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May 9, 20

Soo Locks - Roger LeLievre
 Miner-5810-3rl.jpg (51486 bytes)
Mesabi Miner swings over on the Mac Lock side to pass American Integrity. 
Miner-5810-1rl.jpg (47408 bytes)
Close up of the two bows
Miner-5810-2rl.jpg (64519 bytes)
Great shiphandling as the Miner heads past the Integrity and into the Poe Lock.
Miner-5810-4rl.jpg (64462 bytes)
Sun dapples the two sterns.
Am-Integrity-5810rl.jpg (59423 bytes)
American Integrity on the lower lock pier, waiting for water levels to rise.
Mackinaw-5810rl.jpg (49355 bytes)
Mackinaw at the Carbide Dock.



Soo Locks -
 Lee Rowe
FrontenacLR050810_07.jpg (77629 bytes)
Frontenac arriving above the lock.
FrontenacLR050810_15.jpg (85427 bytes)
Frontenac at Mission Point
USCGMackinawLR050810_03.jpg (112689 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw docked at Carbide at the  Soo.
SpruceglenLR050810_07.jpg (77789 bytes) 
Spruceglen at Mission Point
MesMinerLR050810_07.jpg (50104 bytes)
Mesabi Miner upbound.
AmIntegrityMMinerLR050810_02.jpg (60965 bytes)
American Integrity and Mesabi Miner below the locks.  The water level in the lower pool was -18, so the ships tied up at the pier.
CMBeeghlyLR050810_03.jpg (125632 bytes)
In Marquette, Mich. the Charles M Beeghly at the dock waiting.

Welland Canal May 7 -
Paul Beesley
1-algoea-5-07-10-pb.jpg (82986 bytes)
Algoeast passes the Sten Aurora below Lock 1.
2-happrov-5-07-10-pb.jpg (86227 bytes)
Happy Rover approaching Lock 1.
3-cufflnk-5-07-10-pb.jpg (109565 bytes)
Cuff Link of Chicago on the deck of Happy Rover.  Cuff Link has bow thruster, bulbous bow, stabilizer fins and stern thruster.  Probably pretty neat inside, too!
4-stenaur-5-07-10-pb.jpg (74894 bytes)
Stena Aurora raised in Lock 1.
5-stenaur-5-07-10-pb.jpg (87300 bytes)
Stena Aurora above Lock 1.
6-stenaur-5-07-10-pb.jpg (72971 bytes)
Stena Aurora approaching Lock 2.
7-algoea-5-07-10-pb.jpg (97622 bytes)
Algoeast below Lock 1.
8-algoea-5-07-10-pb.jpg (94325 bytes)
Algoeast heading out toward Lake Ontario.
9-happrov-5-07-10-pb.jpg (89727 bytes)
Happy Rover slides the wall toward Lock 1.
10-happrov-5-07-10-pb.jpg (94466 bytes)
Happy Rover in Lock 1.

Friday at Iroquois
- Murray Blancher
1-Federal-Mackinac-05-07-10-mb-.jpg (98055 bytes)
Federal Mackinac upbound in Iroquois Lock
2-Federal-Mackinac-05-07-10-mb-.jpg (110713 bytes)
Federal Mackinac exiting Iroquois Lock
3-Dara-Desgagnes-05-07-10-mb-.jpg (110202 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes downbound in Iroquois Lock

Esta Desgagnes downbound at Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-esta-08-05-10-rb.jpg (57052 bytes)
 New name and paint job.
2-esta-08-05-10-rb.jpg (51333 bytes)
New stack colors.

Algoeast waiting for the wind to die down, facing upbound into the wind on Saturday afternoon - Dave Bessant
1-Algoeast-05-08-10-WDB.jpg (88562 bytes)
Algoeast close up
2-Algoeast-05-08-10-WDB.jpg (114720 bytes)
Algoeast just west of Prescott, Ontario

Manitowoc on Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island on Saturday -
Dianne Donati
Manitowoc-5-8-10-dd.jpg (103822 bytes) Manitowoc-2-5-8-10-dd.jpg (95004 bytes)      

Atlantic Huron grounding off Detroit Saturday -
John Mizerek
CIMG3330.jpg (72529 bytes) CIMG3331.jpg (65841 bytes) CIMG3332.jpg (75200 bytes) CIMG3333.jpg (70938 bytes) CIMG3334.jpg (66107 bytes)
CIMG3335.jpg (73542 bytes) CIMG3336.jpg (68821 bytes) CIMG3337.jpg (65796 bytes) CIMG3338.jpg (68444 bytes) CIMG3339.jpg (62173 bytes)
CIMG3340.jpg (61449 bytes) CIMG3341.jpg (72050 bytes) CIMG3342.jpg (69728 bytes) CIMG3343.jpg (65889 bytes) CIMG3344.jpg (67303 bytes)
CIMG3345.jpg (76448 bytes) CIMG3346.jpg (79814 bytes) CIMG3347.jpg (74936 bytes)    

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