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May 7, 20

Thursday, St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
CortSJ-5610rl-1.jpg (66898 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort, with her first cargo of the season.
CSL-Tadoussac-5610rl-1.jpg (40856 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac upbound at 4-Mile Beach in the St. Marys River. The  water levels are down nearly a foot from last year.
CSL-Tadoussac-5610rl-2.jpg (35979 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac
Federal-Hunter-5610rl-1.jpg (49491 bytes)
Federal Hunter upbound.
Federal-Hunter-5610rl-2.jpg (69496 bytes)
Federal Hunter, stern view.
Federal-Hunter-5610rl-3.jpg (68293 bytes)
Federal Hunter, with the pilot boat Empire State, in Soo Harbor.
Jackson-HC-5610rl-1.jpg (80901 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson at Mission Point.
Jackson-HC-5610rl-2.jpg (75520 bytes)
Stern view.
Montrealais-5610rl.jpg (72229 bytes)
Montrealais exits the MacArthur Lock.

South Chicago Thursday -
Steve Bauer
1-Ltch-5-6-10-sb.jpg (74942 bytes)
John D. Leitch at Morton Salt at 100th St. just after sunrise.  She wasted little time in starting to unload after she was tied up to the dock.
2-Ltch-5-6-10-sb.jpg (50178 bytes)
Calm morning on the Calumet River, with the Leitch sharing space with the Atlantic Huron loading on the other side at KCBX.
3-Ltch-5-6-10-sb.jpg (95189 bytes)
View from the dock side.  The stern was less than 10 feet from the 100th St Bridge at this point, before they winched themselves down the dock a little later.
4-Ltch-5-6-10-sb.jpg (73645 bytes)
Crew getting the boat ready to drop over the starboard side.
5-Ltch-5-6-10-sb.jpg (119428 bytes)
View of bow and cabins.
6-AtlHrn-5-6-10-sb.jpg (110706 bytes)
Atlantic Huron loading at the KCBX south dock before sunrise Thursday.  The north dock loader has been removed.
7-AtlHrn-5-6-10.jpg (116263 bytes)
Departing KCBX around 8:30 a.m., she backs by the John D. Leitch, with an assist from the G Tug Massachusetts on the stern and Colorado on the bow.
8-AtlHrn-5-6-10-wb.jpg (133129 bytes)
Traffic jam north of 100th St, with the tug Tanner and towboat Steve A. McKinney in line behind the Atlantic Huron.  The McKinney will follow, while the Tanner will duck in at 98th St.   
9-AtlHrn-5-6-10-sb.jpg (98663 bytes)
Through NS-5, approaching 95th St. Bridge.
10-AtlHrn-5-6-10-sb.jpg (79537 bytes)
Lining up for the Ewing Avenue (92nd St) bridge, with an assist from the Colorado.
11-LtchCrw-5-6-10-sb.jpg (155497 bytes)
Crew members on the John D. Leitch taking a short break on the swing.
12-LtchCrw-5-6-10-sb.jpg (131797 bytes)
Watching the Atlantic Huron depart.
13-HrnCrw-5-6-10-sb.jpg (142465 bytes)
Atlantic Huron crew watching the clearance at 95th St. bridge.
14-HrnCrw5-6-10-sb.jpg (172403 bytes)
At the bow, clearing 95th.
15-ColCrw-5-6-10-sb.jpg (109350 bytes)
Crew of the G Tug Colorado.
16-MschtCrw-5-6-10-sb.jpg (142459 bytes)
Massachusetts crew pulling on the Atlantic Huron at 100th St.
17-JnSlvk-5-6-10-sb.jpg (133933 bytes)
Tug John M. Selvick heading downriver at 100th St. early Thursday morning.
18-Tanr-5-6-10-sb.jpg (126566 bytes)
Tug Tanner following less than 10 minutes later with one barge.
19-BSlvk-5-6-10-sb.jpg (128507 bytes)
The Bonnie G. Selvick backing out of the SH Bell dock, pushing the Kristin Lee Hannah.  They headed down river toward 106th St.
20-geese-5-6-10-sb.jpg (157269 bytes)
Boatnerds in all sizes at 100th St.

South Chicago Thursday -
Lou Gerard.
IMG_5336.jpg (110956 bytes)
John D. Leitch in Calumet River unloading at Morton Salt, 100th St.
IMG_5340.jpg (60229 bytes)
Atlantic Huron backing into Calumet Harbor.
IMG_5341.jpg (64195 bytes)
Atlantic Huron meeting St. Marys Conquest/Prentiss Brown in Calumet Harbor.
IMG_5342.jpg (85555 bytes)
St. Marys Conquest approaching 95th St.
IMG_5349.jpg (69512 bytes)
St. Marys Conquest having just passed by John D. Leitch at 100th St.
IMG_5355.jpg (74438 bytes)
John D. Leitch in the afternoon almost unloaded at Morton Salt

St. Marys River Thursday Evening -
Graham Grattan
1-Fed-Hunt-5-6-10-gg.jpg.jpg (98987 bytes)
Federal Hunter approaching Pointe Louise with Michipicoten close astern.
2-Fed-Hunt-5-6-10-gg.jpg.jpg (106194 bytes)
Federal Hunter upbound at Pointe Louise

Canadian Transport at anchor of Duluth May 5 enjoying a break between rain showers -
Tim Eklund
1-ctransport-5-5-10-tce.jpg (20178 bytes)        

Welland canal photos May 5 -
 Paul Beesley
1-canent-5-05-10-pb.jpg (102509 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise leaves Lock 4 east while the Algoeast moves into Lock 6 west.
2-canent-5-05-10-pb.jpg (81178 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise clear of Lock 4 heading for the Glendale bridge.  In the distance is the MCT Altair ready to leave Lock 3.
3-mctalt-5-05-10-pb.jpg (94088 bytes)
MCT Altair approaching Lock 4 west.
4-mctalt-5-05-10-pb.jpg (86682 bytes)
MCT Altair entering the lock.

Port of Milwaukee Wednesday -
Jason Heindel
1-MKE-HRBR-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (63508 bytes)
Harbor Sign at the inner harbor channel light house
2-VOYAGUER-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (63925 bytes)
Cruise boat Voyageur
3-Traffic-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (48815 bytes)
The Edelweiss II, Voyageur and unknown laker, assumed a Federal Marine vessel
4-GTUGWI-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (57148 bytes)
G-Tug Wisconsin returning from assisting laker
5-GTUGWI-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (55575 bytes)
Side view of G Tug Wisconsin
6-GTUGWI-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (114921 bytes)
Aft view of G Tug Wisconsin
7-traffic-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (57269 bytes)
Edelweiss II, Lake Guardian, Laker
8-EDELII-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (76036 bytes)
Edelweiss II cruise boat
9-GUARDIAN-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (75478 bytes)
R/V Lake Guardian returning to port bow view
10-GUARDIAN-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (66572 bytes)
Starboard view
11-GUARDIAN-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (96126 bytes)
Deck crew on the stern
12-GUARDIAN-5-5-10-JAH.jpg (55793 bytes)
Lake Guardian passing under the Hoan Bridge

Toronto Thursday -
John van der Doe
Toronto-6-may-2010-(22).jpg (117639 bytes)
Mississagi finished unloading turned around and left for a new cargo.
Toronto-6-may-2010-(27).jpg (81369 bytes) Toronto-6-may-2010-(31).jpg (117901 bytes) Toronto-6-may-2010.jpg (114892 bytes) Toronto-6-may-2010-(3).jpg (92809 bytes)
Toronto-6-may-2010-(7).jpg (78431 bytes)        

Vigilant 1 passing Brockville Wednesday morning - Dave Bessant
1-Vigilant1-05-05-10-WDB.jpg (58630 bytes) 2-Vigilant1-05-05-10-WDB.jpg (72846 bytes) 3-Vigilant1-05-05-10-WDB.jpg (91296 bytes) 4-Vigilant1-05-05-10-WDB.jpg (73558 bytes) 5-Vigilant1-05-05-10-WDB.jpg (63953 bytes)

Great Lakes Towing Company Delivers Wildlife Monitoring Equipment
to the City of Cleveland's Water Intake Crib in Preparation for Wind Turbines
DSCF54431.jpg (100927 bytes)        

Fed Nav ship at Milwaukee April 6 with damaged bow
IMG_9671-(Large).jpg (58825 bytes) IMG_9664-(Large).jpg (71112 bytes) IMG_9675-(Large).jpg (64488 bytes) IMG_9680-(Large).jpg (79130 bytes) IMG_9670-(Large).jpg (108865 bytes)

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