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May 16, 20

Escanaba Saturday - Dick Lund
1-Brch-05-15-10-dl.jpg (94510 bytes)
Wide view of the Birchglen at the Escanaba ore dock on Saturday
2-Brch-05-15-10-dl.jpg (61871 bytes)
Close-up from across the bay
3-Brch-05-15-10-dl.jpg (52800 bytes)
Close-up of the stern
4-Brch-05-15-10-dl.jpg (76864 bytes)
Bow-on view at the ore dock
5-Brch-05-15-10-dl.jpg (81583 bytes)
Wide starboard-side view
6-Brch-05-15-10-dl.jpg (89581 bytes)
7-Brch-05-15-10-dl.jpg (86483 bytes)
Wide view from Vinette Boatworks Co. to the north of the ore dock
8-BisB-05-15-10-dl.jpg (144427 bytes)
USCG Biscayne Bay in dry-dock at Basic Marine
9-BasM-05-15-10-dl.jpg (93592 bytes)
Five tugs and the USCG Biscayne Bay at Basic Marine (tug on right is Holly Marine's Holly Anne)

Green Bay - Scott Best
1-LJK-05-15-10-sb.jpg (79835 bytes)
Wide view unloading at Western Lime
2-LJK-05-15-10-sb.jpg (83118 bytes)
Close up
3-LJK-05-15-10-sb.jpg (117460 bytes)
Close up of Olive L Moore, note tug is in the west draw of the RR bridge to place the pile near the end of the dock at Western Lime.

Saturday at Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Ramira-05-15-10-bb.jpg (76494 bytes)
Swedish tanker Ramira approaching Allanburg
2-Ramirabow-05-15-10-bb.jpg (65366 bytes)
Bow shot
3-Ramirastern-05-15-10-bb.jpg (71357 bytes)
Shot of aft superstructure
4-Ramirastack-05-15-10-bb.jpg (52127 bytes)
Closeup of stack
5-RamiraBBCAlaska-05-15-10-bb.jpg (76264 bytes)
Ramira meeting BBC Alaska at north end of Welland bypass
6-BBCAlaska-05-15-10-a-bb.jpg (86686 bytes)
BBC Alaska at Port Robinson
7-BBCAlaska-05-15-10-b-bb.jpg (83388 bytes)
Stern shot
8-Griffon-05-15-10-bb.jpg (76904 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard cutter Griffon approaching Lock 2
9-GriffonJBAird-05-15-10-bb.jpg (73966 bytes)
Griffon easing towards tieup wall as John B Aird exits the lock. Aird would salute the government ship
10JBAird-05-15-10-a-bb.jpg (64294 bytes)
John B Aird with cargo of coal headed to Hamilton
11-JBAird-05-15-10-b-bb.jpg (71237 bytes)
Stern shot
12-CanadianTransport-05-15-10-a-bb.jpg (52542 bytes)
Canadian Transport clear of Lock 7 approaching old Guard Gate
13-CanadianTransport-05-15-10-b-bb.jpg (68110 bytes)
Heading to Port Colborne

Recent Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-cslniag-5-12-10-pb.jpg (53245 bytes)
CSL Niagara coming out of Lock 7, upbound.
2-cslniag-5-12-10-pb.jpg (73201 bytes)
CSL Niagara passes the downbound Capt Henry Jackman above Lock 7.
3-maple-5-12-10-pb.jpg (84323 bytes)
Mapleglen powers through the Homer bridge on her way to Lock 3.
4-maple-5-12-10-pb.jpg (62340 bytes)
More power applied to move along the wall.
5-reliance-5-12-10-pb.jpg (76212 bytes)
Reliance downbound toward Lock1, pushing the PML 9000/
6-bbcmiss-5-14-10-pb.jpg (52487 bytes)
BBC Mississippi taking fuel from the Hamilton Energy below Lock 1 in the early morning fog.
7-bbcmiss-5-14-10-pb.jpg (79311 bytes)
Later in the day the Mississippi at the Homer bridge.
8-capbud-5-14-10-pb.jpg (86511 bytes)
Capt Bud Bisso and CBC 1268 on the long trip back to the Gulf of Mexico for another load.
9-capbud-5-14-10-pb.jpg (124311 bytes)
Closer look at the Bud.  She is quite deep in the water at the stern.
10-capbud-5-14-10-pb.jpg (99586 bytes)
Capt Bud Bisso & Reliance pass below Lock 3.
11-fedhun-5-14-10-pb.jpg (64833 bytes)
Federal Hunter approaches the wall above Lock 2.
12-haprov-5-14-10-pb.jpg (79169 bytes)
Happy Rover downbound from Lock 2.
13-haprov-5-14-10-pb.jpg (78529 bytes)
Happy Rover approaching Lock 1.  She is carrying parts of a local factory that is being shipped to China.
14-reblyn-5-14-10-pb.jpg (75289 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn waiting below Lock 2.  Rather than tie up she put out a spring line on a bight near the bow of the barge.  Then she kept a bit of ahead power on her prop.  This held her in to the wall.  When the time came to move she did not need to put anyone ashore, simply let go one end of the spring line and haul the line up off the bollard.
15-relian-5-14-10-pb.jpg (107274 bytes)
Reliance upbound at the Homer bridge.

Beauharnois Lock - Ken Goslett
1-Shelley-5-15-10kg.jpg (72183 bytes)
Upbound Shelley in Lac St-Louis
2-Shelley-5-15-10kg.jpg (96347 bytes)
Upbound Shelley tied up below Beauharnois Lock 3
3-Trader-5-15-10kg.jpg (72143 bytes)
Upbound Maritime Trader exists Lock
4-Algosoo-5-15-10kg.jpg (88978 bytes)
Downbound Algosoo enters Lock 3 with Maritime Trader entering Lock 4 in background.

Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-algoeast-13-05-10-rb.jpg (50483 bytes)
Algoeast passing Mariatown.
2-isadora-15-05-10-rb.jpg (60073 bytes)
Isadora heading up to the lakes at Mariatown.
3-ramira-14-05-10-rb.jpg (56159 bytes)
Ramira is a very handsome ship. She is on her first visit to the Lakes.
4-ramira-15-05-10-rb.jpg (62459 bytes)
Ramira near the town of Cardinal.
5-happry-15-05-10-rb.jpg (68214 bytes)
Happy Rover sliding the wall above Iroquois Lock.
6-happy-15-05-10-rb.jpg (80756 bytes)
Happy Rover in Iroquois Lock.
7-happy-15-05-10-rb.jpg (81852 bytes)
Happy Rover passing Vega Desgagnes secured below the lock. Algosteel waits in the river for the lock.
8-budbisso-15-05-10-rb.jpg (109969 bytes)
Capt Bud Bisso pushes her barge into Iroquois Lock.
9-budbisso-15-05-10-rb.jpg (79970 bytes)
Capt Bud Bisso heads down the Seaway with her barge CBC 1268.

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island - Dianne Donati
Federal-Patriot-5-15-10-dd.jpg (60813 bytes)
  Westbound Federal Patriot
Federal-Patriot-2-5-15-10-dd.jpg (109663 bytes) American-Spirit-5-15-10-dd.jpg (81184 bytes)
 Westbound American Spirit

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-HLWhite-5-12-10-bv.jpg (96983 bytes)
H Lee White loading for Ecorse Michigan
2-HLWhite-5-12-10-bv.jpg (73534 bytes)
Another view
3-CSXDumper-5-12-10-bv.jpg (102577 bytes)
CSX  car dumper
4-RSPierson-5-13-10-bv.jpg (124737 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson on board looking aft
5-RSPierson-5-13-10-bv.jpg (104433 bytes)
Pierson anchor windlass
6-RSPierson-513-10-bv.jpg (106069 bytes)
Hatch crane on Pierson
7-RSPierson-5-13-10-bv.jpg (114626 bytes)
Mooring winch cable and controller box
8-RSPierson-5-13-10-bv.jpg (97613 bytes)
Spar Deck Accommodation passage way and boom controls 
9-RSPierson-5-13-10-bv.jpg (124376 bytes)
Hatch # 17 and # 18 with strong arm in the middle, not much room to  maneuver
10-RSPierson-5-13-10-bv.jpg (105324 bytes)
On board, looking forward
11-RSPierson-5-13-10-bv.jpg (96369 bytes)
Aft view from wall
12-RSPierson-5-13-10-bv.jpg (72566 bytes)
 Forward view from wall
13-RSPierson-5-13-10-bv.jpg (74176 bytes)
Loaded, heading for Canadian Soo
14-GLTugs-513-10-bv.jpg (83774 bytes)
Great Lake Tugs Nebraska and Mississippi waiting for the Federal Rideau
15-FederalRideau-5-13-10-bv.jpg (62244 bytes)
Federal Rideau coming in
16-FederalRideau-5-13-10-bv.jpg (56940 bytes)
Another view
17-Mississippi-5-13-10-bv.jpg (65794 bytes)
Mississippi helping aft
18-Nebraska-5-13-10-bv.jpg (65593 bytes)
Nebraska helping forward
19-FederalRideau-5-13-10-bv.jpg (48231 bytes)
Heading for Midwest Terminal of Toledo, International Dock
20-CSLNiagara-5-13-10-bv.jpg (83178 bytes)
CSL Niagara unloading iron ore at CSX Torco
21-CSLNiagara-5-13-10-bv.jpg (106145 bytes)
CSL Niagara unloading from Port Cartier
22-CSLNiagara-5-13-10-bv.jpg (99256 bytes)
A closer look at the boom
23-CSLNiagara-5-13-10-bv.jpg (90234 bytes)
Forward view from across the slip
24-JBAird-5-13-10-bv.jpg (80771 bytes)
John B. Aird backing under the CSX coal loader
25-JBAird-5-13-10-bv.jpg (75428 bytes)
Another view
26-JBAird-5-13-10-bv.jpg (63224 bytes)
 Putting a man on the wall
27-JBAird-5-13-10-bv.jpg (117750 bytes)
Forward Starboard windlass on the Aird
28-JBAird-5-13-10-bv.jpg (78617 bytes)
Forward Port windlass
29-JBAird-5-13-10-bv.jpg (108478 bytes)
Deck view looking aft.

Midwest Terminal Stone Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-CNavigator-5-14-10-bv.jpg (76637 bytes)
Canadian Navigator unloading stone
2-CNavigator-5-14-10-bv.jpg (83533 bytes)
another view
3-CNavigator-5-14-10-bv.jpg (87965 bytes)
Canadian Navigator came from Bruce Mines

Friday morning traffic at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Qc.
- Michel St-Denis
1-Federal-Miramichi100514msd.jpg (69650 bytes)
Federal Miramichi was upbound
2-Federal-Miramichi100514msd.jpg (61662 bytes) 3-Montrealais100514msd.jpg (48054 bytes)
Montrealais was upbound
4-Serena100514msd.jpg (60174 bytes)
Serena was upbound
5-Serena100514msd.jpg (50917 bytes)

Calumet and tug Iowa in the Cuyahoga
Friday - Allen Seremak
1-calumet-5-14-10-as.jpg (90144 bytes)
Calumet being assisted by the tug Iowa in the Cuyahoga River, Cleveland.
2-iowa-5-14-10-as.jpg (96547 bytes)
Putting on the power. Tug Iowa assisting

Lee A. Tregurtha at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette
- Rod Burdick 
1_lat_5_12_10_rb.jpg (183887 bytes)
Scenic view

Fish Tug -
Shaun Vary
Almidart-Apr10.jpg (107664 bytes)
Almidart at the Port Dover Harbour Museum, April 10, 2010.
James-D.-May-6-10-2.jpg (84214 bytes)
James D. out of the water at Port Dover, May 6, 2010.

Superior -
John Bell Collection
superior.jpg (141305 bytes)
My father was Skipper on the Superior for 20 some years. As a youngster I would spend much of my Summers on the boat. Pictures likely taken in Detroit River in the early 50's.

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