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May 5, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia traffic - Marc Dease
1-prc-5-1-10-md.jpg (49175 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell downbound at 1 & 2.
2-amar-5-1-10-md.jpg (55106 bytes)
Algomarine follows.
3-mich-5-1-10-md.jpg (74116 bytes)
Michipicoten taking on a load at the elevator in Sarnia.
4-acan-5-3-10-md.jpg (65554 bytes)
Algocanada upbound at 1 & 2 changing Pilots.
5-ojib-5-3-10-md.jpg (62109 bytes)
Ojibway downbound at 1 & 2.
6-hbel-5-3-10-md.jpg (46745 bytes)
Huron Belle heading in after pilot change.
7-bel-5-3-10-md.jpg (52339 bytes)
Beluga Endeavour above the buoys.
8-jgm-5-3-10-md.jpg (49062 bytes)
John G. Munson downbound at 1 & 2.
9-jws-5-3-10-md.jpg (63496 bytes)
J.W. Shelley heads into Lake Huron.
10-kam-5-4-10-a-md.jpg (72397 bytes)
Kaministiqua upbound at Black River.
11-kam-5-4-10-b-md.jpg (62466 bytes)
Following the Tregurtha into Lake Huron.
12-ehg-5-4-10-md.jpg (53865 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott heads into Lake Huron on a nearly cloudless day.
13-asoo-5-4-10-a-md.jpg (60321 bytes)
Algosoo at the government dock for repairs.
14-asoo-5-4-10-b-md.jpg (36301 bytes)
Night view.

Vessels at Duluth/ Superior
- Travis Chadwick
1-miner-5-4-10-tc.jpg (63066 bytes)
Mesabi Miner arriving Duluth for coal at SMET.
2-miner-5-4-10-tc.jpg (72957 bytes)
Wide view.
3-jackson-5-4-10-tc.jpg (71685 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson arriving Duluth for CHS 1 in Superior and a load of grain.
4-jackson-5-4-10-tc.jpg (97284 bytes)
Bow profile.
5-jackson-5-4-10-tc.jpg (89975 bytes)
Stern View.
6-integrity-5-4-10-tc.jpg (74321 bytes)
American Integrity arriving Duluth for SMET.
7-inetegrity-5-4-10-tc.jpg (98668 bytes)
 Stern view- with rain in the distance.

South end of Lake Michigan Tuesday morning -  Tom Kort 
1-stmarychall-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (70203 bytes)
St Mary Challenger is still quiet.  Looks like it is being made ready.
2-martin-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (108281 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin taking on coal
3-martin-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (130532 bytes)
Another view looking east
5-martin-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (106679 bytes)
A view looking from the loader
6-martin-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (96780 bytes)
Empty holds at the bow.
7-martin-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (119274 bytes)
Side shot of the loader
8-speer-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (136358 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer was at the mill just north east of Gary unloading.
9-speer-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (112739 bytes)
Her shuttle type unloading boom
10-kushiro-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (160495 bytes)
 Federal Kushiro was in.
11-kushiro-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (70623 bytes)
12-kushiro-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (86207 bytes)
Side view of the ship with fork truck being placed in hold.
13-kushiro-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (73826 bytes)
View of the hold and load
14-kushiro-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (70767 bytes)
Another view of hold and load.
15-burnsh-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (152054 bytes)
Burns Harbor was also unloading.
16-burnsh-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (56770 bytes)
More unloader action.
17-burnsh-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (92154 bytes)
Burns Harbor taking on fuel
18-manistee-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (94107 bytes)
Manistee arriving.
19-manistee-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (156906 bytes)
Manistee stopped just outside the harbor
20-manistee-5-4-10-tjk.jpg (92620 bytes)
View of the Manistee and the harbor entrance

Detroit Traffic -
Mike Nicholls
MISSISSAGIb01042910mn.jpg (43429 bytes)
Mississagi turning off Zug Island.
PRESQUEISLEb04042910mn.jpg (58166 bytes)
Presque Isle unloading on Zug Island.

PRESQUEISLEs06042910mn.jpg (70052 bytes)
JACKSONHERBERTCb10042910mn.jpg (37785 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson unloading in the Rouge Short Cut Canal.
JACKSONHERBERTCs07042910mn.jpg (42738 bytes)
TREGURTHALEEAb15042910mn.jpg (46086 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha inbound the Rouge at the Jefferson Street Bridge.

Clipper Mari and CSL Niagara Monday evening - Dave Bessant
1-ClipperMari-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (93914 bytes)
Clipper Mari approaching Brockville, near Maitland, upbound
2-ClipperMari-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (84262 bytes)
Clipper Mari
3-ClipperMari-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (90311 bytes)
Clipper Mari at Blockhouse Island, with the Company logo on her bow
4-ClipperMari-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (105985 bytes)
5-ClipperMari-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (101430 bytes)
Accommodations and stack
6-ClipperMari-05-03-10-DB.jpg (118144 bytes) 7-Iroquois-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (54642 bytes)
Sunset at the Iroquois lock, flags of the Seaway, Canada, and the province of Ontario.
8-CSLNiagara-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (50295 bytes)
CSL Niagara had been sitting there, finally approaching the lock
9-CSLNiagara-05-13-10-WDB.jpg (81565 bytes)
entering the lock
10-CSLNiagara-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (77473 bytes)
Crewmen guiding CSL Niagara in
11-CSLNiagara-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (81010 bytes)
12-CSLNiagara-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (105063 bytes)
13-CSLNiagara-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (50852 bytes)
Taking a break on a swing out back
14-CSLNiagara-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (76548 bytes)
CSL Niagara exiting the lock
15-CSLNiagara-05-03-10-WDB.jpg (62658 bytes)
 Road bridge descending

St Lawrence Seaway -
Kent Malo
1-CSL-Niagara-5-4-10-km-.jpg (68486 bytes)
CSL Niagara,downbound for Belledune, New Brunswick, on a wet and dismal May 4 at Kahnawake Reserve portion of the St Lawrence Seaway south shore canal, above the CPR bridges and the Cote lock (#2).
2_CSL-Niagara-5-4-10-km.jpg (89045 bytes)      

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