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May 2, 20

Saginaw River - Stephen Hause
1.-Algorail-5-1-10-sh.jpg (84555 bytes)
Algorail outbound through Zilwaukee, passing the Moore-Kuber at the Wirt Stone Dock.
2.-Algorail-5-1-10-sh.jpg (150961 bytes)
Closeup view of the bow.
3.-Algorail-5-1-10-sh.jpg (120219 bytes)
Approaching the I-75 Bridge. Algoway in the distance.
4.-Algorail-5-1-10-sh.jpg (92345 bytes)
Stern view.
5.-Algorail-5-1-10-sh.jpg (79313 bytes)
Passing fleetmate Algoway at the Sargent dock.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-algoway-5-1-10-ts-a.jpg (75958 bytes)
Algoway upbound at Liberty Bridge
2-algoway-5-1-10-ts-b.jpg (95264 bytes)
Stern view taken through the rigging of the Appledore IV and Appledore V
3-algorail-5-1-10-ts-a.jpg (85921 bytes)
Algorail downbound at Smith Park in Essexville
4-algorail-5-1-10-ts-b.jpg (87057 bytes)
Stern view

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-warta-01-05-10-rb.jpg (83994 bytes)
Warta departing Iroquois Lock.
2-kasteel-01-05-10-rb.jpg (67423 bytes)
 Kasteelborg slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
3-kasteel-01-05-10-rb.jpg (80636 bytes)    

Recent Welland Canal photos
- Paul Beesley
1-comm-4-30-10-pb.jpg (132528 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard cutter Cape Commodore at the Glendale bridge.
2-holly-4-30-10-pb.jpg (87556 bytes)
USCGC Hollyhock at the Homer bridge.
3-warta-4-30-10-pb.jpg (106101 bytes)
Polsteam's Warta clear of Lock 3, downbound.
4-warta-4-30-10-pb.jpg (72875 bytes)
Warta clear of Lock 2.
5-warta-4-30-10-pb.jpg (57243 bytes)
Approaching Lock 1, another view of the Warta.

Hollyhock in Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-Hollyhock-5-1-10-BW-Jr..jpg (124508 bytes)
The USCG Cutter Hollyhock was tied up at the Visiting Ship's Dock (The old North Pier) on the Buffalo River Saturday morning. She arrived in port on Friday evening.
2-Hollyhock-5-1-10-BW-Jr..jpg (115285 bytes)
Boarding gangway and some buoys laying on deck.
3-Hollyhock-5-1-10-BW-Jr..jpg (112940 bytes)
Aft superstructure with two coasties on well deserved R&R doing some fishing off the stern.
4-Soo-Lines-5-1-10-BW-JR.jpg (171212 bytes)
Soo Lines train coming in from Canada. The CN RR Harbor Draw swing bridge can be seen to the rear along with the old Grand Truck station house.
5-Tower-Crane-5-1-10-BW-JR.jpg (64761 bytes)
Tower crane that was putting up a new skyscraper in downtown Buffalo.

Voyager Marine
- Greg Barber
MARITIME-TRADER-001.jpg (44914 bytes) VOYAGER-INDEPENDENT-001.jpg (40031 bytes) VOYAGER-INDEPENDENT-007.jpg (40395 bytes) VOYAGER-PIONEER-003.jpg (38237 bytes)  

Historical Perspective - Joseph H. Frantz
- Greg Barber
1-JHFRANTZ-7-10-04-GB.jpg (65748 bytes)
Joseph H. Frantz upbound above the locks
2-JHFRANTZ-7-15-04-GB-.jpg (59376 bytes)
Frantz downbound above the locks
3-JHFRANTZ-7-15-04-GB.jpg (59796 bytes)
Frantz below little rapids cut
4-JHFRANTZ-7-15-04-GB.jpg (71292 bytes)
Frantz in the rockcut
5-JH-FRANTZ-7-15-04-GB.jpg (85543 bytes)
Frantz stern shot

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