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May 14, 20

Thursday traffic at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Qc. - Michel St-Denis
1-Leandra100513msd.jpg (59493 bytes)
Leandra upbound
2-Leandra100513msd.jpg (62945 bytes) 3-Leandra100513msd.jpg (64124 bytes) 4-Clipper-Mari100513msd.jpg (53484 bytes)
Clipper Mari downbound
5-Clipper-Mari100513msd.jpg (63530 bytes)
6-Clipper-Mari100513msd.jpg (61476 bytes) 7-Federal-Seto100513msd.jpg (58614 bytes)
Federal Seto downbound
8-Federal-Seto100513msd.jpg (51321 bytes) 9-Salarium100513msd.jpg (44762 bytes)
Salarium downbound
10-Salarium100513msd.jpg (57543 bytes)
11-Salarium100513msd.jpg (52587 bytes)        

Iroquois Lock and Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-sten-11-05-10-rb.jpg (84369 bytes)
Sten Aurora secured in Iroquois Lock for a change of pilots.
2-sten-11-05-10-rb.jpg (63909 bytes)
She meets Algocape below the lock.
3-algocape-11-05-10-rb.jpg (71501 bytes)
Algocape takes the lock on the fly.
4-everlast-11-05-10-rb.jpg (75074 bytes)
Everlast with barge Norman McLeod passing Mariatown.

Capt Bud Bisso fueling at Mistersky's with barge CBC 1258 before leaving for Tampico, Mexico and another load of components for Marathon - Mike Nicholls
BISSOBUDCAPTb03051310mn.jpg (61005 bytes) CBC1258s06051310mn.jpg (43041 bytes)      

Stewart J. Cort downbound Soo Locks Thursday -
 Jerry Masson
SJCort_1.jpg (71462 bytes)        

Cape May Light in the Welland Canal in August, 2001, and two shots of her laid up in Florida in 2002 - Dave Wobser
CML-Welland-8-13-01-djw.jpg (102453 bytes) CML-2-Welland-8-13-01-djw.jpg (114320 bytes) CML-2-Florida-2-02-djw.jpg (76611 bytes) CML-1-Florida-2-02-djw.jpg (68555 bytes)  

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