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May , 20

BBC Mississippi in Menominee - Dick Lund
1-BBCMis-05-16-10-dl.jpg (66677 bytes)
BBC Mississippi arrives in the bay off Menominee, MI around 7 p.m. Sunday
2-BBCMis-05-16-10-dl.jpg (91779 bytes)
The tug, Jimmy L, stands by as the ship begins to turn around in order to enter port stern-first
3-BBCMis-05-16-10-dl.jpg (96753 bytes)
The tug back in to receive a tow-line from the ship
4-BBCMis-05-16-10-dl.jpg (72804 bytes)
Heading into the Menominee River
5-BBCMis-05-16-10-dl.jpg (93534 bytes)
BBC Mississippi and Jimmy L
6-BBCMis-05-16-10-dl.jpg (87402 bytes)
BBC Mississippi close-up
7-BBCMis-05-16-10-dl.jpg (86437 bytes)
Bow view of the ship
8-BBCMis-05-16-10-dl.jpg (80611 bytes)
Making the turn into the inner harbor
9-BBCMis-05-16-10-dl.jpg (58188 bytes)
Through the Ogden Street Bridge and heading for KK Integrated Logistics up-river
10-BBCMis-05-16-10-dl.jpg (72988 bytes)
BBC Mississippi at the dock on Monday afternoon

American Spirit in Escanaba on Sunday
- Dick Lund
1-AS-05-16-10-dl.jpg (61559 bytes)
Wide view of the American Spirit in Escanaba from across the bay
2-AS-05-16-10-dl.jpg (62251 bytes)
3-AS-05-16-10-dl.jpg (98626 bytes)
Close-up loading at the dock
4-AS-05-16-10-dl.jpg (78527 bytes)
Stern view with at the loader
5-AS-05-16-10-dl.jpg (71841 bytes)
Another view
6-AS-05-16-10-dl.jpg (74610 bytes)
One more view
7-AS-05-16-10-dl.jpg (74600 bytes)
Ore train pushing loaded ore hopper cars into the building which hosts the rotary car dumper
8-AS-05-16-10-dl.jpg (84685 bytes)
Close-up of the ore hopper with "DM&IR" (Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range markings

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-bbcalas-5-15-10-pb.jpg (77261 bytes)
BBC Alaska approaching Lock 1, downbound.
2-bbcalas-5-15-10-pb.jpg (61991 bytes)
Pilot ladder goes here.  You can see the ladder rolled up against the hatch coaming.
3-griff-5-15-10-pb.jpg (87608 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon heading for Lock 2.  This is the view from my back yard.
4-ramira-5-15-10-pb.jpg (74715 bytes)
Ramira above Lock 7.  Lovely looking ship; one of few Swedish registered ships we see here.
5-ramira-5-15-10-pb.jpg (95301 bytes)
Cargo manifold on the Ramira.

- Tom Rutledge
barge-in-TO.jpg (71670 bytes) canadian-miner-in-TO.jpg (74847 bytes) canadian-ranger-in-TO.jpg (138274 bytes) patricia-D-in-TO.jpg (125032 bytes) cn-tower-sunset-16-may-10.jpg (40746 bytes)

Menominee and Escanaba - 
Lee Rowe
BBCMississippiLR051710_01.jpg (76019 bytes)
BBC Mississippi in Menominee
AmSpiritLR051710_13.jpg (112608 bytes)
American Spirit departing Escanaba

Eastbound Birchglen and westbound BBC Mississippi on Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Sunday - 
Dianne Donati
Birchglen-5-16-10-dd.jpg (91722 bytes) BBC-Mississippi-2-5-16-10-dd.jpg (93470 bytes) BBC-Mississippi-5-16-10-dd.jpg (93575 bytes)    

Mississippi River, Clinton, IA. Saturday -
Steve Bauer
1-VrIng-5-15-10-sb.jpg (107648 bytes)
Towboat Virginia Ingram with 15 barges downbound on Mississippi River at Clinton, IA  passing under the US 30 highway bridge.
2-VirIng-5-15-10-sb.jpg (91676 bytes)
Approaching the UP Railroad bridge.
3-VirIng-5-15-10-sb.jpg (118751 bytes)
Crewmember on point of first barge relaying clearances back to the pilothouse crew.
4-VirIng-5-15-10-sb.jpg (93148 bytes)
Passing through the railroad bridge.
CSC_0182.jpg (92959 bytes)
After passing through bridge, which puts it on alignment toward the shoreline, the
     Virginia Ingram briefly backs up and will realign herself for the main channel.

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