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May 19, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-asar-5-17-10-md.jpg (58512 bytes)
Algosar down bound at 1 & 2.
2-prc-5-17-10-a-md.jpg (47310 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke down bound above the buoys.
3-prc-5-17-10-b-md.jpg (61157 bytes)
Making the turn.
4-prc-5-17-10-c-md.jpg (73383 bytes)
 Down bound at Vantage Point.
5-ojib-5-17-10-a-md.jpg (68194 bytes)
Ojibway follows the Clarke down.
6-ojib-5-17-10-b-md.jpg (80141 bytes)
Close behind at Black River.
7-mich-5-17-10-md.jpg (79909 bytes)
Michipicoten taking on a load at Sarnia.
8-miss-5-17-10-md.jpg (51299 bytes)
Mississagi down bound above the buoys
9-mkee-5-17-10-md.jpg (63521 bytes)
McKee Sons and Tug Invincible making the turn.
10-coly-5-17-10-md.jpg (62134 bytes)
Canadian Olympic heads into Lake Huron.
11-away-5-17-10-md.jpg (53196 bytes)
Algoway down bound at 1 & 2.
12-wjm-5-17-10-md.jpg (57959 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. leading fleetmate American Century down bound.
13-mich-5-17-10-md.jpg (59100 bytes)
Michipicoten loading during the early evening.

Weekend activity at Duluth / Superior -
Mike Sipper
1-HLW-5-14-10-MS.jpg.jpg (78685 bytes)
H. Lee White loading at SMET.
2-AMA-5-14-10-MS.jpg.jpg (67637 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson backing into CN.
3-AMA2-5-14-10-MS.jpg.jpg (99028 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson unloading stone at CN.
4-KEB-5-14-10-MS.jpg.jpg (66216 bytes)
Kaye E Barker looking great with new paint at Fraser Shipyards.
5-KEB2-5-14-10-MS.jpg.jpg (89802 bytes)
Kaye E Barker backing out of the dry dock at Fraser Shipyards.
6-AEC-5-14-10-MS.jpg.jpg (89022 bytes)
Adam E Cornelius laid up at Fraser Shipyards.
7-KEB3-5-14-10-MS.jpg.jpg (98274 bytes)
Kaye E Barker backing out of the dry dock at Fraser Shipyards.
8-AV-5-14-10-MS.jpg.jpg (107668 bytes)
American Victory laid up at Fraser Shipyards.

St. Marys River Tuesday -
Roger LeLievre
Algolake51810rl.jpg (73426 bytes)
Algolake upbound into the MacArthur Lock.
Algolake-Anders51810rl.jpg (50606 bytes)
Capt. Anders Rasmussen keeps a watchful eye as Algolake enters the Mac 
Beeghly-51810rl.jpg (46841 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly in the lower river.
Blough-Roger-1.jpg (44344 bytes)
Roger Blough at dusk.
Blough-Roger-2.jpg (46661 bytes)
Blough-Roger-3.jpg (48020 bytes) Kaministiqua-51810rl.jpg (37659 bytes)
Kaministiqua upbound.
Kaministiqua-Beeghly-51810rl.jpg (37635 bytes)
Kaministiqua, followed by the Beeghly.
Manitowoc-51810rl.jpg (58825 bytes)
Manitowoc upbound.

Welland Canal May 16 -
Paul Beesley
1-engriv-5-16-10-pb.jpg (81920 bytes)
English River glides past old bridge 10.
2-fedled-5-16-10-pb.jpg (80376 bytes)
Federal Leda creeps out of Lock 2.
3-kamin-5-16-10-pb.jpg (77209 bytes)
Kaministiqua above Lock 3.
4-mrkane-5-16-10-pb.jpg (133780 bytes)
M R Kane at old bridge 10.
5-seren-5-16-10-pb.jpg (77543 bytes)
Serena approaches the high bridge and the Homer bridge.

H. Lee White unloading coal at the Lower Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_hlw_5_17_10_rb.jpg (94852 bytes)
Stern view
2_hlw_5_17_10_rb.jpg (120877 bytes)
View across the harbor

Ojibway May 18 at Lock 8
 new grain unloading system can be seen - Rob Hartley
ojibwayloader.jpg (86779 bytes) ojibwayloader-(13).jpg (55354 bytes) ojibwayloader-(12).jpg (141148 bytes) ojibwayloader-(5).jpg (104253 bytes) ojibwayloader-(10).jpg (129811 bytes)
ojibwayloader-(11).jpg (127396 bytes) ojibwayloader-(8).jpg (129535 bytes) ojibwayloader-(4).jpg (97191 bytes) ojibwayloader-(6).jpg (142644 bytes) ojibwayloader-(9).jpg (128086 bytes)
ojibwayloader-(7).jpg (123776 bytes) ojibwayloader-(3).jpg (104493 bytes) ojibwayloader-(2).jpg (113806 bytes) ojibwayloader-(1).jpg (102922 bytes)  

Cuyahoga unloading salt in Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain
CHoga-5-17-10-BCM-01.jpg (39218 bytes) CHoga-5-17-10-BCM-02.jpg (57075 bytes) CHoga-5-17-10-BCM-03.jpg (61691 bytes) CHoga-5-17-10-BCM-04.jpg (42006 bytes) CHoga-5-17-10-BCM-05.jpg (75097 bytes)

Gimli, Manitoba
- Maurice Spooner (from Paul Beesley)
1-namao-05-11-10-ms.jpg (79493 bytes)
Namao, of the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium, tied up in Gimli.  From 1975 to 2000 she was based out of Selkirk, Manitoba.  In 2000 she moved to Gimli, Manitoba.  As a Canadian Coast Guard Ship the Namao deployed and recovered navigation buoys. She also assisted vessels in distress a number of times during her career.  In 2005 ownership of the Namao was transferred from CCG to LWRC.  The Namao is 328 GRT, 104 NRT, 33.6 m long, 8.5 m wide and has a draft of 2.13 m.  Her cruising speed is 12 kts, she has a fuel capacity of 34.5 tonnes, a crew of 9.
2-namao-05-11-10-ms.jpg (113350 bytes)
Stern view of Namao. 
About the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium:  Scientific evidence accumulated over the last 70 years now reveals that Lake Winnipeg is approaching a state of deterioration that may affect ecosystem sustainability.
Significant changes in water transparency, biological species composition, productivity, and sediment chemistry indicate that the lake is on a trajectory of progressive eutrophication not unlike that seen in the lower Great Lakes during the 1960s.  Stresses on the lake are increasing and continued scientific attention to the conditions in the lake is essential to identify and quantify chemical inputs, organisms and processes and to determine their fate in and effects on the lake ecosystem.  LWRC carries out this research.
3-vakta-05-11-10-ms.jpg (110526 bytes)
 CCGC Vakta.
About the Vakta:  "Vakta" in the Icelandic language means "on watch" or "on patrol".  CCGC VAKTA is a 52-ft. (16.76 m) multi-task cutter; a vessel built for Aids to Navigation as well as Search and Rescue activities on Lake Winnipeg; and is capable of operating in all weather conditions in semi-sheltered waters. It is a station mode vessel, meaning that the crew does not live onboard, but is based out of a shore station - in this case Gimli Search and Rescue station, located on the western shore of Lake Winnipeg in the town of Gimli. This medium-range, moderate to high speed cutter will provide Search and Rescue coverage 24-7 during the operational season from April to November.
4-gimvik-05-11-10-ms.jpg (67444 bytes)
Gimli Viking ready for another fishing season.
About Gimli: A town and municipality located in the Interlake region of south-central Manitoba, Canada.  It is located on the western shore of Lake Winnipeg, about 75 kilometres north of the provincial capital, Winnipeg.  Its population in the 2006 Canadian census was 5,797. The town and surrounding districts were once an Icelandic ethnic settlement, and the area, known as New Iceland, is home to the largest concentration of people of Icelandic ancestry outside Iceland.
5-gimli-05-11-10-ms.jpg (94443 bytes)
View of Gimli harbour.
About Lake Winnipeg:  It is the 10th largest (by area) body of freshwater in the world, covering and area of 24,514 square kilometres.  It is also the 3rd largest hydroelectric reservoir, after lakes Superior and Victoria.  Although large in surface area with some deep spots, Lake Winnipeg is a shallow lake.  It therefore has a low volume of water and typically experiences no thermal stratification. 
Fish in Lake Winnipeg:  A number of the fish species are economically important.  Some of the native fish are:  Walleye, Sauger, Yellow Perch, Troutperch, Burbot, Freshwater Drum, Lake Cisco.  Introduced fish are:  Rainbow Smelt, Common Carp, White Bass.

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