 bytes)
As seen from the Renaissance Center
IMGP0515.jpg (47781 bytes) IMGP0521.jpg (74273 bytes) 2---Mesabi-Miner---04-20-2010.jpg (83942 bytes)  

Detroit Monday -
Mike Nicholls
ALGOSOOb15042610mn.jpg (53865 bytes)
Algosoo unloading at the hopper on Zug Island.
ALGOSOOs12042610mn.jpg (58142 bytes) MCLEODNORMANb11042610mn.jpg (39606 bytes)
Barge Norman Mc Leod and tug Everlast unloading at the Mistersky Dock.
EVERLASTb09042610mn.jpg (58939 bytes) EVERLASTs07042610mn.jpg (62247 bytes)
MCLEODNORMANs06042610mn.jpg (51974 bytes) STORMONTb19042610mn.jpg (51688 bytes)
Tug Stormont at Windsor.
STORMONTs170412610mn.jpg (58684 bytes) TREGURTHAPAULRb20042610mn.jpg (48652 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha downbound off Detroit.
TREGURTHAPAULRs26042610mn.jpg (38224 bytes)

Welland Canal Photos Monday
- Paul Beesley
1-jwshel-4-26-10-pb.jpg (69754 bytes)
A loaded J W Shelley on her way to Lock 1.
2-jwshel-4-26-10-pb.jpg (76325 bytes)
Giving her a kick astern to slow down.
3-stef-4-26-10-pb.jpg (75285 bytes)
Stefania 1 approaching the Homer bridge.
4-stensu-4-26-10-pb.jpg (68920 bytes)
Sten Suomi after leaving Lock 1.
5-stensu-4-26-10-pb.jpg (79083 bytes)
Sten Suomi with the moon waving from the halyard.

Menominee, Mich. -
Dick Lund
1-BBCRG-04-27-10-dl.jpg (64238 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande waiting out the strong winds on Monday afternoon
2-BBCRG-04-27-10-dl.jpg (77097 bytes)
The Selvick Towing tug, Jimmy L, leads the ship toward Menominee North Pier Lighthouse
3-BBCRG-04-27-10-dl.jpg (69677 bytes)
Close-up as they head into the Menominee River between the piers
4-BBCRG-04-27-10-dl.jpg (77300 bytes)
Heading into the inner harbor
5-BBCRG-04-27-10-dl.jpg (79402 bytes)
Coming through the Ogden Street Bridge (the obstacle that held them up, along with the wind, for over 30 hours)
6-BBCRG-04-27-10-dl.jpg (87214 bytes)
The Jimmy L brings the stern of the ship in toward the dock
7-BBCRG-04-27-10-dl.jpg (91118 bytes)
Tying up
8-BBCRG-04-27-10-dl.jpg (77879 bytes)
Tying up the stern

Toledo CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-RSPierson-4-26-10-bv.jpg (76463 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson loading for the Canadian Soo.
2-Calumet-4-27-10-bv.jpg (76444 bytes)
Calumet loading for Canadian Soo
3-HLWhite-4-27-10-bv.jpg (84749 bytes)
H. Lee White loading for Zug Island

Simano at the Iroquois Lock
- Ron Beaupre
1-simano-26-04-10-rb.jpg (75024 bytes)
Simano on her first trip up the Seaway.
2-simano-26-04-10-rb.jpg (160706 bytes)
Check the stack markings. Swiss flag on the stack. Check out the website too. You will find an old friend there.
3-simano-26-04-10-rb.jpg (70391 bytes)
Simano departs Iroquois Lock heading for Picton.

Algocanada entering the Cheboygan River Tuesday -
 Dianne Donati
Algocanada-0-4-27-10.jpg (97996 bytes) Algocanada-2-4-27-10-dd.jpg (92611 bytes) Algocanada-3-4-27-10-dd.jpg (126599 bytes) Algocanada-4-4-27-10.jpg (100971 bytes) Algocanada-5-4-27-10.jpg (111318 bytes)
Philip-R-Clarke-2-4-26-10-dd.jpg (106404 bytes) Philip-R-Clarke-4-26-10-dd.jpg (92177 bytes)      

Algowood downbound at Port Huron -
Ed Schuyler
1.Algowood-4-27-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (44978 bytes)
Wide View of Algowood downbound in the St. Clair River.
2.Algowood-4-27-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (39691 bytes) 3.Algowood-4-27-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (57531 bytes) 4.Algowood-4-27-10-ECS-JPG..jpg (51971 bytes)
Making her way downbound with a load of stone. 

Cleveland News and Photos -
Bill Kloss
1-FedHunter-04-26-10-bk.jpg (79962 bytes)
Federal Hunter at Cleveland Port
2-FederalHunter-04-26-10-bk.jpg (106062 bytes) 3-FedHunter-04-27-10-bk.jpg (87448 bytes)
Much lighter in the water
4-SaltiesatPort-04-27-10-bk.jpg (75575 bytes)
Munteborg and Federal Hunter
5-SamLaudCBT-04-27-10-bk.jpg (79223 bytes)
Sam Laud at Cleveland Bulk Terminal loader
6-LaudCBT-04-27-10-bk.jpg (79441 bytes)
Wider shot

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
MesMinerLR042710_07.jpg (103160 bytes)
Mesabi Miner unloading coal.
MesMinerLR042710_25.jpg (76917 bytes)
Leaving the dock.
MesMinerLR042710_35.jpg (74231 bytes)
Mesabi Miner approaching the harbor light

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_mich_4_26_10_rb.jpg (127377 bytes)
Loading ore
2_mich_4_26_10_rb.jpg (111097 bytes)
Backing away from the ore dock

Inbound Algosar tied up on east bank of Cuyahoga River Monday evening - Mark Demaline
1-Algosar-4-26-10-mrd.jpg (120582 bytes)        

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