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May , 20

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-RSPierson-5-4-10-bv.jpg (87957 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson under CSX coal loader
2-RSPierson-5-4-10-bv.jpg (109783 bytes)
Another view
3-RSPierson-5-4-10-bv.jpg (45971 bytes)
Forward mast flags
4-RSPierson-5-4-10-bv.jpg (88910 bytes)
Heading for the Canadian Soo
5-Tadoussac-5-4-10-bv.jpg (58550 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac back into CSX Torco slip
6-Tadoussac-5-4-10-bv.jpg (71961 bytes)
another view
7-Tadoussac-5-4-10-bv.jpg (52525 bytes)
Unloading iron ore
8-Tadoussac-5-4-10-bv.jpg (67614 bytes)
another view

South Chicago, Tuesday -
Steve Bauer
1-Mnstee-5-04-10-sb.jpg (132412 bytes)
Manistee unloading on Calumet River north of Beemsterboer. 
2-Mnstee-5-4-10-sb.jpg (111578 bytes)
Unloading what appears to be salt.
3-PLJMRTN-5-4-10-sb.jpg (151333 bytes)
Rt. Hon Paul J. Martin at KCBX south dock, boom out over the river.
4-PLJMRTN-5-4-10-sb.jpg (85449 bytes)
View from 100th St. Bridge.
5-PLJMRTN-5-4-10-sb.jpg (108736 bytes)
Closeup of loading.

Soo Photos -
Roger LeLievre
McKeeSons-5410rl.jpg (71647 bytes)
McKee Sons, up on Tuesday
McKee-Sons-5510rl.jpg (69302 bytes)
McKeeSons, down on Wednesday
Spruceglen-5510rl.jpg (84397 bytes)
Spruceglen, approaching Six Mile Point Wednesday afternoon
Old-Mac-RL.jpg (73940 bytes)
Old Mackinac Point lighthouse and the Mighty Mac bridge

Detroit Wednesday -
Mike Nicholls
CSLTADOUSSACb02050510mn.jpg (39582 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
CSLTADOUSSACs03050510mn.jpg (35201 bytes) BISSOBUDCAPTCBC1268b0805051.jpg (37986 bytes)
Tug Capt Bud Bisso towing barge CBC 1268 approaching Detorit River Light and
BISSOBUDCAPTb14050510mn.jpg (40507 bytes) BISSOBUDCAPTs19050510mn.jpg (50219 bytes)
CBC1268b16050510mn.jpg (51715 bytes) CBC1268DRLs24050510kmn.jpg (60481 bytes) DetroitRiverLight25050510mn.jpg (35886 bytes)
Detroit River Light.
CBC1268s29050510mn.jpg (69626 bytes)
In the Livingstone Channel.
PRESQUEISLEb30050510mn.jpg (37863 bytes)
Presque Isle at Warner Mistersky's in Detroit.

Welland canal May 4 -
Paul Beesley
1-belend-4-04-10-pb.jpg (93467 bytes)
Beluga Endeavour downbound at the Homer bridge.
2-capbud-4-04-10-pb.jpg (97284 bytes)
Capt Bud Bisso upbound from Lock 3.
3-capbud-4-04-10-pb.jpg (96449 bytes)
Capt Bud Bisso approaching the Glendale bridge.
4-capbud-4-04-10-pb.jpg (112159 bytes)
Nadro Marine's tug Ecosse as the stern control tug for the tow.
5-ecos-4-04-10-pb.jpg (93178 bytes)
Ecosse downbound light tug after finishing the Bisso job.

Detroit River May 5
- Robert Burgener
det5510.jpg (67275 bytes) det5510-(1).jpg (78043 bytes) det5510-(5).jpg (73680 bytes) det5510-(4).jpg (67922 bytes) det5510-(3).jpg (75018 bytes)
det5510-(2).jpg (82226 bytes)        

Calumet loading ore in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_calum_5_2_10_rb.jpg (137995 bytes)
Scenic view
2_calum_5_2_10_rb.jpg (126598 bytes)
 Loading chute down

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