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May 2, 20

CSX Torco Dock - Bob Vincent
1-JDLeitch-5-1-10-bv.jpg (65553 bytes)
John D. Leitch waiting for caterpillars to clear pad
2-Torco-5-1-10-bv.jpg (151106 bytes)
Caterpillars cleaning the pad
3-JDLeitch-5-1-30-bv.jpg (93314 bytes)
Aft view
4-JDLeitch-5-1-10-bv.jpg (64146 bytes)
Another view
5-JDLeitch-5-2-10-bv.jpg (66354 bytes)
Unloading iron ore from Seven Islands

Marquette, Mich. -
 Lee Rowe
LATregurthaLR050110_13.jpg (85050 bytes)
The Lee A Tregurtha arriving in winds gusting over 30 mph.
LATregurthaLR050110_23.jpg (97210 bytes)
 Approaching the dock
LATregurthaLR050110_26.jpg (142086 bytes)
Third man over 

American Mariner at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_amar_5_1_10_rb.jpg (110238 bytes)
Waiting to load ore

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin on Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island
- Dianne Donati
Rt-Hon-Paul-J-Martin-5-2-10-dd.jpg (102095 bytes)        

St. Clair River -
Bruce Hurd
100_9923.jpg (60097 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes downbound in the St Clair River off Marysville.
100_9927.jpg (54081 bytes)
Federal Kumano also downbound off Marysville.

Seaway at Kahnawake May 2 -
 Kent Malo
1-MCT-Altair-5-01-10-km-.jpg (101696 bytes)
Mega Chemical Tanker Altair up bound at Kahnawake for Hamilton (which is situated above the Canadian Pacific Railway bridges, along the south shore canal of the St Lawrence Seaway)
3-MCT-Altair-5-01-10-km.jpg (66664 bytes)
MCT Altair accomodation house and bridge, up bound at Kahnawake for Hamilton May 2 2010
4-MCT--Atair-5-01-10-km.jpg (84435 bytes)
MCT Altair stern showing registered at Monrovia, up bound at Kahnawake for Hamilton May 2 2010
1-Capt.Bud-Bisso-5-01-10-km.jpg (110304 bytes)
Capt. Bud Bisso, towing a barge to Detroit up bound.
1-CBC-Barge-1268-5-01-10-km-.jpg (96346 bytes)
CBC Barge 1268 showing pipes in racks up bound for Detroit
1-Molly-M-5-01-10-km.jpg (103126 bytes)
Molly M Halifax registered tug on the stern of the CBC Barge 1268
2-Quebecois-5-01-10-km.jpg (91605 bytes)
Quebecois downbound for Baie Comeau.
-.1-Quebecois-5-01-10-km.jpg (77813 bytes) 3-Quebecois-5-01-10-km.jpg (83711 bytes)  

CSL Historical Perspective -
Jeff & Greg Barber
1-BBay-7-12-89-GB.jpg (57647 bytes)
Black Bay downbound St. Marys river
2-BSPaul-7-9-91-GB.jpg (78017 bytes)
Baie Ste. Paul upbound St. Marys river
3-FSloius-8-12-81-GB.jpg (51440 bytes)
Fort St. Louis upbound St. Marys river
4-GBay-7-16-82-GB.jpg (57609 bytes)
Georgian Bay upbound St. Marys river
5-Manitoulin-7-11-92-GB.jpg (76356 bytes)
Manitoulin upbound St. Marys river
6-NBay-7-14-82-GB.jpg (75937 bytes)
Nipigon Bay in locks
7-Oakglen-10-1-02-GB.jpg (60612 bytes)
Oakglen downbound St. Marys river
8-PHarvest-8-11-85-GB.jpg (83350 bytes)
Prairie Harvest rockcut
9-Richelieu-8-8-85-GB.jpg (59140 bytes)
Richelieu upbound in the locks
10-Rimouski-8-8-85-GB.jpg (48595 bytes)
Rimouski downbound St. Marys river
11-Saguenay-7-24-83-GB.jpg (61822 bytes)
Saguenay Upbound St. Marys river
12-Simcoe-8-19-87-GB.jpg (78501 bytes)
Simcoe in locks
13-Tarantau9-03-94-GB.jpg (69000 bytes)
Tarantau Downbound St. Marys river
14-WBay7-30-89-GB.jpg (64134 bytes)
Whitefish Bay upbound St. Marys river
15-Winnipeg-6-89-GB.jpg (121695 bytes)
Winnipeg downbound Port Huron

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