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May 20, 20

Manistee in Green Bay - Scott Best
1-Manistee-05-19-10-sb.jpg (80265 bytes)
Manistee stuck fast while turning to head into the GP slip (photo taken at 11:58 am)
2-Manistee-05-19-10-sb.jpg (71944 bytes)
Another view, note prop wash and bow thruster being used.
3-Manistee-05-19-10-sb.jpg (145917 bytes)
Close up of stern, with heaving prop wash, and rudder being kicked back and forth.
4-Manistee-05-19-10-sb.jpg (86758 bytes)
Manistee is free and heading into the slip to unload (Photo taken at 3:08 pm)
5-Manistee-05-19-10-sb.jpg (113912 bytes)
Unloading shortly before departure.
6-Manistee-05-19-10-sb.jpg (93868 bytes)
Backing out of the slip to depart Green Bay.
7-Manistee-05-19-10-sb.jpg (71718 bytes)
Manistee stern view with downtown Green Bay in the background.

Maumee and Algoway in Fair Port, Ohio - Bob Hunter
1-Maumee-5-19-29-RH.jpg (154811 bytes)
The Maumee loading with the Algoway astern unloading stone
2-Maumee-5-19-29-RH.jpg (103243 bytes)
Stern view of the Maumee
3-Algoway-5-19-10-RH.jpg (127884 bytes)
With the unload finished, the Algoway begins to back down the Grand River
4-Maumee-Algoway-5-19-10-RH.jpg (106679 bytes)
Coming alongside the Maumee There's a second email following this one with more photos
5-Maumee-Algoway-5-19-10-RH.jpg (99490 bytes)
 Stern to stern with each crew looking on. A captain's salute was delivered by the Algoway as she passes
6-AlgowayCrew-5-19-10-RH.jpg (98127 bytes)
Some of the crew on the stern of the Algoway
7-Algoway-5-19-10-RH.jpg (87211 bytes)
Parting shot as she continues backing down the river with the Fairport Lighthouse in the distance.

Port of Montreal -
Kent Malo
Four-Scrappers-5-19-10-km.jpg (42317 bytes)
Four scrappers at sec 56 North and South, Agawa Canyon, Gordon C Leitch , Algoisle, Canadian Prospector, at the Grim Reapers Pier Montreal, Quebec.
OOCLMontreaL-519-10-KM.jpg (109661 bytes)
OOCL Montreal at Sec 57
Richelieu-5-19-10-km.jpg (69540 bytes)
Richelieu at sec 27 having work done before being reflagged Canadian, which is due sometime in June.

- John McCreery
1-Andean-5-11-10-jm.jpg (104346 bytes)
Andean at Redpath Sugar Mills
2-AuroraBorealis-5-11-10-jm.jpg (88911 bytes)
Aurora Borealis
3-Jadran-5-11-10-jm.jpg (90884 bytes)
Restaurant ship Jadran
4-Jadran-5-11-10-jm.jpg (161375 bytes)
Jadran stern
5-Trillium-5-11-10-jm.jpg (77967 bytes)
Ferry Trillium preparing for her 100th season

Marquette -
Lee Rowe
LATregurthaLR051810_04.jpg (126698 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha loading
JRBarkerLR051810_04.jpg (216824 bytes)
James R Barker dropping coal.

Monday and Tuesday along the Seaway between Morrisburg and Brockville -
 Dave Bessant
2-RtHonPaulJMartin-05-17-10-WDB.jpg (52636 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin approaching Loyalist Park as it passes Morrisburg upbound Monday morning
5-RtHonPaulJMartin-05-17-10-WDB.jpg (133623 bytes)
Heading to the Iroquois lock
6-Spruceglen-05-17-10-WDB.jpg (71797 bytes)
Spruceglen at Morrisburg
7-Spruceglen-05-17-10-WDB.jpg (98094 bytes)
9-Spruceglen-05-17-10-WDB.jpg (84288 bytes)
Spruceglen approaching the lock at Iroquois
10-Spruceglen-05-17-10-WDB.jpg (122932 bytes)
Bow thruster smokestack at the bow while maneuvering
11-Spruceglen-05-17-10-WDB.jpg (98215 bytes)
Entering Iroquois lock
13-MariaDesgagnes-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (101608 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes approaching Iroquois lock on Tuesday morning
14-MariaDesgagnes-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (143343 bytes)
Stack and lifeboat
15-CanadianEmpress-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (45623 bytes)
Canadian Empress out of Kingston on a cruise past Loyalist park downbound
16-CanadianEmpress-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (100780 bytes) 18-CanadianProgress-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (54521 bytes)
Canadian Progress having left the Iroquois lock and headed towards Morrisburg
19-CanadianProgress-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (71455 bytes)
stern view
20-JohnDLeitch-05-16-10-WDB.jpg (63916 bytes)
John D Leitch and family of ducks
21-JohnDLeitch-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (78671 bytes)
Entering Iroquois lock
22-JohnDLeitch-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (46906 bytes)
Jade tree happy on board John D Leitch
23-JohnDLeitch-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (108043 bytes)
24-JohnDLeitch-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (99896 bytes)
John D Leitch exiting the lock
25-JohnDLeitch-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (142019 bytes)
John D Leitch passing the Casco plant in Cardinal
26-PineglenJohnDLeitch-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (71899 bytes)
Pineglen downbound passing John D Leitch at Cardinal
27-Pineglen-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (70530 bytes) 28-JohnDLeitch-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (45638 bytes)
John D Leitch approaching the Prescott elevators
29-JohnDLeitch-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (89823 bytes)
Passing under the Prescott Ogdensburg International Bridge
31-BBCRioGrande-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (76791 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande approaching Brockville at Blockhouse Island
32-BBCRioGrande-05-18-10-WDB.jpg (71684 bytes)

Locking through Panama onboard NOAA R/V Bell M. Shimada May 18 -
Michael Bancroft
Panama-Canal-Transit-at-Gatun-013.jpg (64192 bytes) Panama-Canal-Transit-at-Gatun-021.jpg (123763 bytes) Panama-Canal-Transit-at-Gatun-032.jpg (78982 bytes) Panama-Canal-Transit-at-Gatun-037.jpg (103300 bytes) Panama---ATLANTIC-HERD-030.jpg (36180 bytes)
Atlantic Herd allision with a bridge at Balboa Panama on May 18, causing delays and one-way traffic in the Panama Canal. Night shots in fog in haze
Panama---ATLANTIC-HERD-031.jpg (42417 bytes) Panama--Atlantic-HERD-038.jpg (50596 bytes) Panama--ATLANTIC-HERD-039.jpg (59911 bytes)    

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