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May 13, 20

Duluth Wednesday - Chris Mazzella
COlympc-5-12-10-cm.jpg (98987 bytes)
Canadian Olympic loading at SMET
Assiniboine-5-12-10-cm.jpg (76434 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine loading bentonite at Hallett Dock #5
oredock-5-12-10-cm.jpg (108537 bytes)
Gravity chutes being reinstalled on the CN Oredock
PRT-5-12-10-cm.jpg (96084 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha approaching the Duluth Piers
PRT2-5-12-10-cm.jpg (101094 bytes)
Tregurtha after passing under the Aerial Bridge
KayeBarker-5-12-10-cm.jpg (117880 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker sporting her new paint
KayeBarker2-5-12-10-cm.jpg (81954 bytes)
Another view

Undaunted anchored off Frankfort Tuesday
tugngrass.jpg (120645 bytes)
Appears to be a stone's throw from the beach
tugnpiers.jpg (67365 bytes)
Position relative to the entrance piers
tugnsky.jpg (123257 bytes)
Angry sky with easterly gale force winds

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent 
1-Manitowoc-5-11-10-bv.jpg (102633 bytes)
Manitowoc, stern view
2-Manitowoc-5-11-10-bv.jpg (95462 bytes)
View of the ship loader in a hatch
3-Manitowoc-5-11-10-bv.jpg (100160 bytes)
Loading for Canadian Soo

Seaway -  Dave Bessant
1-StenAurora-05-12-10-WDB.jpg (69121 bytes)
Sten Aurora at Morrisburg, Ontario, downbound,
2-StenAurora-05-12-10-WDB.jpg (63100 bytes) 3-StenAurora-05-12-10-WDB.jpg (99315 bytes) 4-StenAurora-05-12-10-WDB.jpg (80789 bytes) 5-MaritimeTrader-05-12-10-WDB.jpg (79071 bytes)
Maritime Trader emerging from behind Smith Island in the Brockville Narrows
6-MaritimeTrader-05-12-10-WDB.jpg (87682 bytes) 7-MaritimeTrader-05-12-10-WDB.jpg (89480 bytes) 8-MaritimeTrader-05-12-10-WDB.jpg (76205 bytes)
Stern view at Blockhouse Island
1-NiagaraLeitch-05-11-10-WDB.jpg (47715 bytes)
CSL Niagara approaching Brockville with John D Leitch downbound behind her towards Prescott
2-Niagara-05-11-10-WDB.jpg (95895 bytes)
CSL Niagara at Blockhouse Island
3-Niagara-05-11-10-WDB.jpg (73541 bytes) 4-Niagara-05-11-10-WDB.jpg (91623 bytes)
 CSL Niagara with an engine room sightseer
5-ClipperMari-05-11-10-WDB.jpg (57301 bytes)
Clipper Mari heading east at the Galop Canal just before cardinal with pike and walleye fisherman, there were many!
6-JohnDLeitch-05-11-10-WDB.jpg (69272 bytes)
John D Leitch passing the Prescott elevators
7-JDLeitch-05-11-10-WDB.jpg (72755 bytes)
John D Leitch just coming out from under the Prescott Ogdensburg International bridge

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder at the Lower Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_dapath_5_10_10_rb.jpg (100244 bytes)
Backing to the Shiras Dock
2_dapath_5_10_10_rb.jpg (113327 bytes)
Unloading stone

Samuel Risley working Aids to Navigation in the Soo -
 Jerry Masson
IMG_3415_1.jpg (75831 bytes)        

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