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May 11, 20

Soo Traffic -  Lee Rowe
CMBeeghlyLR050910_04.jpg (112036 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly
EBSpeerLR050910_08.jpg (128181 bytes)
Edgar B Speer
AmCenturyLR050910_05.jpg (95859 bytes)
American Century
AmerSpiritLR050910_10.jpg (79961 bytes)
American Spirit
CanProviderLR050910_04.jpg (85520 bytes)
Canadian Provider
DAnnPathfinderLR050910_09.jpg (70599 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder
JSpenseNiagaraLR050910_02.jpg (91561 bytes)
John Spence and Niagara Spirit
JSpenseNiagaraLR050910_12.jpg (126033 bytes)
Coils on the barge
MaritimeTraderLR050910_11.jpg (86145 bytes)
Maritime Trader

Welland canal May 9 -
Paul Beesley
1-almar-5-09-10-pb.jpg (107362 bytes)
Algomarine creeping out of Lock 2.
2-almar-5-09-10-pb.jpg (84692 bytes)
Algomarine clear of the lock on her way to Lock 1.
3-almar-5-09-10-pb.jpg (80211 bytes)
Quebecois & Algomarine pass above Lock 1.
4-fedpat-5-09-10-pb.jpg (85308 bytes)
Federal Patriot above Lock 2.
5-fedpat-5-09-10-pb.jpg (77901 bytes)
Federal Patriot approaching the High bridge.
6-fedrid-5-09-10-pb.jpg (73031 bytes)
Federal Rideau above Lock 1.
7-fedrid-5-09-10-pb.jpg (137011 bytes)
Ice Horn on the Rideau.  If the ship goes astern in ice and keeps her rudder amidships the ice horn will provide some protection to the rudder.
8-fedrid-5-09-10-pb.jpg (79708 bytes)
Federal Rideau & Peter R Cresswell meet below Lock 2.
9-quebec-5-09-10-pb.jpg (64176 bytes)
Quebecois approaching Lock 2.

Algowood loading salt Sunday in Goderich - Ron Krampien
1---Algowood-loading-salt-Sunday.jpg (80168 bytes)        

J W Shelley downbound at Crossover Island -
Murray Blancher
1-J-W-Shelley-05-10-10-mb-.jpg (75347 bytes) 2-J-W-Shelley-05-10-10-mb-.jpg (94702 bytes)      

Canadian Transfer heads for the open waters of Lake Erie after unloading up the Black River in Lorain on Monday
- Jim Bobel
Can-Transfer-5-10-2010-JCB.jpg (52280 bytes)        

Charles M. Beeghly at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
-  Rod Burdick
1_cmb_5_8_10_rb.jpg (153529 bytes)
Waiting to load ore

Wheatley Harbour
- John McCreery
!-MissNicoleII-5-6-10-jm.jpg (59640 bytes)
Miss Nicole II scattering the gulls
2-NicoleII-IsabelMaria-5-6-10-jm.jpg (64122 bytes)
Miss Nicole II and Isabel Maria approaching Wheatley Harbour
3-NicoleII-5-6-10-jm.jpg (65265 bytes)
Entering the port
4-NicoleII-5-6-10-jm.jpg (78665 bytes) Nicole II stern view 5-Isabel-Maria-5-6-10-jm.jpg (78022 bytes)
Isabel Maria in the harbour entrance
6-Nicole-IsabelMaria-5-6-10-jm.jpg (84311 bytes)
Both tugs heading towards dock
7-NicoleII-IsabelMaria-5-6-10-jm.jpg (96724 bytes)
Miss Nicole at her dock as Isabel Maria turns
8-CharlesE-5-6-10-jm.jpg (171805 bytes)
Fish tug Charles E
9-HuronExplorerI-5-6-10-jm.jpg (117147 bytes)
Huron Explorer I
10-BrianD-5-6-10-jm.jpg (119815 bytes)
Brian D

J.W. Westcott II engine upgrade -
Sam Buchanan
westcottengine5-20.jpg (132484 bytes)
Old engine ready to come out
westcottengine5-20-(2).jpg (100850 bytes) westcottengine5-20-(1).jpg (109945 bytes)
New engine will offer more speed at better fuel economy

Seaway at Mariatown
- Ron Beaupre
1-melissa-10-05-10-rb.jpg (59591 bytes)
Melissa Desgagnes passing Mariatown upbound.
2-diamond-10-05-10-rb.jpg (67493 bytes)
Diamond Star is officially registered as Dara Desgagnes.

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