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May 10, 20

Port Huron - Bruce Hurd
100_9935.jpg (47449 bytes)
Frontenac downbound with Ore for Hamilton, Ont
100_9940.jpg (57428 bytes)
John D Leitch with a load of Coke for Port Cartier, Que
100_9945.jpg (50883 bytes)
Canadian Transfer with stone for Windsor, Ont
100_9948.jpg (55300 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande upbound with Windmill parts for Menominee, Mich.
100_9951.jpg (71538 bytes)
Algorail loaded with stone heading to Marysville, Mich.

Manistee in Cleveland -
Dave Beach
1-man-5-9-10-db.jpg (138904 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Rhode Island leads the Manistee out from the Old River bed where they unloaded stone at the Erie dock.
2-man-5-9-10-db.jpg (80881 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Iowa comes along side to push on the Manistee to keep the high winds from blowing her over to the bank of the river.
3-man-5-9-10-db.jpg (78987 bytes)
Iowa leans into the bow of the Manistee while the Rhode Island pulls the stern around. 
4-man-5-9-10-db.jpg (112465 bytes)
Rhode Island pulls the Manistee under the NS bridge and back into the Old River to load at Cargill while the Iowa follows behind.

Frontenac II approaching and unloading vehicles from the short trip form Amherst Island to Millhaven near Kingston, Ontario -
 Jim Winsor
(1)-Frontenac-II-05-09-10JW.jpg (66712 bytes) (2)-Frontenac-II-05-09-10JW.jpg (65055 bytes) (3)-Frontenac-II-05-09-10JW.jpg (97713 bytes) (4)-Frontenac-II-05-09-10JW.jpg (96134 bytes)
The ferry itself unloads from bow stern and stbd side.
(5)-Frontenac-II-05-09-10JW.jpg (99266 bytes)
(6)-Frontenac-II-05-09-10JW.jpg (65822 bytes)        

Sunday at the Welland Canal -
Bill Bird
1-Algomarine-05-09-10-a-bb.jpg (72957 bytes)
Algomarine clear of old Bridge10
2-Algomarine-05-09-10-b-bb.jpg (81824 bytes)
Stern shot with Algomarine approaching old Guard Gate
3-MCTAltairCanadianEnterprise-50-09-10-bb.jpg (66574 bytes)
MCT Altair just clear of Glendale Ave bridge with Canadian Enterprise clearing Lock 3
4-CanadianEnterprise-05-09-10-bb.jpg (64199 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise closeup
5-MCTAltair-05-09-10-bb.jpg (81280 bytes)
MCT Altair approaching Homer Bridge
6-StephenBRoman&geese-05-09-10-bb.jpg (111422 bytes)
Stephen B Roman heading to Lock 3 with gaggle of geese including about 30 babies
7-StephenBRoman-05-09-10-bb.jpg (81922 bytes)
Stephen B Roman closeup
8-FederalPatriot-05-09-10-a-bb.jpg (76252 bytes)
Federal Patriot nearing Lock 2
9-FederalPatriot-05-09-10-b-bb.jpg (68605 bytes)
Patriot sliding along tieup wall.

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
-  Rod Burdick
1_mich_5_7_10_rb.jpg (114846 bytes)
Loading ore

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-cedr-5-6-10-a-md.jpg (68121 bytes)
Cedarglen upbound at Black River.
2-cedr-5-6-10-b-md.jpg (68836 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
3-chj-5-6-10-md.jpg (91068 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman in the north slip for unspecified repairs.
4-mart-5-6-10-a-md.jpg (81705 bytes)
Maritime Trader upbound at Black River.
5-mart-5-6-10-b-md.jpg (75636 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
6-fron-5-9-10-md.jpg (58538 bytes)
Frontenac downbound at 1 & 2.
7-spru-5-9-10-md.jpg (52668 bytes)
Spruceglen making the turn at 1 & 2.
8-jdl-5-9-10-md.jpg (47061 bytes)
John D. Leitch downbound above 1 & 2.
9-cant-5-9-10-md.jpg (66794 bytes)
Canadian Transfer follows her fleetmate.

McKee Sons entered Fairport Harbor Sunday to take on a load of sand -
Bob Hunter
1-McKeeSons-5-9-10-BH.jpg (126259 bytes) 2-McKeeSons-5-9-10-BH.jpg (98333 bytes) 3.McKeeSons-5-9-10-BH.jpg (105351 bytes)    

Buffalo, N.Y. -
 Brian W.
1-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (69962 bytes)
Washington picking up the Jackson at the Buffalo River Entrance.
2-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (74480 bytes)
The tow in the reach below Michigan St. with the Metro Rail Terminal to the right and General Mills to the left.
3-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (95922 bytes)
Washington leading the Jackson under the draw at Michigan St.
4-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (117142 bytes)
Jackson clear of the bridge with the fire tug Cotter in the foreground, apparently being painted one section at a time.
5-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (80378 bytes)
 Ohio St. Bridge being raised for the passage of the tow.
6-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (65116 bytes)
Washington backing full to help the Jackson turn to Port and line up for the Ohio St. Bridge & turn.
7-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (70905 bytes)
Tow proceeding into the draw at Ohio St.
8-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (42859 bytes)
Lookout on the bow calling out the closing distance to the wall of the old Electric Elevator Dock in the turn above the bridge.
9-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (77011 bytes)
Washington is now out of view but pulling for all she's got to keep the Jackson's bow off the dock. If you look closely, you can see chunks of concrete missing from that wall where freighters have slid too far ahead and hit head on.
10-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (69758 bytes)
 It's too close for comfort for this #1 boatnerd , he's getting out of dodge before the bow thruster blows him out. Smarter than your average goose.
11-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (120371 bytes)
View is from down on the dock at the Electric Elevator, showing just how close they swing past the wall there. The boat is right up in your face and there's hardly a shot since it fills the entire camera lens.
12-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (101732 bytes)
Ffirst sign of trouble. The Washington couldn't quite get into position as the Jackson slid forward and was unable to help check the way she had setting her in on the American Elevator dock.
13-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (94891 bytes)
Washington is seen scooting out of the way to find enough open water so as to turn around.
14-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (96585 bytes)
Not giving up without a fight, the Washington heads back in to try and help.
15-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (98533 bytes)
The tug is now alongside and getting ready to give the ship a shove back to Port.
16-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (82030 bytes)
View showing just how close the stern was to the ADM Standard Elevator's Marine Legs while the linemen were being lowered to the dock to try and help get the ship where she needed to be.
17-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (90474 bytes)
Wide angle view showing the ship taking up the entire width of the river up above the dock. The Washington is in position and waiting for orders to shove her to Port. It seemed as though the current had caught the bow to put the ship in such an odd position.
18-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (102625 bytes)
The ship close to touching knuckle of the wall at the American Elevator. The tug got in position to shove her away with 4 & 1/2 feet between the Jackson and the dock wall.
19-Jackson-5-9-10-BWJR.jpg (82176 bytes)
Everything is now under complete control and the Jackson has released the tug from the tow job. The Linemen will now winch the ship secure to the ADM dock.
1-Lake-Eire-Waves-5-8-10-BWJR.jpg (66166 bytes)
5-8 Gale force winds were whipping Lake Erie into a frenzy on Saturday the 8th. Huge breakers were crashing over the Outer Harbor Seawall in Buffalo and the water level was noticeably high around lakefront. Debris was blowing all over the harbor area making it a tough go for motorists. The windmills at the old Bethlehem Steel Plant were in lock down mode to keep from being damaged if they were allowed to spin in that sort of condition.

Welland Canal May 8 -
Paul Beesley
1-bbcrio-5-08-10-pb.jpg (70811 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande passes the spoils barge of the Sandra Mary at Port Weller.
2-bbcrio-5-08-10-pb.jpg (71561 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande highlights the clouds as she works her way toward Lock 1.
3-fedmac-5-08-10-pb.jpg (73565 bytes)
Federal Mackinac at Port Weller.
4-bbcrio-5-08-10-pb.jpg (89386 bytes)
Sandra Mary & barges waiting for the wind to diminish before proceeding.  The Rio Grande had come through Port Weller piers in very windy conditions.
5-sanmar-5-08-10-pb.jpg (107681 bytes)
Sandra Mary secured to her barges.  She is headed for Belleville, Ontario.

Hamilton May 8
- John McCreery
1-FederalRideau-5-8-10-jm.jpg (60148 bytes)
Federal Rideau at pier 12E having arrived on the 5th from Montreal
2-FedRideau-5-8-10-jm.jpg (100718 bytes)
Bow view

Atlantic Huron running aground May 8 -
Robert Burgener
DSCF9082.jpg (125689 bytes) DSCF9098.jpg (76835 bytes) DSCF9114.jpg (97843 bytes) DSCF9128.jpg (98874 bytes) DSCF9153.jpg (99297 bytes)
DSCF9164.jpg (78898 bytes) DSCF9166.jpg (65612 bytes) DSCF9170.jpg (81935 bytes)    

Detroit River Saturday -
Barry Pigeon
P5083474a.jpg (85565 bytes)
Grayfox passing Dossin Museum on Detroit River
P5083491a.jpg (117030 bytes)
Firehose drill practice
P5083495a.jpg (91827 bytes)
Grounding Atlantic Huron
P5083509a.jpg (91568 bytes)
USCG dropping personnel onto Ship
P5083518a.jpg (51691 bytes)
P5083533a.jpg (123743 bytes) P5083534a.jpg (114808 bytes)      

Port Dover Ontario
- May 4 - John McCreery
1-EauClipper-5-4-10-jm.jpg (64704 bytes)
Eau Clipper
2-LeonardS-5-4-10-jm.jpg (123492 bytes)
Leonard S
3-FishFV-HPurvis-5-4-10-jm.jpg (86135 bytes)
Fishfinder V and Harry Purvis
4-MyBoys-5-4-10-jm.jpg (86066 bytes)
My Boys
5-ErieExplorer-5-4-10-jm.jpg (85407 bytes)
Erie Explorer
6-DonnaF-5-4-10-jm.jpg (67716 bytes)
Donna F
7-DoverClipper-5-4-10-jm.jpg (76485 bytes)
Dover Clipper
8-DClipper-AlexB-5-4-10-jm.jpg (86663 bytes)
Dover Clipper and Alex B
9-MiMarLynne-5-4-10-jm.jpg (115500 bytes)
Mi Mar Lynne
10-BBMiller-5-4-10-jm.jpg (127109 bytes)
B B Miller
11-AmherstIslander-5-4-10-jm.jpg (116008 bytes)
Amherst Islander
12-AmherstIslander-5-4-10-jm.jpg (109005 bytes)      

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