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April , 20

Canadian Enterprise loading in Goderich Wednesday - Bruce Douglas
1-Cdn-Enterprise-loading-salt.jpg (111648 bytes) 2-Cdn-Enterprise.jpg (92893 bytes) 3-Cdn-Enterprise.jpg (113205 bytes) 4-Cdn-Enterprise.jpg (193926 bytes) 5-Cdn-Enterprise.jpg (102206 bytes)

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-Laurentien-4-28-10-bv.jpg (107201 bytes)
CSL Laurentien loading coal / split load
2-Laurentien-4-28-10-bv.jpg (78623 bytes)
Going to Buffalo to get the rest
3-Laurentien-4-28-10-bv.jpg (142784 bytes)
 Looking at the boom 
4-Laurentien-4-28-10-bv.jpg (105922 bytes)
Another look
5-Laurentien-4-28-10-bv.jpg (61571 bytes)
Forward view

St. Clair in Cleveland -
 Bill Kloss
1-StClairArriving-04-29-10-bk.jpg (55839 bytes)
St. Clair arrived at 7 a.m. Thursday to unload at the Cleveland Bulk Terminal.
2-Accomodations-04-29-10-bk.jpg (78340 bytes)
3-StClairCBT-04-29-10-bk.jpg (71662 bytes)
St Clair at CBT
4-StClairUnloading-04-29-10-bk.jpg (72814 bytes)

Three 960 pound pistons were taken of the S.S. Spartan Thursday to be used as spares on board the Lake Michigan Carferry S.S. Badger -
Lynda Matson
P4280481.jpg (85311 bytes) P4280484.jpg (59405 bytes) P4280486.jpg (100365 bytes) P4280487.jpg (60310 bytes) P4280488.jpg (57348 bytes)
P4280489.jpg (166056 bytes)        

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_da_path_4_28_10_rb.jpg (125158 bytes)
 Waiting to load ore
2_path_4_28_10_rb.jpg (123386 bytes)
New LS&I locomotives moving ore cars on the dock

Wilfred Sykes loading ore at Escanaba on Thursday -
Lee Rowe
WSykesLR042910_02.jpg (104173 bytes)        

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