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May 12, 20

Welland Canal Monday - Paul Beesley
1-atlhur-5-10-10-pb.jpg (77002 bytes)
Atlantic Huron out of Lock 1 passing the Algowood.
2-wood-5-10-10-pb.jpg (92542 bytes)
Algowood escapes a Hithcockian flock of birds by moving into Lock 1.
3-kamin-5-10-10-pb.jpg (69020 bytes)
Kaministiqua and Ojibway pass below Lock 2.
4-kamin-5-10-10-pb.jpg (73065 bytes)
Kaministiqua on the level below Lock 2.
5-ojib-5-10-10-pb.jpg (69792 bytes)
Ojibway on the level between Locks 2 & 3.

Detroit traffic Monday -
 Mike Nicholls
CBC1253b01051010mn.jpg (49845 bytes)
Barge CBC 1253 with tanks unloaded from the Happy Rover at Nicholson's Ecorse.
CBC1253b02051010mn.jpg (48904 bytes) HAPPYROVERCBC1253b0301010mn.jpg (52383 bytes) BarnhartLift04051010mn.jpg (61068 bytes)
Barnhart unloader, at the old Detroit Lime Dock, it removes the modules from the barges.
BarnhartLift05051010mn.jpg (47596 bytes)

Alpena in Milwaukee
- Lou Gerard
IMG_5239.jpg (81514 bytes)
Alpena tied up to the Integrity/ G.L.Ostrander, unloading at the LaFarge Jones Island terminal in Milwaukee on Saturday afternoon.
IMG_5245.jpg (74910 bytes) IMG_5250.jpg (89919 bytes)
Stearn view of Alpena backing out Waukegan Harbor.
IMG_5253.jpg (86747 bytes)
Alpena backing through Waukegan channel into Lake Michigan.

Crew members on the Edmund Fitzgerald 1963 -
Robert Klamerus son of William Klamerus
fitzcrewboatnerd.jpg (28044 bytes)
Left to right unknown with cap, unknown with sunglasses, Bill Klamerus and Thomas Foris. If you know the other two names please post to the search page

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